I want to address some very important things that you can bet the media will not address concerning the crisis resulting from the hurricane, Katrina. I am sure that you have noticed that the Democratically biased liberal media have been trying to blame the Federal Government for everything under the sun since the Republicans have taken control of the US government. I believe they would try to blame Bush if the sun were to suddenly supernova. But let's take a look at this crisis from a constitutional perspective along with a lot of other perspectives that you can bet you won't get from the media including a look at the media themselves.

First, the media are blaming Bush for not responding quick enough to the crisis but, hold it, this crisis should have never happened, especially at this level. We have been informed that the experts had already realized years ago that the worst possible natural crisis which could happen in this country was for New Orleans to be hit by a class 4 hurricane or worse. Knowing this, it was the primary responsibility of the Mayor of New Orleans to plan and organize for the evacuation of the people in his city, including those who could not evacuate themselves, in case such an event should occur. It is not the responsibility of the US government to try to micro manage the city of New Orleans and it is even unconstitutional for the Fed's to do so because the states have rights providing them with the ability and responsibilities to do just that.

What, does the Mayor of New Orleans think he was elected for; to go around from party to party having a good time while the US Government does his job for him? Every other mayor in the US runs drills and sets up funding for such emergencies but not the Mayor of New Orleans? What, did the Mayor of New Orleans just find out about hurricanes? They have been around for a while now.

In my opinion, the Mayor of New Orleans ranting on radio and blaming Bush for not cleaning up the mess the mayor caused by mismanagement was him trying to avoid the responsibility for his lack of proper planning and action prior to the hurricane. Based on the US Constitution, it was the responsibility of the Mayor of New Orleans to plan for the evacuation of the people who could not leave and the forced evacuation of those macho people who would not leave but could. If the City of New Orleans could not raise the money for such a program, it was the Mayor's responsibility to see the Governor of Louisiana about financial assistance for such a program and then the responsibility of the Mayor, Governor, and other Louisiana politicians to obtain any additional funds from the Federal Government that neither the city or state could provide for such an emergency project. You can bet they spent a lot of time getting money from the state and federal governments for less important projects. Why not for this one when other mayors do?

According to the US Constitution, at least 90% of the responsibility for this recent human crisis in New Orleans is the responsibility of the Mayor of New Orleans and not of the President or Federal Government. The rest of that responsibility falls on the shoulders of the other Louisiana politicians who did nothing to help prevent this disaster. It was only the responsibility of the Federal Government to respond as quickly as possible to clean up the mess after the Mayor, knowing the disaster was likely, dropped the ball. It is my opinion that the Mayor of New Orleans, the members of the City Council, and any other New Orleans politicians who were responsible for planning and managing the evacuation of these people should be prosecuted for negligent homicide. You can bet you won't hear that from the media.

It really burns my butt to see some of these politicians, who failed at their jobs, trying to make this a race issue or blame all of America to avoid their blame and responsibility in this disaster. It is not mine nor your responsibility but the responsibility of the politicians we elect to do their jobs. If we are supposed to do their jobs, why do we bother to elect and pay them?

Second, what is adequate response time for the Federal Government and you need to know this in the event that you find yourself in such a disaster. To answer this, you have to look at the basic logistics required for such a response. The first thing the government has to do is spend time gathering information about the crisis such as the area and topography covered, number of people effected, and resources required to help the victims. Basically, they have to know how many people to send, and what to send with them before they can begin planning to send anyone. Just sending unprepared people without even the resources to provide for the rescuers only makes the rescuers part of the problem.

To gather this information, the government must wait until it is safe to send in teams of professionals trained in what information is required. Why, you might ask, can't they get their information from the media reports? Because the government learned a long time ago that they can't depend on the reports from the media because the media ALWAYS blow everything out of proportion to sensationalize the story as much as possible to get as many people as possible to watch their coverage so they can charge the advertisers more money for the increased advertising exposure. Exaggerated information is not accurate information and can't be used for effective logistics.

For example, I was in Los Angeles during the 1993 riots and watched the national TV coverage of the riots the same as you did. Based on what the media were showing, how they find the worst damage, frame their pictures so you only see the worst damage, and then tell the story so that you get the impression that it is like that everywhere, being careful not to show much if any of the undamaged properties, everyone I knew got the impression that they burned all of Los Angeles to the ground. Out of curiosity to see just how accurately the media had reported the story, I waited a few weeks for everything to settle down and drove through the worst effected areas. When I drove up and down some of the streets where the worst rioting took place, I saw that less than 5% of the damage the media had made it look like had happened, had really occurred. There were literally sections of from half a mile to over a mile without one burned building and the worst burned areas were almost always isolated shopping centers where the looting had taken place.

Even today, when the media decide to do a story about that riot and the lasting effects on the community, they find the worst remaining damage, frame their shots very tight to make it look as bad as possible, and tell the story as if the entire area still looks like those few spots to sensationalize their stories and increase their revenues. I have learned from observing the media, and am sure the government has learned this also, that you can only bet on one thing. You WILL see the worst part of the disaster and ONLY the worst part of the disaster repeatedly to get maximum viewer ship so they can maximize their profits. With such gross misinformation, the government can't use the information the media provide because it is far too inaccurate for planning rescue logistics.

