Belief History

Carl was an avid evolutionist when he attended his first college anthropology class in 1968. At that first class, the professor spent the first hour disproving everything the students had learned in public school so he could teach the students the current theories. This destroyed Carl's absolute faith in evolution and taught him to be objective and consider creation as a possibility while studying the different sciences.

Carl remained an open-minded evolutionist until he attended a Creation Science Seminar in early 1994. Before attending the seminar, Carl promised himself that, if one scientifically ignorant preacher started speaking, Carl would leave immediately. All of the speakers were scientists, Carl was impressed, and the evidence was very compelling. Carl purchased books written by other creation scientists to get additional perspectives on creation science, meditated on 30 years of evidence and learning, and converted to Creation Science a few weeks later.


Carl Cantrell tested in the top six to eight percent in the nation in science and math in 1967. He obtained a Bachelor of University Studies from the University of New Mexico so he could take upper level courses from any department without having to first change his major. His studies presently include chemistry, biology, anatomy, exercise physiology, kinesiology, wildlife management, endocrinology, geology, meteorology, electronics, psychology, anthropology, information systems, a number engineering courses, and even took a course in solar engineering just for the fun of it (yup, a bit of nerd. But an outdoor and sports loving nerd.)

Carl served in the United States Air Force in Electronics Ware fare where he got to play in Uncle Sam's black closet. He was trained in at least the fundamentals of all conventional, nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons systems on both sides of the Iron Curtain from submarine warfare to satellite warfare including stealth and SR-71 technology.

Carl loves to read about science, technology, archaeology, history, and even sports (cycling in particular.)

Carl also obtained a Master of Business Administration from the Anderson School of Management at the University of New Mexico.

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