A General Analysis of Evolution

As I have stated before, there are hundreds of books and thousands of web sights which deal with the creation/evolution discussion. I prefer to concentrate more on aspects of the debate that I believe have not been adequately covered. On this page I wish to pose some questions for thought.


Entropy or the second law of thermodynamics is considered an absolute by scientists because it has been proven thousands of times by direct observations. No exceptions to this law have been observed. Basically, this law states that, if left to natural processes, absolutely everything degenerates to the lowest possible level.

The second law of thermodynamics presents a serious problem for evolution. Evolution requires that, if left to natural processes, everything will evolve to the highest possible level.

In other words, entropy and evolution contradict each other. They cannot both be right. One must be right and the other must be wrong. Since we know that entropy is absolutely correct, then it is only common sense that evolution cannot be correct. Therefore, entropy proves that it is scientifically impossible for evolution to occur under any conditions.


One of the most fundamental principles of ecology is that ecosystems are balanced and so fragile that any change, no matter how small, will eventually result in the destruction of that ecosystem. Yet, evolution requires radical change within ecosystems and that the changes will result in the upward development and improvement of the ecosystems. But we know that any change in the predator/prey relationship will result in the permanent damage and the eventual destruction of the ecosystem. We know this based on thousands of direct observations in zoology and ecology.

Therefore, ecology and evolution contradict each other and they can't both be right. We know ecology is correct. Therefore, ecology also proves that evolution is impossible.

The irony here is that most ecologists are also evolutionists. It makes you wonder how they could believe in such contradictory beliefs. The only thing I can think of is that they just don't question evolution because it is preached as being such an absolute fact by evolutionists that it is "ridiculous" to consider anything else. I have found that most people really don't ever question evolution. They just let evolutionists spoon feed it to them. This is one of the reasons for this sight. I want to start stimulating thought so people will begin to question evolution. Think about it. :-)

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