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I found out what is being held over Sharon's head which would cause him to give in to the demands of the US permitting the Muslims to gain a military position which will provide them with a significant strategic advantage which can easily lead to the destruction of Israel. It seems that the Muslim countries and their allies have gained enough control over the UN so that they can charge war crimes against almost anyone who dares defend themselves against an Islamic invasion. The UN has put together a list of "war crimes" and has threatened that, if Sharon doesn't provide the terrorists with this new strategic advantage, they will put together a coalition, invade Israel, and place Sharon in prison for life as a war criminal.

But why would Bush back this action? Apparently the UN has done the same to the US forcing Bush to be the bully which forces Sharon to betray his own country. This also explains why France is refusing to fight the Muslim up rising with its military and is insisting on doing the fighting with its police force. If they bring in the military, it becomes a military action and the Muslims can charge the French prime minister with war crimes.

The entire free world and even other powerful countries are now being held hostage by the Muslims via the UN which explains Bush's strategy of his appointed UN representative. Bush has appointed his bulldog to the UN with the understanding that his bulldog get a coalition of free countries to help clean up the UN mess or they will abandon it and set up a free world coalition. It is either that or none of us will be permitted to defend ourselves against the terrorists.

Who said the Muslims are a bunch of stupid camel drivers? They are very intelligent and are using our own system, morals, and ethics to beat us. This means that, for us to survive, we will have to revise our own system, morals, and ethics. We will be forced to fight fire with fire which means we will have to return to being the barbarians we are fighting, think like barbarians, and fight like barbarians or we will lose this war against terror.

This also explains the large number of trips by Bush to other countries, especially the power house countries like France, Russia, and China. He is attempting to show them all that they are being betrayed and invaded by the Muslims they had allied themselves with in order to get these countries to form a new international coalition against the Muslim countries and their allies before it is too late. The big question is, will he succeed or will we and a few allies have to go it alone in a global war for survival?

Mean while, Israel is in a catch 22 because the west didn't listen to Israel decades ago. If they permit the current condition to continue, the Muslims will build an overwhelming force in Gaza and the West Bank to attack Israel and slaughter all the Jews and Christians off with Syria, Egypt, and Jordan joining into the battle. If they rebel against the current agreement and fight back to remove the increasing numbers of terrorists moving into the Gaza and West Bank to prevent the force from being put together, the Muslims in the UN and their allies will put together a coalition force in Syria and Lebanon to invade Israel and "punish her" for defending herself, brand everyone in Israel a war criminal, and march through Israel slaughtering everyone still in Israel (Ezekiel 38 & 39.)

I also found out that about 70% of the voters in Israel are dead against this agreement and that Sharon will probably lose in the coming election. If this is the case, they will put a new government in place which will stand up to the UN, defend themselves, and bring about the battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39. It is going to get really nasty really fast. Hang on because this will be a wild ride.

AND this explains why no one will come to the aid of Israel because, if anyone does, they will be branded a war criminal and they will spend the rest of their lives in prison. So everyone will sit back and watch the invasion forcing Israel to turn to God for salvation and He will come to their aid destroying 83.3% of the invading UN forces.

Our idiot liberals have created a real nightmare for us, haven't they? Our only hope is in God because we have permitted them to so screw things up so bad that we are about to be overwhelmed by the Muslims. I strongly suggest you pray hard, long, and often until this mess is cleaned up.

Note that none of the terrorists or their supporting countries have been accused of war crimes in spite of the atrocities they have been committing. Gee, I wonder who runs the UN? It should be obvious.

Look up because the Lord will be coming soon, very soon.

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