Scientific Flood Analysis

This page is meant to be a geological hypothesis for the Biblical Flood using available data, science, and the scriptures. It is assumed that you have read the prior pages for this sight.

The starting for this page will be the same as my hypothesis for the beginning of the cosmos. The cosmos is inside of a huge white hole with a massive ring of water being used as a gravitational fly wheel to keep everything in order. God has created his recreational garden, the Garden of Eden, added man for company and to care for the garden, and provided man with a mate upon request. There was a lot of carbon dioxide in the upper atmosphere creating a global green house effect permitting year round tropical weather on a global basis as evidenced by tropical forest fossils found throughout the world.

The man and woman both violate the only law given to them and are banished from the garden with the garden being ruined.

After 1,000 years, man's selfishness has turned God's former garden into a lawless, world of criminals. Genesis 6:5 And God saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually.

In disgust, God decided to destroy his creation but, because of one good man and his family, He decided to give man a second chance. God set things into motion which would lead towards the eventual destruction of Earth and the cosmos while using this time period as a trial for men and women on an individual basis. The end begins.


Most creationist models of the flood seem to agree on the description of the events of the flood with some normal deviation. But they all lack the cause of this destruction. While doing some research, I came across a map on a site titled the Regional Geophysics Section which made it very obvious as to what started the catastrophe called the flood. It is a global map of meteor craters which shows a large concentration of craters grouped around the Atlantic Ocean. Particularly, in Europe, North America, and Southern Africa.

Scientists know that the world has expanded by 20%, the amount of water on the surface has increased by 20%, and the continents used to be one continent. We used to think that a fractured crust was normal for planets until we explored Venus and found that it had an unfractured crust. Now many scientists believe that Earths crust was once unfractured but don't know how it became fractured. I propose that a meteor storm caused the fracturing as I will describe in my hypothesis. Proof of this hypothesis will be finding meteor craters which were split in two by the separating of the continents and development of the Atlantic Ocean. Part of each crater will be on one side of the Atlantic Ocean and the other part will be on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean.

Falling Stars

I am not sure what God did to upset the balance of the cosmos to cause it to start expanding and pass through the event horizon and out into space towards eventual dispersion and destruction.

Here in our universe, God exploded a huge planet orbiting between Mars and Jupiter creating an asteroid belt and sending celestial shrapnel screaming through space. Some of that shrapnel was sent speeding toward Earth like a heavenly artillery barrage. The meteor shower hit Earth mostly in the vicinity (within 1,500 miles) of what is now the Atlantic Ocean over a period of weeks. The initial part of the shower caused a fracture running from north of Europe to south of Africa. It was shaped like what ranchers would call a lazy v or a v lying on its side.

This huge fracture released pressure on superheated water at the core of the Earth permitting it to turn to superhot steam which increased the pressure inside the Earth setting two things in motion. The first thing was that a massive amount of steam began roaring up through the fracture with such force that millions of tons of water were being shot into the upper atmosphere. The steam cooled and quickly spread around the world starting thunder, hail, and rain falling in greater volumes than ever before or since. The entire planet became one massive monsoon.

Genesis 7:11-12 the same day were all the fountains of the great deep broken up and the windows of heaven were opened and the rain was upon the earth forty days and forty nights.

This tells us that most of the 20% increase in the water on the surface of Earth was blasted into the atmosphere soon enough that the rains caused the surface water to rise high enough to cover the jets of steam so that the rain quit falling on the forty first morning. The steam probably continued to jet for awhile under the body of water covering the world adding to its volume.

During this period of time, massive geological events took place changing the face of the Earth. The first meteors struck the surface causing massive explosions and fracturing the crust. The organisms which were closest to the blasts were killed by nuclear blasts. Further from the point of impact, animals, plants, and people were tossed great distances into large piles. The earth began shaking, rifts opened and volcanos sprouted, massive mud slides like occurred at Mt. Saint Helen covered large areas, and over a period of weeks, life disappeared from the face of the earth. The shaking, winds, storming, noise, and chaos were unimaginable, a virtual living hell. For weeks, people and animals ran to and fro not knowing where to escape to until they were finally killed by either the many catastrophes or drowned in the rising waters. Even after the water covered the earth, the upheavals continued to change the earth with shaking, lava flows, and mud slides.

The immense pressure of the water quickly compressed wood into coal and diamonds, mud into layers of rock, and organic matter into oil. Fossils formed in just hours which explains the many soft tissue fossils we find.

Genesis 7:24 And the waters prevailed upon the earth an hundred and fifty days.

The second thing set into motion by the fracturing of the earth's crust by the meteor shower was the changing of a huge amount of the superheated water to superhot steam. The steam increased the internal pressure of Earth to the point that it was literally trying to blow itself apart. A solid crust planet was trying to expand to accommodate the extra pressure. Something had to give and it was the crust.

Engineering teaches us that when a solid which varies in thickness, as the Earth's crust does (thicker at the land mass than at the ocean), is stressed to the point of breaking the break will occur where the thickness changes and on the thinner part. This is why the Earth fractured at the outer edge of the continent on the sea floor creating todays "ring of fire." The crust snapped and the internal pressure forced the continent to ride up over the edge of the ocean floor so that the ocean floor now feeds down under the continents.

The stress from this fracturing and the resultant forces caused by the movement of the new continents formed todays mountains and they began to rise up through the waters so that the first land appeared. Then the Atlantic Rift began to widen into todays Atlantic Ocean causing the waters to drain into the new sea bed. After the land dried, Noah, his family, and all of the animals left the arch and returned to daily life in a very different world.

The massive monsoon flooding absorbed the carbon dioxide from the atmosphere permitting the Earth to quickly cool and causing the ice age and restricting most people to what is now called the middle east. As animals and man began to replace the carbon dioxide to the atmosphere, the Earth has continued to warm, ending the ice age and now "threatening" the world.

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