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This is a book review of the book, Creation, Facts of Life by Gary Parker, PhD He earned his doctorate in biology, with a cognate in geology (paleontology.) Dr. Parker is a former evolutionist who spent years teaching evolution in college. After a three year analysis of creation science, he converted.

I have found this to be the best over all book I have read about creation vs evolution. Dr. Parker does an excellent job of presenting the material objectively, showing both sides of every argument. Like any good scientist, he presents the material in a very logical and methodic manner. Dr. Parker covers many different topics such as DNA, embryo development, fossils, symbiosis, genetics, geology, and early man. The book is filled with a lot of very good and interesting information in many aspects of the creation/evolution debate.

I was very impressed by Dr. Parker's honesty as he stated normal human concerns about finding out that his new beliefs might be wrong when he began his studies in geology for his cognate. Regularly throughout his book, Dr. Parker showed his own honesty and scientific integrity with a willingness to accept what science proved as he did his studies in science. He showed that he was truly in search of the truth first.

I found it to be good reading for both the scientist and nonscientist. I strongly recommend the book to everyone with whom I even begin to discuss creation science. It is a good read and a must read for those in search of the truth. :-)

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