Medical Hypothesis

As stated on the previous page, molecular construction of a living organism will be the single most significant achievement in the history of man. It will not simply be the greatest accomplishment of man, dwarfing space flight, but will forever change medicine. If we develop the science and technology to create living cells from nothing more than atoms, we can also repair or destroy cells with that same science and technology.

Any illness is nothing more than having the wrong molecules in the wrong place. Cancer is a cell which has the wrong molecules in the wrong place in its DNA. Pathogens (disease causing organisms such as bacteria and viruses) are the wrong groups of molecules in the wrong place (inside our bodies.) Heart attack, hardening of the arteries, kidney failure, liver failure, AIDS, Ebola, and all other medical problems are simply having the wrong molecules in the wrong places. Even an amputated arm or leg is simply the loss of a large mass of highly structured and organized molecules.

Molecular Regeneration

Therefore, we should be able to cure all medical problems by putting all of the right molecules in the right places. I call this molecular regeneration because we are simply regenerating the living organism at the molecular level by returning it to its original or ideal molecular structure. For example, if we return the DNA of a cancer cell to its proper structure, it stops being cancerous. We could then reprogram each cell's DNA to be the cell that it destroyed to rebuild the organ that the cancer was destroying. We would not only cure the patient of the cancer, but also use the cancer cells to repair the damage done.

With pathogens, we could simply destroy the disease by disassembling the cells of the pathogens. The material left over from the pathogens could be used in two ways. First, to repair any damage done by the pathogens to repair or replace the damaged or destroyed cells. Second, the pieces of the dead pathogens would be left in the body to automatically cause the body to develop an immunity to the pathogen. It would work like an internally administered vaccination.

Replacing a lost arm would be using atoms and molecules to rebuild and organize the cells for a new arm in the desired place on the body.

Even aging is the displacement of molecules. We could simply reverse aging by returning our molecules to where they were when we were, say, 20 years old. The trick would be to undo all of the damage of aging without erasing our memory, learning, and life experiences. With this technology, we could achieve semi immortality. First, we would learn to return our bodies to younger, healthier bodies and then, possibly, reprogram our cells to automatically heal themselves.

If this science and technology is developed to its maximum potential, someday, no more Nobel Prizes will be awarded for medicine because we will have learned to repair every illness or injury short of having our molecules scattered through space. This will be the greatest medical achievement of man.

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