2008 Election II

It looks like I was right last spring when I said the conservatives wouldn't show up to vote for McCain. Recent research has shown that only 20% of the American people are liberals which means that the only way the liberals can win the presidential election is if 1) they stuff enough ballot boxes (which they blatantly did and got away with it) and 2) the conservatives stay home (which they obviously did and will pay for it.) I was hoping the conservatives had gotten fired up enough to keep Obama out of the presidency but many of their idiot leaders took the approach of, "If we don't get exactly what we want, then we just won't vote at all." So they got the absolute worst they could have gotten. Many of today's conservative leaders are as stupid as the liberals.

It also shows that I was right about God giving this country over to the Muslims because the people didn't stand up to Bush about giving Israel over to the Muslims for his presidential legacy. You WILL be held accountable for your actions. You are witnessing the rapid fall of the greatest nation in the history of the world by corruption from within, which is the usual cause. The US as we knew it just died. There will now be hell to pay for everyone.

You are about to find out that Obama IS a Muslim THE HARD WAY!

Now that Obama is president, the Israeli's must attack Iran as quickly as possible because Obama will work against Israel and for Iran and the rest of Islam in every way. I was thinking recently that God might cause Obama to get elected, in part, to force Israel in a position to where there is no doubt that the US is no longer an ally and Israel will be forced to trust in God and act on its own or perish. They now have no choice.

Contrary to what the media have been telling you about the troop movements in Syria being to invade Lebanon, those troop movements have been preparing for an invasion from Israel in the event that Obama won the Presidency of the US. The Syrian troops to the north of Lebanon are spread out very thin with two or three tanks every few kilometers in a defensive position with the troops along the Israeli border in larger and more strategic bunches for a stronger defense and for an offensive counter attack. Their forces are clearly deployed against Israel and not Lebanon. The forces to the north are there to rush reinforcements to Hizbullah.

Israel will now have to attack before Obama becomes President on January 16, 2009. The sooner they attack, the better. The way the election turned out, they shouldn't have waited this long. So much for wishful thinking on all of our parts. The American people got really stupid and let the liberals steal the election. This is going to be one rough ride down the wrong side of the mountain. Hang on! Don't be surprised if we fall off a few cliffs on the way down. This great country could easily end up in a civil war and in pieces for forcing Israel to divide itself. This will definitely inhale vigorously. It is only going to get worse.

Only God can save our stupid butts now. Pray long, pray hard, pray often! We're going to need it.

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