The 5 Feasts of the Lord

What are the 5 Feasts of God in Torah?

They are the 5 holy days of God in the first 5 books of the Bible or Torah where you are supposed to gather with friends and family, have a feast and prayer just like Americans do on Thanksgiving, and celebrate and give thanks to God for different things along with, sometimes, other activities at the Temple. Each feast has meaning and is prophetic.

The 3 most important feasts were supposed to be practiced every year and these were Passover, Shavuot or Pentecost (Greek), and Sukkot or Tabernacles that I will explain here.


The first feast is Passover and its meaning is salvation by the hand of God. It was first partially fulfilled when God saved the Hebrews from Egypt and they celebrated with a Passover sacrificial lamb symbolic of Jesus and it was the blood of that lamb that saved the people from the plague of God that God used against Pharaoh to set the Hebrews free.

The Feast of Passover has since been celebrated by the Hebrews gathering in family and friends groups to have a feast and prayer and then by sacrificing a lamb at the Temple that was first born by that ewe or mother sheep and without blemish or the breaking of the lamb's bones symbolic of Jesus. That is why Christians call Jesus God's Passover lamb; He was our sacrifice for our crimes against God's Laws saving us from eternal damnation.

The Passover Feast was completely fulfilled when God came manifest as his own Son, Jesus (Yeshuah in Hebrew; Jesus is Greek for Yeshuah), to save mankind from their own sins or crimes by being born, living a perfect life without breaking one Law of God so that He did not have to die to pay for His crimes the way you and I have to but still died and was resurrected to pay for all of OUR crimes against God's Law (God's amnesty program for mankind with God paying for our crimes against His Laws) so we humans could have a second chance at not going into God's eternal penal system, the Lake of Fire, to spend eternity paying for our crimes against God's Laws and YOU choose either eternal damnation in the Lake of Fire or eternal salvation in Paradise with God. That is your choice, not God's; He just enforces your choice after you make that choice.

Note that this is the main reason why I believe that Jesus was born on or near Passover. Jesus had to be born before He could live a perfect life, die, and be resurrected so that His birth was certainly a part of the Passover because it was an important part of Jesus fulfilling that prophecy. Remember that the first birth of the Passover lamb is an important part of the Passover, therefore, it only stands to reason that the first birth of Jesus was a part of His Passover.

That is why Jesus celebrated the Passover Feast just before His death we call the "Last Supper" and it was such an important event. He was celebrating the final fulfillment of that prophecy or promise by God.

Note that all prophecy by God is either a promise or warning by God as to what he will cause to happen sometime in the future. It is NOT God looking into the future and saying, "Oh, look what I am going to accidentally cause." God is in control.

So the Passover Feast is all about God saving us stupid humans from ourselves.

Shavuot or Pentecost

Shavuot or the Pentecost is an annual celebration of when God gave man His Law to protect us from each other.

On the first Shavuot following the resurrection of Jesus, the Apostles were together in Jerusalem when the Holy Ghost or Spirit came over them before a crowd of people from all over the world who spoke different languages, the Apostles began to preach the Gospel or salvation through Jesus or tell the people about God's amnesty program by way of Jesus and the Holy Ghost caused the Apostles to speak in "tongues" so that everyone understood the Apostles in their own languages.

This was God telling us that He had just begun, on that day at that moment, His mercenary work of spreading the Gospel around the world in all languages to everyone in the world, starting with His Apostles and continuing today mostly with Christian Gentiles. This work or prophecy will continue until everyone has heard the Gospel even though God can does also work outside of this mercenary work by bringing the Gospel of Jesus to people by dreams and visions.

Sukkot or Tabernacles

The Feast of Sukkot is about God dwelling or tabernacling with man on Earth.

The first partial fulfillment of this prophecy was when God tabernacled with the Hebrews in the desert for 40 years in a dwelling that was an elaborate tent called the "Tabernacle". God continued to tabernacle or dwell with the Hebrews after they went into the Land of Israel in the Tabernacle tent until Solomon built the first Temple and then God tabernacled with the Hebrews in the Temple or Tabernacle and took care of them until the Hebrews turned their backs on God, betraying God, at which time God quit protecting the Hebrews and left them to the pagans though He does still take care of them and preserve them as a nation or people.

The next time God tabernacled with man was when He came manifest as His own Son, Jesus, and He tabernacled with man from His birth until His death in about 33 AD plus he also tabernacled with the Apostles when he kept Sukkot every year.

This feast is a prophecy of two more tabernacle events by God.

The next event will be when God told me in a dream Jesus will return to fight the Battle of Armageddon in 2032 AD (we still don't know the day or the hour just like Jesus said; we only know the year), you know, 2,000 years after Jesus died (gee, what a coincidence), and will setup His Millennial Kingdom here on Earth to Tabernacle with man for 1,000+ years with his tabernacle being the rebuilt Temple on the Temple Mount. During this beautiful tabernacle, there will be peace on all of Earth with no crimes or wars until Satan is turned loose back on Earth because "everyone must be tested" so they can choose between eternal salvation and eternal damnation, which will result in the final war followed by Judgment Day.

After Judgment Day will begin the final tabernacle of God dwelling with man forever. The scriptures tell us that Jesus will return to being one with God the Father, God will bring down the new and very massive Jerusalem (God's eternal super duper tabernacle), and God will dwell or tabernacle with all of the saved humans forever and there will be peace on Earth forever.

Note that Sukkot is the last of the feasts because it will be the last one to be fulfilled.

Interestingly, the scriptures tell us that, in Paradise, all Hebrews will be required to keep all 5 of the feasts no matter where they are, all Gentiles living in Israel will be required to keep all 5 of the feasts, and all Gentiles living outside of Israel will be allowed to keep any or all of the 5 feast but will be REQUIRED to keep Sukkot by returning to Jerusalem every year to dwell in God's massive tabernacle or the New Jerusalem with God during Sukkot.

You have to understand that God created us to be His eternal companions but we stupid humans keep turning our backs on Him for our sins, which is a crime punishable by eternal damnation and we stupid humans keep choosing eternal damnation over spending eternity in Paradise with God because we just love those sins, baby. God has caused everything else to happen to give us stupid humans another chance to choose to spend eternity as His companions or to choose eternity paying for our crimes against God's Law.

Note that God loves us so much that He paid for our sins for us but we still have to choose between accepting God's love and payment for our sins or our sins and eternal damnation with most choosing eternal damnation. Go figure.

In an easy to understand nutshell, that is the most important things about the 5 Feasts of God.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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