The Liberal Crisis 6

This last presidential election appeared to be extremely close but, a few days before the actual election, I realized that the liberal media were deceiving us. I noticed that they were very frantic and desperate to the point of being irrational. Their actions gave them away. I realized that they were telling us that it was so close because they knew that, if the liberals knew how much of a lead Bush really had, many of those liberals would say, "Why bother?" and not show up to vote. They were hoping they, the media, could get enough liberals out to win the election by lying about how close it was.

I noticed that they were committing fraud and other crimes with radically increased intensity to get John Kerry elected. They tried to discredit everything that the conservatives offered up as to why Kerry should not be elected and were putting out completely false stories about why Bush should not be elected hoping something would stick even if it were not true. The people just didn't buy it plus them saying the election was so close also encouraged more conservatives to vote. Their strategy back fired.

The election was relatively close, as I predicted two years ago, but the conservatives won it just like I predicted two years ago. The increase in the number of voters was sizable with the gap between Bush and his opponent growing by almost four million voters. A large part of the increase, maybe half, was due to the phenomenon I have been discussing on this site for the last two years but the rest was caused by voter anger driving more conservative and moderate voters out to vote against the liberals. I want to discuss the latter first, then discuss the former, and finish this page with what to expect in the relatively near future.

It should be noted here that the difference in numbers of votes between Bush and his opponent increased by almost four million votes in spite of the fact that Nader and the other ultra liberal candidates got a few million fewer votes this year than in the 2000 election. If these candidates had gotten the same percentage of the votes they did in 2000, the difference between Bush and Kerry would have been an increase of at least five to six million votes, maybe more. That is huge.

The Wrath Of The People

I believe that one to two million of the people who voted for Bush did so as what I am calling the voter back lash. The people are increasingly realizing that the media, Democrats, and liberals in general are miss informing and plain lying to us in order to promote their agenda. For example, the media and liberals like to portray the election of 2000 as having been won by Bush in the courts but most people are smart enough to realize that it was not Bush who took the election into the courts in an effort to steal the election. They know that Bush won the election in accordance with the law and that it was Gore who took the election into the courts in an attempt to steal the elections but that the Supreme Court upheld the results of the election in accordance with the law.

I have found that this action alone angered the American people against the liberals but to have the liberal media spend the next four years insulting our intelligence by saying it was Bush who used the courts to steal the election angered the people much more. Then for the Democratic Party to hire so many attorneys in a clear attempt to steal this election, in the event it was close enough to steal it in the courts, made them much more angry.

Next, I have found that the increasing antics and crimes of the liberals to steal the elections by such things as voter fraud and lying by not only the Democratic Party but also by the liberal media has been growing a lot of anger and hatred towards the liberals in the general population. This year, because they were so desperate, these activities got extremely out of hand creating a huge amount of anger in the general public. That public fought back by showing up to vote and voting for Bush in spite of what the lying media did and said. The voters basically said, "We don't buy your crap any more and will vote against it."

And, typical for liberals, they still have not figured this out. Within hours of the results from the election, they were right back at trying to develop the new line of lies for the next election in two years in hopes of gaining back some Congressional seats.

I found it amazing to the point of being comical to listen to these buffoons and their new drivel about the election results. One of the first actions was Dan Rather sitting down with one of their liberal "experts" to discuss the reason for Bush's win and that "expert" stating that Bush winning by over 3.5 million voters was not a mandate for Bush. I laughed my butt off and said, "These fools have not learned a thing from this election." I knew that this new crap would just tick off the voters even more, so keep it up, fools.

Let's analyze this and see if it was a mandate. Bush won by more than 3.5 million votes, is the first president in over 20 years to get more than 50% of the vote, and had the largest number of votes any president has ever had. He also increased the number of seats held by Republicans in the Senate by four to a very strong majority of 55 seats and increased the number of seats held by Republicans in the House by five. Plus the Democrats lost TWO of their most powerful members in the Senate in just one year which is a huge defeat in of itself. This has to be one of the most decisive elections for any president in the history of the US. After Clinton won his second election by less than 50% of the voters and none of the rest, the media ranted for months about Bill Clinton's mandate but this was not a mandate for Bush? Again, they insult the intelligence of the people with their lies and propaganda. They just refuse to learn and I believe the people will reward their stupidity by putting more Republicans in Congress in two years.

This was definitely a mandate BUT it was not JUST a mandate FOR Bush, it was also a mandate against the liberals, especially the media. If they fail to pull their heads out of their butts, I believe the very angry conservatives will be more than willing to give them another lesson in just two years. The people have become very angry in mass at the liberals and have said so. I also believe this anger will not subside until the liberals behave themselves and will only continue to grow.

