The Liberal Crisis 3

This is a follow up to the page "The Liberal Crisis & Liberal Crisis 2."

I have been noticing that the Liberal Democrats are finally beginning to realize their crisis but the clueless wonders have not figured out why they are having their liberal crisis. It has reached the point of becoming comical.

They have very recently realized that there are not enough liberals left to get their stupid, liberal butts elected as President of the United States. This is why they have started a campaign to get conservatives to vote for liberal politicians. Showing their complete lack of intelligence, the liberal experts have dreamed up the stupid idea that this is possible because "at the core, we are all the same."

With this idiot philosophy, they are trying to get conservatives to become liberal voters which is completely backwards. Instead of trying to get conservatives to become more liberal, the Democratic Party should be moving more to the right to get those voters instead of trying to get the voters to move to the left. Completely lacking common sense and refusing to give up on their failed ideals, the liberals just dream up stupid ideas about why they will be able to do that which any one with common sense knows they will not be able to do, which is to turn conservatives into liberals for next year's election. This is a major Duh, Hello!

As I predicted with my essay, Liberal Crisis, the conservatives will out number the liberals by enough voters that they may not be able to get a liberal elected as President by this coming election and will not be able to get a liberal elected as President by 2008. It seems that my estimate was very conservative because the liberals are getting very desperate about getting conservatives to vote for them. As I predicted, they are in serious trouble for the reasons I stated in my essay.

Not realizing that their own behavior and the sorry results of their programs have created their problem, they are busy dreaming up great sounding (to them) theories about why they can get conservatives to vote for liberals. Now let me get this straight, these "brilliant" people who have spent decades insulting, degrading, and other wise refusing to listen to the concerns and beliefs of conservatives treating them as stupid and inferior believe they can get these same conservatives to just forget everything and vote for the liberals? PLEASE!!! Someone convince me these people have even the slightest amount of common sense!!!

Not only will the number of conservative voters increase even more over liberal voters by another one to two million during the next year for the reasons I listed in my essay, Liberal Crisis, but there is the potential that their problem could easily get much, much worse for some of the reasons I listened in my essay, Liberal Crisis 2. Today, on the News, they stated that the CDC (Center for Disease Control) has announced that they are fearful the SARS disease will come back this year and be even worse.

As I stated in the essay, Liberal Crisis 2, if SARS gets into the liberal, free sex and drug population, it will spread like fire with people who have diminished their immune system with their sexually transmitted diseases and drugs being the people who are most likely to die from the disease. As I predicted, it is possible and even probably that, if this disease or something similar gets into the liberal population, any where from hundreds of thousands to tens of millions of them will die within from months to a few years.

Since the liberals who have sexually transmitted diseases from their free sex and use drugs are much more likely to die from such diseases, such an epidemic could easily make it to where a liberal could not possibly get elected as president or even any major political position in just one or two years.

Even without a SARS type epidemic, the frantic actions of the liberals shows that it is very likely one of their liberal candidates will not get elected as President and they may even loose more seats in the House and Senate. As I predicted, when they suffer this type of loss, the idiot liberals will refuse to give up on their failed ideals and either lose control of the Democratic Party to moderates or the moderates will begin to leave the Democratic Party either forming their own moderate party or joining the Republican Party making it even more impossible for a liberal Democrat to get elected into any office.

Actually, this is already beginning to happen. The Republican Party announced during the recent governor's election in California that Democrats registering to vote were converting to Republicans at twice the rate of any time in the past showing that increasing numbers of people are realizing that the liberal ideals have failed. Also, the electing of a moderate for governor in one of the most liberal states in the US further demonstrates the extent of the liberal crisis.

Another factor which will cause even faster desertions from the Democratic Party when they begin to realize that many of the problems we are currently experiencing as crises have been caused or, at the very least, made worse by the liberal policies. For example, the current rash of fires destroying so much of our forests and thousands of homes are being blamed, by the liberal media, on the drought causing an epidemic of bark beetles which are killing off 80% of the trees turning them to tender and causing the fires to spread so quickly and burn so fiercely.

But, if you do the math, you realize this is just a cover up by the liberal media so that liberals don't have to admit their zero logging policies are what has actually caused this crisis. We know that our forests have become so over grown due to the zero logging policies of the liberals that there are now five times more trees in our forests than a healthy forest should have, meaning that 80% of the trees in our forests should not be there. This is causing the forests to dry up by from three to four times the normal rate decreasing the water available to the trees to point that 80% of the trees don't have enough water to maintain a healthy immune system and can't fight off the bark beetle causing the epidemic.

Now, if, even with the drought, the 20% of the trees that should be in our forests are able to resist the bark beetles and only the 80% of the trees which should not and would not be there except for the liberal zero logging policy are not getting enough water to fight off the bark beetle, then it should only be common sense that the 20% of the trees that should be there would be able to fight off the bark beetles even during the drought if the other 80% of the trees which should not be there were logged out. If this were the case, we wouldn't have all that dry tender in our forests and wouldn't be having all these terrible fires.

Therefore, the liberal conservation policy of zero logging has caused this problem and, if we don't recognize this, learn from it, and learn to properly managed our forests with proper logging policies, our forests will rebuild to being over forested again and again and we will have these fire epidemics again and again until we learn better.

To keep from admitting they were wrong, obviously, therefore, knowing they were wrong, the liberals are trying to push another idiot conservation policy on us which is not good for the forests and is contributing to the fire problem. This is the policy of prescribed burns in our forests which I have already explained is the wrong way to manage our forests in a previous essay.

When people begin learning things like this, there will be a major desertion from the left to the right in our political policies increasing the severity of the liberal crisis. I have noticed that increasing numbers of people are learning these things which is why I believe that increasing numbers of people are deserting the left for the more rational policies of the moderates and conservatives.

It will be interesting to see whether the Democratic Party survives the liberal disaster and if another party emerges. We are watching a significant change in US politics and policies because of the failed liberal experiment and the liberal leaders refusing to admit their failure. The liberal denial is even beginning to make it quite comical. One of the best and biggest jokes I have ever seen is the arrogant liberals trying to convince the conservatives they have hated, slandered, mocked, ridiculed, and other wise demeaned for decades to vote for them. Are these liberal morons fools or what? LOL This is quickly becoming the best show in the world. A first class sitcom. I am enjoying this show so much that I hope they never figure out how stupid they look.

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