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Coming on April 10th of this year, ABC will be showing their version of the Exodus. From the previews, it looks promising but I have never seen a Bible story done by the secular media which was more than 5% accurate so I won't get excited until I have seen the movie and know just how accurate/inaccurate it really is.

There are several things about this movie I want to discuss. First, once again, it shows what I have been telling you for years that the media will have to move right or die and they are moving right very quickly though it really needs to be pointed out that they persist in trying to slant their shows to the left as much as they feel they can get away with. Still, the move is getting increasingly obvious and frequent showing that they care more about keeping their jobs than their political agenda. You just have to eat and pay rent.

Hang in there conservatives, you are slowing winning this one because the liberals got what they wanted. You have to keep the fight up.

The second thing I want to discuss has to do with the fact that the liberal producers of Bible movies tend to really mess them up as far as accuracy. I learned a long time ago that one of the most frequently messed up Bible stories was the Exodus and that it is one of the most significant because, if told accurately, the first five books of the Bible or Torah is actually historic documentation that the being, Yahweh, is a real living being and not a myth, old wive's tale, religion, or something Moses ate before he went to bed over 3,600 years ago.

It was for these reasons that I decided to write my e-book, "Yahweh". I wanted to make it easy for people to see the true story line which is buried in four books of law with entire chapters of law between bits of the story. It literally took me months of studying and sorting through the Christian Bible and Jewish Chumash along with reading the footnotes and Rabbinical notes to get the bits of the story required to write the novel.

I felt I had to do this because it is just too difficult for most people to find these bits in order to see how wrong the secular stories are about the Exodus. After reading my story, you will see two basic things. First, you will see the very interesting truth about what really happened in a fun and interesting novel story and will see just how obvious it is that the being, Yahweh, is a real living being and not a religion. To help you even more, I added an appendix to my novel with the list of scriptures I used to write the novel so you can use the list of scriptures to see just how accurate the Bible story line is in my novel AND to see just how accurate/inaccurate such movies as the ABC movie about the Exodus are without having to do months of digging through the scriptures. This is a very valuable tool for you to use in watching secular stories and movies about the Exodus.

But I not only wrote the book to provide you with a tool to help you know when you are being lied to by the media and Hollywood and show you just how real the being, God, really is, I also wrote the book to share with you very interesting and helpful information I have learned in studying the rest of the scriptures and the history and archeology for that part of the world.

You really need to check everything you see in the media about God, the Bible, and Christianity with the Bible and history because I found a long time ago that they lie a lot and tell just enough truth to make it sound like what they are saying is true. Check out everything they say and teach refusing to permit them to spoon feed you their lies about God, the Bible, and Christianity. You will be glad you did when you see how terribly they lie. I learned that liberalism is a hate crime against God, the Bible, and Christianity.

I will be surprised if the ABC movie about the Exodus is just 10% to 20% scripturally accurate.

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