Israel 9

So, you think UNIFIL is moving into Lebanon to protect Israel from Hizbullah? Think again. They are largely controlled by liberal European nations like France. You MUST learn to think of liberal as being a nice word for commie's. You MUST also learn to understand that the commie's are on the side of the Muslim terrorists and are working with them to bring down the last bastions of Western democracy.

Think I'm wrong? Then why are the commie's working to help the terrorists win in Iraq, Lebanon, and in our countries? Even the left media (read commie media) are working hard to turn people against the war on terror, you know, the commie's buddies.

Did you know that UNIFIL is going into Lebanon openly announcing that they WILL NOT disarm Hizbullah as they had promised they would in order to get Israel to stop attacking Hizbullah AND that they are now openly announcing that they WILL NOT try to stop the rearming of Hizbullah by Syria and Iran as promised to get Israel to stop attacking Hizbullah AND that they are going into Lebanon to NOT protect Israel from Hizbullah attacks but to protect Lebanon (read Hizbullah) from Israel?

Gee, now let's see if I can add one plus one to get what the commie's and terrorists are up to. The commie's are going into Lebanon to protect Hizbullah from Israeli attacks while the commie's refuse to disarm Hizbullah and permit Syria and Iran to rearm Hizbullah which will lead to what? Oh yes, Hizbullah attacking Israel with rockets while hiding behind a UN "Peace Keeping" force that is stating it is there to protect Hizbullah from being attacked by Israel in self defense. Gee, could it be that UNIFIL is being sent in by the commie's as reinforcements for Hizbullah to keep Israel from defending itself from Hizbullah attacks? And you think the commie's are not in alliance with the Muslim terrorists?

Now let me see if I can figure out what will happen. 1) Hizbullah will rearm courtesy of the UN under the command of Commie Annan and attack Israel from behind the UN military shield, 2) Israel will be forced to counter attack in self defense, 3) Commie Annan will send the UN forces against Israel to protect their ally, Hizbullah, 4) Israel will be forced to defend itself against the UN forces, and 4) this will result in the commie's and terrorists using this engagement as an excuse to stage their "UN" forces against Israel as in the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39.

Think I'm wrong? Watch and see. Every time Hizbullah attacks Israel, the UN will defend "Lebanon" from Israel until Israel is forced to also engage the UN forces in order to protect itself from Hizbullah. It won't be long now.

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