The Stock Market

This essay is written based on years of observation in relation to what I have learned from my MBA and having worked as a broker's assistant for six months. A lot of it is just common sense.

I worked for a brokerage firm in Los Angeles whose home base was in New York. I was surprised that they knew about and were predicting the stock market crash of the late 1980's at least three years before it happened. The only question they had was whether it would happen in either October or November but they knew the year. They explained to me how it would happen and how the stock market is rigged.


The following structure and function of the stock market was explained to me. If a person holds 15% or more of any stock, they must do two things when selling or buying that stock. They must inform the company and public that they are making the market move and are limited in how much of the stock they can move at one time. This is designed to limit the control and effect that they will have on the market for that stock.

The old money families have united into a syndicate to get around this. The way they do this is as follows. First, they have very large extended families. The family then creates a brokerage account for each individual in the extended family, including in-laws, with one of the brokerage firms which are involved in this collusion. In violation of the law, these accounts are all controlled by one person who is the head of that extended family. In order to keep the individuals silent about these accounts and that they are controlled by one member of the family, each member of the family is provided with a very large trust fund which can be pulled at any moment and from which these people live. It is a form of financial extortion or hush money.

This provides the head of the family with absolute control over a large number of accounts through which he can control and quickly move large amounts of any company's financial instruments such as stocks and bonds. These heads of the families (possibly as many as 300 or more) then work with the cooperating brokerage firms in a syndicate to control the stock market. They literally control enough financial instruments for any desired financial instrument for any particular company to make it move up or down at will.

They do this by using "ceilings" and "floors." They can easily and legally move small amounts of any instrument from enough accounts to move any company's stock in the desired direction. When they want a stock to drop, they place a ceiling of stocks which are selling at decreasing prices to eat up any number of buy orders. When the rest of the people on the market see this dropping ceiling, they panic and sell. This causes the market to crash for that instrument. The syndicate then "catches" the market for that instrument by establishing a floor of buy orders at a pre determined price. These buy orders start out low and continue in price. This causes the rest of the players on the market to start buying the instrument and drive its price up.

The market analyses given by the brokerage firms is just psycho-babble provided to the public as a cover to pull this scam off. The brokers used to sit and make jokes about the psycho-babble and were trained how to do it and told what the "reasons" for a particular instrument fluctuation were to be.

There is a person who is supposed to police the stock market. This person is hired and fired by congress and many of the members of this syndicate are also members of congress. If this person should try to stop this action, they would just fire him. You have to remember that the present "police system" for the stock market was created by Joseph Kennedy who is known to have been one of the major crooks who pillaged the stock market prior to the crash of 1929. It was their pillaging and control of the market which caused that crash because their money making got out of control. Permitting Joseph Kennedy to design the police system for the stock market was like permitting the fox to design the security system for the hen house.

This syndicate has used these techniques over the past few decades to drive the market up continually in order to build a false confidence by the public in the stock market and draw them into the market. They have driven the stocks up to as much as over 700 times their real market value. It is a sucker punch to the general public. They have developed and permitted easier ways for more people to get into the market to increase the amount of money in the market. They plan on crashing the market and want as much of everyone's money as possible in the market before they crash it. They particularly want the financially and economically ignorant in the market. These people are more prone to panic and drive the market in the desired directions.

The higher the price of the stocks, the greater the gain for the syndicate and the greater the loss for the public when the market is finally crashed. This will greatly increase their wealth and greatly increase their RELATIVE wealth over the general public. It is this relative wealth that determines the amount of power a group has.

The increasing fluctuations over the last few years is this syndicate strategically moving their money out of the market in lots. As soon as they do this, the market will crash to almost nothing making the remaining people in the market broke beyond belief. The recent market loss of over 600 points tells me that they are close to finishing their exit.

After the syndicate pulls so much of their money out of the stock market, there wont be enough money left in the market to keep the prices from doing anything but plunging. Many of these people have been fooled into "keeping their money in the market for the long haul" by the false climbing and psycho-dribble. The truth is that, once the market is crashed, it will never reach that level again. Those who don't bail early will lose everything.

After leaving the firm because I couldn't stomach working there any more, I swore I would never invest so much as a dime in the market.

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