The Religion of Atheism

On this page, I want to take a look at the logic errors in religion of atheism. When I am contacted by an atheist, the first thing I do is to find out whether they are aware of the fact that it is impossible for science to prove that God does not exist. Most atheist are aware of this. At first, people thought that evolution proved that God cannot exist but creation scientists were more than glad to point out to us (I was still an evolutionist at that time) that the best evolution can do is to MAKE IT POSSIBLE for God to not exist. This is because the same God who can create life could just as easily evolved it. As a matter of fact, Christians who still believe in evolution believe this is what happened and increasing numbers of evolutionists are turning to this concept or simply converting to creation science.

Therefore, evolutionists were forced to admit that it is scientifically impossible to prove that God does not exist. Unfortunately, to keep creation scientists from a complete success, they added a lie to this truthful statement. They say that it is impossible to prove that God does not exist or that He does exist. I will cover the disproof for this lie later on this page.

The reason I do this is to find out whether the person is simply ignorant of this fact that it is impossible to prove that God does not exist or is simply being irrational. If the person is just ignorant of this fact, then I simply inform that person of the fact and explain it as much as necessary. I then leave that person to decide for himself whether to reconsider his belief in atheism or to stubbornly believe what he wants regardless of what science says. That is his choice.

If the person is aware of this fact, then they are telling me they are being irrational. This is because a logical and rational person only has two possible belief systems when they are aware that it is impossible to disprove the existence of God. The first is to remain open minded and undecided concerning the existence of God until it is possible to prove such a being could not exist which may be never. The other belief system is to believe that such a being does exist because of the evidence.

For a person to believe that the being, God, does not exist when it is impossible to prove that He does not exist is irrational because it will always remain possible that the being, God, does exist. This requires that all rational and logical people either believe in the being, God, because of evidence or keep an open mind and be undecided about His possible existence. Therefore, atheism is the most irrational and illogical religion on the planet because it will always be possible that the being, God, exists.

To avoid this dilemma, atheist have added the lie that it is impossible to prove the existence of God to the truth that it is impossible to disprove the existence of God. Common sense should tell you that it is possible to prove the existence of God in one of two ways. The first, is to find evidence that God exists. The second, is to find God, Himself.

Let's say you have never seen a pencil and are not sure such a thing actually exists. It would be impossible to prove that it does not exist. To prove that it does exist, all you need is to find evidence of its existence such as a piece of paper which has been written on by a pencil or to actually find the pencil. The same is true for God. His existence can be proved by either evidence or direct contact but can never be disproved.

The irony here is that most atheist try to intimidate Christians by implying their logic is more rational than the Christians while Christianity is actually one of only two logical and rational belief systems and atheism is completely irrational and illogical.

A common ploy of atheists is to state that the possible actions of God in our lives and this planet as being ridiculous to intimidate Christians and discredit their beliefs. The truth here is that, if it is possible for the being, God, to exist, then it is also possible for this being to act in our lives and this planet's functions such as weather. Therefore, it must also be considered possible for such a being to influence our lives and the physical functions of the planet for His reasons. This means that divine intervention must be at least considered a reasonable and feasible possibility. It also means that communications (visions), prophets (teachers), and "miracles" must also be considered as a scientific possibility since we could not possibly know what such a being can and cannot do.

This is especially true when one considers the true definitions of some of these things. For example, a prophesy is really nothing more than a being telling us that He will do a certain thing which He may be very capable of doing at some time in the future. This is like you telling a little child that you will drive them to the zoo on some future day. The child is not capable of driving himself to the zoo but you are. From the child's perspective, this could easily be considered a prophesy especially if he had never seen you drive. Does that mean it is foolish for the child to believe that you can drive him to the zoo?

A Biblical prophet is really nothing more than a teacher or messenger sent with a message or lesson from this being, God, to the people. We call such people ambassadors and use them all of the time. Why is it ridiculous to believe that a superior being would do the same thing?

Then there is the matter of a person being communicated to by God. I find it mind boggling that people could possibly consider it ridiculous that a superior being could communicate with us. If we can communicate with each other, why isn't it possible that a superior being can also communicate with us? Plus, it should be common sense that a superior being would not have to be limited to our means of communications. Therefore, visions and other forms of communications from a superior being should be considered possible as long as the existence of such a being is possible.

Miracles are really things which we cannot do ourselves and cannot understand. Because we cannot do something, does that mean that a superior being cannot do them? Of course not. We today can do many things which we could not do just 30 years ago and, 100 years ago, would have been considered miracles. It is only logical that a superior being should be able to do many things which we cannot. Therefore, miracles must be considered possible as long as it is possible for a superior being to exist.

This means that we must remain open minded to the possibility that the "miracles" described in the Bible and Torah are scientifically possible because we can never prove that a being capable of doing these things does not or cannot exist. When properly evaluated, it turns out that the beliefs of Christians and Jews are not as irrational as their adversaries would like us to think. This becomes especially true when you consider the probability analysis at the start of this site. We do have considerable evidence that such a being really does exist.

Unfortunately, there have been and are still many people who take advantage of such beliefs to create fraud. Therefore, we must be discerning about such things while being at least open minded about these things being possible. Because one or more people are frauds does not mean that the next person is also a fraud. Each "miracle" should be evaluated individually.

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