Besides, the conservatives have been held down, oppressed, and humiliated by the liberals for decades. With the conservatives in control for the first time in decades, it is pay back time and the liberals seemed to realize this but they don't seem to have gotten the complete picture. This is why the liberals have begun this "The country is split and we need to heal it" crap. Their ploy is to use conservative patriotism to get the conservatives to move left so the liberals wont lose everything in the next four years. Some of the moderates and conservatives will probably be stupid enough to fall for this but I have noticed that most conservatives just don't buy the liberal crap any more and, if anything, it will probably anger most of them even more. They know this is the first chance in decades to begin undoing the damage the liberals have done to this country and they will get right to work.

Besides, this "split" in the nation was begun with the arrogance of the liberals when they got into power and abused the conservatives. They have insulted and maligned the conservatives for decades with their arrogant and condescending behavior. If anyone needs to heal the split, it is the liberals and not the conservatives. This is a case of what goes around, comes around and they are about to feel the conservative back lash big time. If the conservatives let the lying liberals off of this hook, they will have played the fool.

You have to understand the full extent of the power the conservatives now hold. They have the President who can sign or veto laws but he has the majority in both the House and Senate to support his actions. The Republican majority in the Senate is huge with 55 seats. It only takes 60 votes out of 100 to get stuff through the senate. This means the Republicans only need to make deals with five conservative Democrats to get the Republican stuff through the Senate. Such a large majority means that the Republicans can just stand up and say, "Which five of you Democrats want to get anything through the Senate for your states?" Add to this the increased majority control in the House and the Democrats losing two of their most powerful members in the Senate and you have a huge power play in progress.

If the Republicans can gain even just one more seat in each house in two years, they will finally have control of the country again and be able to make huge headway in fixing the liberal messes. That election will be very important.

The Liberal Crisis Grows

As I stated earlier, I believe that about half of the increase in the difference between the number of voters for Bush and Kerry was caused by the increasing difference in number of conservatives and liberals in this country. Remember that the Wall Street Journal had an article that supported my theory but their numbers were much lower. If their numbers had been right and mine wrong, this increase would have been by less than one million people but, clearly, it was by several million voters so my numbers have to be right and were even conservative when you remember that the secondary liberal presidential candidates got millions fewer voters. With this in mind, the increased difference in voters caused by this liberal crisis has to be at least two to three million voters in just the last four years. This means that my former estimates were very conservative and so will be my forecasts for future elections. So what I say here should scare the hell out of you liberals. :-)

At this point, it is important for you to understand that the increase in conservative voters over liberal voters for the last four years has been slow compared to what I expect for the next four years. This is because, as I told you, in at most the last one or two years, the second generation of liberal voters who's parents were murdered in the womb wont be showing up to vote when their conservative counter parts will be showing up to vote.

Let me explain in detail. Let's say we have three generations and two cultural groups. The generations are A, B, and C with B being the children of A and C being the children of B. The two cultural groups are conservatives or right wing, R, and liberals or left wing, L. This means we will be looking at populations AR, BR, CR, AL, BL, and CL.

If we have the AL population being decreased by their mothers murdering them before they are born with abortions and the AR population not being decreased by their mothers murdering them with abortions, then when these two populations turn 18 and show up to vote, the conservative voter population will begin and continue to grow in relation to the liberal voter population until at least 18 years after the liberal mothers stop murdering off their unborn babies.

Second, 18 to 20 years after the first of the A population begin showing up to vote, their off spring, the B population, will begin turning 18 and start showing up to vote. You need to think of this as the AL population members who were murdered off by their mothers not showing up to vote when the same number of AR population who were not murdered off by their mothers will be showing up to vote.

IF the liberal mothers continue to murder off their unborn voters until after 18 years before the B population begins to vote, then both of these populations will continue to decline simultaneously for the liberals while not declining for the conservatives until at least 18 years after the liberal mothers stop murdering off their babies. This phenomenon will have a double impact on the growing difference in voter populations with the growing difference almost doubling in just a few years of the time that the B population begins to show up to vote.

Third, 18 to 20 years after the second or B population begins showing up to vote, the third or C population will begin turning 18 and showing up to vote. Again, you need to think of this as the CL members of the population who were never born because their grand parents were murdered by abortion not showing up to vote when the same number of CR voters who were born because their grand parents were born, had children, and they had grand children showing up to vote. At this point, the rate for of growth for the increasing difference between conservative and liberal voter populations will quickly increase by almost the same rate as the differences in the A populations 40 years earlier. In other words, the difference in voter populations between conservatives and liberals will start growing at three times the rate of when only the A population was showing up to vote.

This phenomenon will continue to develop for at least three to four generations AFTER the liberal mothers stop murdering off their unborn children with abortion. This means that it will develop for at least 40 to 50 years AFTER abortion stops.

