Every now and then, evolutionists make a discovery and get so excited about it that they don't realize the full implications before making that discovery public. And guess what, they just did it again.

They just discovered that the fully petrified chest of a dinosaur contains a petrified heart. Hold it!!! Don't evolutionists claim that it is a fact that it took millions of years for fossils to petrify? Oops!!!

They just proved that it could not possibly have taken millions of years for the fossils to petrify. You see, the skin and contents of the chest cavity are SOFT TISSUE. Soft tissue degenerates or rots too fast for it to take more than a few days for petrification to have occurred. It is an absolute must that that dinosaur became petrified within a MAXIMUM of a few days. We aren't even talking about it being possible for it to have taken one year, months, or even weeks. Soft tissue can't last that long and must be either frozen or petrified VERY QUICKLY!

Evolutionists claim that the animals and vegetation died and were gradually covered with sediment over a period of years, thousands of years, and millions of years with a very slow petrification process taking place. But now we have the entire soft tissues of the chest cavity being petrified so that they can see the details of the heart. This is incredible proof that they MUST be wrong about how long it took for the organisms to be covered and become petrified. These organisms had to be covered very quickly just like creationists claim. They had to become petrified very quickly just like creationists claim. It is not possible for it to have taken the time evolutionsists claim.

This is not the only proof concerning how long it took for the organisms to become fossils. There are many soft tissue fossils. There are untold numbers of soft tissue fossils such as fish, snails, and plants. The important thing is that not only were soft tissues fossilized but that there isn't even any evidence of there being any of the distortion caused by rotting soft tissue. When soft tissue begins to decompose, it begins to swell and distort in shape within the first few days. There are litterally millions of soft tissue fossils which don't show any of this distortion. This means that these organisms had to become fossilized in less than three days.

Now we have the recently publicized heart of a dinosaur. The heart seems very normal and has excellent detail. This dinosaur must have become covered instantly as with a massive mud slide and became petrified in the first few days. They really messed up by making it public that they have a very detailed petrified dinosaur heart. Oops, again!!!

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