The Education Scam
Part III

On a page titled "The Education Scam" and uploaded on this site on top of this same list in March 2000, I stated that the colleges and universities had promoted the false concepts that, if every one got a college degree, it would eliminate poverty in this country and that, if you don't have a college degree, you will live in poverty. I discussed why that was not true and, if you have not read it or have not read it for a while, you should read it before reading this page.

Then, under the page Education Scam Part II, I did an update to that page which you also need to read before reading this page because this page is an update for that update.

Wow, this thing is accelerating faster than even I had figured. Last night I saw another news item showing that exactly what I had predicted is already developing. On this news item, they were discussing the fact that increasing numbers of college graduates are immediately returning home to live with their parents because they can't get jobs with their college degrees, just like I have been saying would happen for years.

It seems that this problem is rapidly accelerating. Two years ago better than 40% of the college graduates for May 2001 had to return home to live with their parents because they couldn't get a job with their college degrees. Last year better than 50% of the graduating class had to return home to live with their parents and they are estimating that better than 60% of this year's graduating class will have to return home to live with their parents because they wont be able to get jobs with their college degrees. Gee, who woulda thunk it?

At this rate of acceleration, almost 100% of the graduating students will not be able to get a job with their college degrees within the next three years or less. When this happens, the country and even our supposedly brilliant media will be forced realize that there are more people with college degrees than there are jobs for people for college degrees. Just like I have been saying for years.

As I told you, this will cause a back lash against our colleges and universities which will result in the demise of many of our institutions for higher education. But with this many of our graduating college students already not being able to find jobs, I predict that fewer than 50% of these institutions will survive this back lash with large numbers of the professors and administrators joining the large lines of unemployable people they have created with their lies and propaganda which was used to increase the demand for a college education in order to increase their own salaries.

Most of the institutions which do survive will be the first colleges (mostly two year colleges) to convert to vocational schools in order to meet the increasing demand for skilled labor and survive the back lash against our schools of higher education. But this wont save the butts of even their college professors because those college professors will have to be fired so the schools can hire the instructors for the vocational classes.

This episode will completely destroy the credibility of our colleges and universities so that many people wont believe anything that they say or which comes out of our colleges and universities. Their lies for greed will destroy their credibility. Well, that and all the relatively recent misbehaviors by college graduates in the real world such as CEO's, CPA's, and many others. Those grossly inflated college professor salaries will drop like rocks.

A little social upheaval I expect here is that increasing numbers of people will begin lying about not having a college degree in order to get jobs and not be ostracized and even persecuted by society. Then I expect the protests to begin and even be followed by a little out of control rioting. I expect this to be followed by class action law suits against our schools for higher education and the government charging back school loans resulting in the increased demise of these institutions for higher education. Don't worry, people will already know that we don't need most of these schools so they wont regret their demise. I sure hope all you lying college professors and administrators look good in designer tar and feathers. Unfortunately, there are a lot of good college professors and administrators who will also pay the price but I guess they should have stood up against the lies a long time ago and prevented this mess.

And how are these lying institutions currently trying to dodge the bullet? Just exactly like I said they would!!! They are trying to blame the "soft economy" for this problem. But hold it!!! The graduating class of better than 40% who returned home to live with mommy and daddy because they couldn't get a job with their college degrees in May 2001 was BEFORE 9/11 crashed our economy!!! The colleges and universities will either have to admit they are lying or admit their liberal god, Bill Clinton had already started the economic down turn as I said he did. Will these liars give up Bill Clinton to save their own butts? You bet they will.

There is another little problem with this lie. Eventually, the economy will turn around and these millions of students still wont be able to get jobs with their college degrees so it will become obvious even to our brain dead media that there are more people with college degrees than there are jobs for people with college degrees.

Guess what, the economy is already showing signs of recovering so, unless Al Quaeda causes our economy to crash again soon, their latest lie will soon be exposed. Some one needs to get a clue here. They are not going to dodge this bullet forever. There will be some designer tar and feathers in their future.

If I had children graduating from high school, what would I do to help them have a better future? Send them to a vocational school to learn a trade because we are developing a shortage in skilled labor because that is where we are getting all these college students from.

The future road to riches is as follows: (1)learn a trade, (2)get very good at that trade while learning the industry for that trade, (3) take a class in business management from your local SBA (Small Business Association) so you will know how to manage your own business, (4) save enough money to start your own business providing that skilled labor (or you can raise money for your business by suing the university where you got that worthless college degree), and (5) make millions providing that skilled labor during the increasing shortage of skilled labor.

Oh, by the way, as I told you earlier, expect to see the salaries for college graduates to drop like a rock because the businesses will need the extra money to pay more for skilled labor when there will be a shortage in skilled labor. About this time, a college degree wont be worth the paper it is printed on. And all this comes from a person who really values an education but has to acknowledge the truth when he sees it.

Things are getting very interesting!!!

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