I conservatively estimate that the B population began turning 18 and started voting in the last one to two years. This means that the growing difference in conservative and liberal populations has just begun a major acceleration and will soon achieve nearly double the rate it was just a few years ago within the next two to three years. In other words, the difference between liberal and conservative voter populations should increase by at least 4 to 6 million over what it is now by 2008.

This means that for even the queen liberal, Hillary Clinton, to get elected as president in 2008, IF ALL THE CONSERVATIVES SHOW UP TO VOTE, is just pie in the sky. Hillary MIGHT have been able to get elected this year but, if the conservatives show up in mass in 2008, it will be impossible. A good conservative presidential candidate in 2008 should win by from five to ten million votes over even Queen Hillary, IF ALL THE CONSERVATIVES SHOW UP TO VOTE.

This also means that the Republican majority in the Senate could grow to over 60 seats giving the conservatives the ability to pass anything they want through the Senate. The Republican majority in the House could easily increase by another 20 or more seats by that time.

The Future

If this is the case, then we should begin to see a huge cultural change in the US to a more positive life style but expect the liberals to get vicious. The liberals have already shown they will do anything for power even blatantly commit crimes. I expect to see them commit even worse crimes by 2008 or probably even 2006 in vain hope of regaining their lost power. I would not be surprised to see at least some of them even murder or assassinate people.

This means we should begin planning ahead for the 2006 and 2008 elections (the liberals already are) and anticipate their less than rational behavior. We must over haul the election process to help prevent fraud and should start now by find, prosecuting, and incarcerating those who have committed fraud in 2004. This will send a very strong message to the liberals, especially the media, that we wont tolerate their crap any more and they better keep it clean.

I believe that the most out of control industry in the US is the liberal media and it is up to us, the people, to bring them back into control. We can do this a number of ways. First, vote with the remote. Don't watch or read any news medium which persists in putting out propaganda instead of news. Losses in viewership and readership will drive down their profits forcing the shareholders to take action against their criminal activities.

Second, when a medium advertises itself as a news medium and regularly puts out propaganda instead of news, that medium is in violation of laws concerning truth in advertising. If they are going to regularly put out propaganda, they must state that they not only put out news but also put out propaganda. They will want to call it their opinions but it must be advertised which will send a clear message to everyone that their news is biased. We need to file some class actions law suits against the liberal media for violation of these laws concerning truth in advertising.

Third, by the majority share holders keeping these media liberally biased for their own political gain, they are keeping the business profits down hurting the minority share holders. This is illegal because the laws for publically traded companies state the majority share holders have a responsibility to minority share holders keep the profits up and to not do so, is criminal. What needs to happen here is for some conservatives or moderates to own shares in these media, document how the majority share holders are keeping profits down with their political bias, and prosecute the majority share holders.

Another thing you have to understand is some of the dirty tricks you need to expect from the liberals. First, you must understand that they are socialists or what we used to call communists. Their agenda is to convert the US into a socialist country. The socialists developed the strategy of quietly infiltrating the government and schools of another country and take it over from within over half a century ago. The Soviet Union bragged in the 1950's and 1960's that this is the way they would take over the US. The liberal socialists have used this method to gain complete control of the Democratic Party to the extent that, even with the failures the last few elections, they can still insist on providing presidential candidates that are nothing but ultra liberal socialists. The rest of the Party can't stop them and must either just accept this or leave the Party.

I have noticed that the liberal socialists realized some time back that they are losing voter numbers in relation to conservatives and developed a new tactic they are presently working on. What they are doing is infiltrating liberal socialists into the Republican Party in the same manner they did with the Democratic Party in hopes of also taking it over. The end result would be that both parties would provide only liberal socialists for presidential candidates so that the only people the general public would get to vote for would be liberal socialists.

The way their system works is that one liberal socialist gets into the organization and works his/her way to the top. As they climb the ladder, they bring in other liberal socialists and promote these other liberal socialists up through the organization behind them. Each new liberal socialist brings in new liberal socialists and promotes them up through the organization behind them. It doesn't take long for them to quickly seize control of an organization this way.

Some of the Republicans have begun to realize this, identify these people, and get rid of them. Of course, our liberal socialist media have been protesting by producing stories making it look like the Republicans who do this are bad guys and not that the insidious infiltrators are the bad guys. This means that the conservatives must work hard to identify liberals hiding as conservatives in the Republican Party and get rid of them.

The fight for control of the country is going to get really nasty over the next ten to 20 years because these liberal socialists have shown they will do anything to get their power and force their liberal socialism on the rest of us. It will take a lot of determination and hard work to win this fight for our country. Hang in there American, we can win it.

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