The Big Picture

On the previous pages, I have explored the feasibility of the many parts of a much larger picture. Based on the assumption that the above pages prove to be true, I wish to bring all of this together into one big picture to see where we have come from, where we are, and where we are going.

The Being, God

First, we have incredible historic documentation and scientific evidence which points to the actual existence of the being, God. We realize that He is so much more advanced than us that we probably cannot even comprehend the totality of His existence.

Many people like to think of God as a simplistic being of love tip toeing through the tulips throwing rose pedals about while singing sweat songs. When we humans create god's, we like simplistic gods like the Greek and Norse gods. Each god has one personality trait that is either good or bad. They invented a god for love, a god for war, and so forth.

But a real being is not going to be so simplistic and absurd. He will be a very complex being with personal values, love, anger, and almost every other trait imaginable. Fortunately, the Bible describes Him as a good, just, and loving being. This means that He is not only a being capable of mercy but that there will also be a judgment. We must learn to think of Him as an actual living being with an incredibly complex personality.

I love to watch science fiction movies and television shows such as Star Trek, Star Wars, and Star Gate to see the many types of beings for which people believe that their existence or something similar is possible. I find it very amusing that they believe it is possible for beings to exist which portray very similar traits or abilities to those described as belonging to the being God. Yet, these same people are in denial about the existence of the being God because they DON'T WANT TO BELIEVE that He exists. This is nothing short of hypocrisy and foolishness. If it is possible for the parts to exist, then why not the sum of those parts? Science has taught and is still teaching us that it is possible for this being, God, to exist. Therefore and in light of the evidence, we must scientifically consider that He really does exist.

But the story is far more complex than that because the Bible tells about the existence of many other beings. The best known of these are a being called Lucifer, Satan, and the Devil and a group of beings loosely referred to as angels (messengers.) As there is with God, there are many different concepts about these beings which do not conform to the descriptions in the Bible.

Lucifer is the most powerful being created by God. He convinced himself and one third of the beings called angels that he was superior to God and could over throw Him. They failed and a cold war has been raging since. This cold war will soon culminate in a series of battles predicted by God.

Lucifer is a very wicked and deceptive being. He conned man out of his property rights and our inheritance to the planet Earth. According to the scriptures, when he persuaded man to violate God's law, man gave Lucifer his rights and ownership to the planet. We are told that this is what brought the death, disease, and misery to the planet. When Jesus died on the cross, He did not just pay for man's crimes so that we could have a choice between accepting that payment or making the payment ourselves. He also bought back the planet from Lucifer and has promised that He will soon return for His property.

Then there are the angels which are really nothing more than servants of God and, eventually, servants to the people who choose to be with God. These beings come in two basic forms. The cherubim are angels which have wings. The rest of the angels don't have wings. There are also other beings which are as unusual to us as some of the beings we have dreamed up for our science fiction movies and shows.

God used the Jewish people to write a book providing us with all of this information and much more. It tells of and verifies His existence, tells us where we came from, provides us with His laws, tells of His plans and efforts to retake this planet, and much more. It is a operators manual for life.

There are many of us who have been trying to prove this book as not being valid because they DON'T WANT GOD TO EXIST. Their logic is that, if they can convince themselves and others that God does not exist, then He does not exist. This is illogical and ridiculous. The people in some of these militia convinced themselves and others that they didn't have to obey Federal laws. Did that make their beliefs true? Of course not and they are now in jail. What is true is true regardless of what you choose to believe. Wanting and believing that the sun will not shine will not make it happen. If this being is real, then He is real even if everyone on the planet believes otherwise. We will all have to stand before Him.

We have finally reached a point to where we can understand most of the "miracles" portrayed in the Bible. With time we will learn to understand more of them. I believe that God has given us science to learn to understand Him.

The Garden

Then there is the matter of our existence. The Bible tells us that God created our cosmos, our planet, and everything on our planet to be a garden for His personal enjoyment. He even tells us that He named it the Garden of Eden. He tells us how He used to take walks through this great garden and He, apparently, enjoyed those walks. He got great pleasure from His creation the same way we get great pleasure from a garden we create.

Then man moved into the neighborhood and brought crime to God's garden. Crime against God's law. Being a just God, He had to act in a manner that will eventually lead to achieving justice.

Upset that His wonderful garden had been spoiled by crime (the same way we would be upset if our homes or gardens were invaded by crime), ownership of His garden had been given to the evil being Lucifer by man, and His trust in man had been violated, He destroyed the balance of the cosmos which caused a number things to occur simultaneously. First, our cosmos expanded through the event horizon of a giant white hole causing the white hole to collapse. As matter passed through the event horizon, time began to quickly accelerate for the matter and, in relation to the matter still inside the event horizon, it began to fly away at incredible speed leading us to believe that the entire cosmos is actually billions of years old when only the outer cosmos is billions of years old and the Earth is actually only thousands of years old.

Mean while, back at Earth, a large planet between Mars and Jupiter was exploded sending a meteor shower on Earth. This meteor shower fractured our crust, split the continent, and caused massive amounts of water to escape from the core to the upper surface as steam. The steam condensed quickly in the upper atmosphere and a global monsoon began. Within weeks, the Earth was covered with water, Noah, his family, and a huge zoo of animals were safely aboard a huge boat, and the Earth's crust was going through incredible changes.

Meteor strikes, volcanic activity, and massive earth quakes caused huge earth movements which created the large strata we see in the Earth today. The weight of the water caused wood to quickly become coal and diamonds and fossils to quickly form.

Under this one large global ocean, the Earth's crust was being torn apart by the increased pressure of massive amounts of superheated water turning to steam. This pressure finally caused the crust to break on the outer edge of the continent creating large plates. These plates began moving creating mountains which began to protrude through the waters. It also quickly opened the chasm we call the Atlantic Ocean. This permitted the water to quickly drain causing massive erosion which we think took billions of years to achieve. As the water drained, the new divided continents emerged and a new planet was born out of death and destruction.

God's Plan

Then began a period of five thousand years in which God began His plan of trial, mercy, and judgment for mankind while also regaining legal ownership of His planet. First, He set aside a group of people to serve a number of purposes. These people were to be an example of how God deals with man, they wrote His book, and were the gene pool for the birth of His son who died to pay for our crimes and purchase the planet from Lucifer.

With these things accomplished in the first three thousand of those five thousand years, God gave us the last two thousand years to be tested. Will we choose Him, His payment for our crimes, and what is right or reject Him and His payment for our crimes and choose wickedness?

At the end of the five thousand years since the flood, there will be a very terrible punishment and destruction of the wicked people left on Earth called the Period of Tribulation. Then God will return to His garden and establish His rule for one thousand more years after which there will be a brief war. After this last war, God will raise all of the dead and the wicked will be judge by God. The wicked will be institutionalized in God's eternal penal system, He will rebuild His garden, and those who chose His love and righteousness will join Him in this eternal garden.

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