For example, if the government had planned on providing assistance for the Los Angeles riots based on the information provided by the media, they would have had to send in assistance for over 12 million people instead of the hundreds of thousands who were directly effected by the disaster. You can bet that such gross mismanagement would then be attacked by the media themselves as wasting billions in tax dollars.

Therefore, the government will have to spend at least one or two days getting the information required for the planning of the rescue operations. I considered that they might be able to use satellite photographs but, especially following a hurricane, the area will still be covered with clouds for days preventing the photographing of the effected area for too long following the disaster. They have to wait until it is safe to send professionally trained people into the area to get that information, and just getting these professionals into an area can take one or two days.

After the government obtains the information, they have to plan the rescue operations which is massive for such a disaster. They can't just send a bunch of soldiers storming into the wrong areas with the wrong resources and they have to coordinate the actions of different agencies to prevent redundancy while not providing other required resources. That wouldn't do anyone any good. This will probably take most of a day even with today's computers so that we are now at about two to three days and we have not even started putting the resources together.

As soon as they have completed the planning, organization, and coordination for such a massive project (referred to as project management), they have to start contacting the right people with the right instructions so those people can start gathering and moving people to obtain the right resources such as people, food, water, gas, and other supplies for both the rescuers and rescued. They have to start loading vehicles, clearing effected airports for planes to land and take off, clearing streets of debris and repairing damage so the trucks, cars, and buses can access the area, and start moving vehicles to the area as quickly as possible. Just getting all of this assistance to an area will take at least one to two days and possibly longer. We still have not learned to teleport people thousands of miles. It takes time to get them there.

If you add this all together, you realize that it will take the government at least three to four days to provide such massive assistance to such a large area. To help buy time for this operation to get in place, the government sends in smaller forces to rescue people, save lives, and help as many people as they can, which is exactly what the government did.

So, why have the media not told you these things? Are these highly educated people so stupid they can't figure this out and explain it to you? I consider that a possibility for at least some of them but realize that for most of them it is a matter of not telling the truth in order to make the government look bad and get Democrats elected into office in a few years. Don't you just get sick of the lies and crap at the expense of the people?

Now, how can this information help you? If you realize that the government can't get to you for at least three to four days following such a crisis, contrary to the lies the socialists have told you about big government, then you should realize that you need to plan for such disasters so that you can take care of you and your family for at least one or two weeks without government assistance. Did you notice that the people who waited for the government to save them, suffered and died for days but the people who stood up and took care of themselves suffered less and got out of the worst of the human crisis? Think about it. It takes time for the government to help you in such crises so you better be able to care for yourselves as much as possible.

Then we have another matter concerning the media that really burns my butt. Have you noticed that they, especially television, make a fortune covering such disasters? Have you noticed that the journalists get there extremely fast with all the supplies they individually need but don't bring anything to help even the worst cases? There are reasons for this and it is not nice.

You see, if I am a journalist and I don't bring in some supplies for the most needy such as insulin, baby formulae's, diapers, water, and food, then the people who need such supplies get sick and die making the crisis even worse. A worse crisis makes better coverage and increases profits, of course, at the expense of the people, but who cares about people? But hold it, we the people, are expected to give to help these people but not the media? Why can't they also send in just a few extra people, vehicles, and supplies for the most needy to help until government help can get there? Because the media have convinced us that they are above their human responsibilities to other people and are not required to help people in need. They have convinced us that your need to know is more important than human lives so they don't have to quit their jobs of making so much money covering your crises to help you the way everyone else is supposed to quit their jobs to help people they can help. I dare any of you working stiffs to not quit your job and help save a life. The media would be all over you in a heart beat, but they almost never do the same.

What I am waiting for is some of you people to be in such a crisis and realize that your children need food, water, and shelter, and that greedy, selfish, self-centered, blood sucking parasite of a journalist over there making money from the suffering of your children has food, water, and shelter but didn't bring extra for at least those who have the worst need. Let me put it this way, if any of you should kill a journalist to get food, water, and shelter for your children to save their lives because that journalist jerk didn't bring extra but brought everything they need to make a fortune covering your children's suffering, I would NEVER convict you for murder if I were on the jury. You can bet that, if I were in such a crisis and one of those parasites showed up to make a fortune covering the suffering of my children and didn't bring anything to help any of us, I would get food, water, and shelter for my children one way or the other, and the journalist won't get long to choose which way. Think about it.

It is my opinion that, from a humanitarian perspective, the media are the least responsible people in the world. I respect trust and respect most journalists about as far as I can throw Moby Dick up wind in a hurricane.

Warning to you blood sucking journalist: If you show up at my disaster with nothing but a camera, all your viewers will see is the inside of your rectum!!!

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