Liberal Crisis 8

In watching the liberal media and other top liberals manipulating information and "news" to try and get back into power in the US, I see that they may and may not have learned what their mistakes have been. In any case, I see them in a quandary in trying to solve their problem of losing power.

The quandary is quite simple. First, they have to admit that their liberal thinking is killing themselves off and is their problem and then they have to stop killing themselves. But, if they do that, then they stop being liberals which is paramount to blasphemy. So what can they do? All they can do is keep beating the same old dead horse hoping it will resurrect and run for them. It probably infuriates them that their dead horse can't do for them what Jesus did for us.

This causes their problem to just keep getting worse because, as long as they keep killing themselves off, they will keep losing power. But, even if they stopped the activities today that have been causing their self inflicted genocide, their population would continue to dwindle for decades to come. First, it is going to take decades from the time they stop killing off their unborn liberal voters before the increasing disparity of conservative voters over liberal voters stops increasing and they can even hope to beginning turning it around.

Second, many of the things they have been doing to themselves such as spreading their sexually transmitted diseases to each other and using their recreational drugs will continue to kill them off for at least 30 years after they have stopped their free sex and drug abuse. Third, homosexuals just don't reproduce and will always decline in population. As a matter of fact, the continued homosexual population is dependent on continuing to seduce more heterosexuals into becoming homosexuals. This will become even more difficult as the number of liberals continues to decline because there will be fewer people they can seduce.

To over come these problems, the liberal media and others are trying to get conservatives to convert to liberalism by preaching their lies and propaganda harder and more. But most conservatives already know the pitfalls of liberalism and don't want any more of it.

At this time, I only see two ways that the liberals can win a presidential election or congressional seats in the next 10 years and no way after that. The first being by doing what they are doing now which seems to not be working any more, which is using dirty tricks to destroy the support for the conservative leaders. It seems that the conservatives just are not buying their sick games any more. The second way they could win is if the conservatives become placated, over confident, apathetic, and don't show up in enough numbers to win elections.

There is a little problem with the later. You see, the liberal media have to keep telling the lies and propaganda they spread in order to keep the current liberals voting for liberals. If they stop telling those lies, misinformation, and propaganda, then most liberal voters will quickly realize that liberalism doesn't work and become conservatives. But, as long as they keep preaching their lies, they keep making the conservatives mad enough to show up in sufficient numbers to keep winning elections. Fortunately, they don't seem to have realized the later.

But this problem is far worse for the liberals than I have previously stated. First, I have pointed out that my prior estimates were very conservative and the last election proved that to be true. Second, I used a very simplistic and conservative model for what I call the second, third, and fourth generations of the baby slaughter problem.

The model I used assumed that we only reproduce on a rate of 1:1 so that each adult only produces one child to grow up in their place. In reality, this is wrong because we reproduce at a rate of better than two children for each family, at least for the conservatives. With the 1:1 model, it says that, when the second generation of conservatives turn 18 and start voting, the increasing disparity between the conservatives and liberals will double in the rate of growth. In reality, it is much worse than that.

For example, if the reproductive rate for conservatives averages three children per family, then there will be an average of 1.5 second generation children turning 18 and voting for each first generation child that was not murdered before birth. This means that the advent of the second generation children starting voting will cause the rate for the increasing disparity to increase by 2.5 times the first generation rate instead of 2 times, which, when we are talking about almost 40 million murdered unborn babies, is a significant increase in conservative voters.

This means that the increase is on a non-linear basis and the rate of growth in the disparity will increase more rapidly with each generation than I conservatively stated before. For example, with the above analysis, the third generation will cause the cumulative rate of growth to increase by 4.75 times the rate of the first generation and the fourth generation will increase the cumulative growth rate to 8.125 times the rate of the original growth rate.

In the last few years, we moved into the second generation to where the children of the children who were not murdered off by their conservative mothers have started turning 18 and voting and the third generation will begin voting in less than 18 years. That should scare the hell out of any liberal politician.

Therefore, I predict that, if the lying liberal media keep the conservative voters mad enough to vote in sufficient numbers, the conservatives will do a number of different things in the next two elections pending they don't become over confident and anger their own people enough to cause a back lash. The first will be that the conservatives will continue to gain seats in the House and Senate along with state governors and congressional officials while holding the Presidency. Second, the moderate Republicans will begin to get voted out in the primaries as more conservatives begin to realize they are often siding with the liberals on key issues involving undoing the damage the liberals have done to this country.

In the last election, George Bush won by a surprising 3%. I believe that, if they give us a good candidate for President in 2008, he will easily win by that much or more and the number of Republican seats in the House and Senate will increase with the number of moderate Republicans decreasing by at least one and probably more. That is my conservative estimate for 2008. We will see.

In closing, I have a question and answer for the fool liberals. Just how long do you think you can keep murdering yourselves off and winning elections? The answer is 1998 when the conservatives first won control of the Senate and have since been winning the Presidency and increasing numbers of seats in Congress every election.

Get a clue, liberals, your problem is that you liberals got what you wanted and are now paying for it. You liberals have started a snowball rolling that isn't going to stop rolling and growing for a long, long time. Get used to it and learn to enjoy the new increasingly conservative America that you created by getting what you wanted. :-)

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