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Before I go any further in my discussions about science hidden in the Bible, I realized that I need to explore better understanding this incredible being, Yahweh/Jesus/God. We can never fully comprehend the totality of His existence and not even get close but we can still better understand Him so we can better understand the scriptures.

In doing this, I want to use the scientific method, science, and the available evidence we have in the Bible. The first thing we need to explore is our similarities because the scriptures say that God made us similar to Him and you just know the pagans will take this to mean we are also gods, you know, just like their god, Satan did.

First, you have to understand what similar means and DOES NOT mean. What similar means is that we have things in common and it DOES NOT mean that we are exactly like or even close to being exactly like Yahweh. All that it means is that we have some things in common with this being.

To better understand this, let's use biology to study the similarities between us and other organisms that we are in some ways similar to.

For example, biologically, we have some things in which we are similar to dogs. They have hair, we have air...OK, some of us have hair, they have a heart, we have a heart, they have lungs, we have lungs, and in many other ways we are similar to dogs.

Does that mean we are dogs or dogs are human?

No, it just means we are in some ways similar to each other or we have some things in common.

Another example is the amoeba, a single cell organism we humans can't even see without a microscope. We have a number of biological similarities to amoebas. They have a physical body, we have a physical body, they depend on cell functions, we depend on cell functions, they have a very complex molecular structure, we have a very complex molecular structure, they are virtually immortal and don't die from old age, oops, we are not immortal and do die from old age so, in that way, they are superior to us.

That is right, we humans are not superior to all beings in all ways. Birds can flap a couple of appendages and fly, fish can breathe under water, and most quadrupeds and many bipeds can run much faster than we can run. We humans are actually inferior to almost all other organisms in at least one way or other. The house cat has six times the hearing we have, they have six times the smell we have, and they can see with one sixth the light we can see with.

And you pagans arrogantly think you are gods?

Just because we have some things in common with Yahweh, does not mean we are gods, all it means is that we have some things in common with Him. We also have many things that are different from Him, which proves we are not gods, not even close, baby.

For example, we know that Yahweh speaks and things happen, therefore, He controls matter with his voice.

From a human and scientific perspective, is it possible to effect matter with sound?

Yes, we know that sound can cause matter to vibrate and we stupid humans are using this in several different ways. As is typical of us stupid humans, we have learned to damage and destroy things with sound and can even knock down walls. You should be sitting here in the Tularosa Basin when the military tests one of their really big bombs more than 30 miles away from us and watch the sound waves shake the living crap out of your house.

We regularly use this in espionage where we can collect sound waves from a structure a human is inside of to know what they are doing or saying, especially from windows, which transmit sound very well. For more than half a century we have had a device that can be focused on a window from more than half a mile away, collect the sound waves being transmitted by that window, and listen to conversations within that structure just like we had a bug or listening device inside the structure...and they don't have to have a warrant to do this and use it as evidence in a court of law because the US Supreme court ruled that, once those sound waves are outside of their property, they become public domain.

A simple test here is to speak into a bowl of water and watch the sound waves cause ripples in the water. So sound does effect matter, you know, like we humans use sound to generate electricity in microphones and control cell phones.

In the scriptures, it tells us that, during the Exodus, when Yahweh spoke, the people could see His voice moving through the air because His voice is so powerful...and it scared the living crap out of the people, of course.

Therefore, Yahweh being able to control matter with His infinitely more powerful voice just tells us that He is much more advanced than us or is superior to us and has infinite control over matter with His voice so that He can actually create things with matter by using His voice, unlike us humans who can usually only destroy things with sound.

And you pagans think you are a god? Really? How arrogant of you.

Then we are also taught that Yahweh thinks and controls matter. You have to understand that His thought processes are definitely very different from our thought processes but let's look at our thought processes. If we can control things with our thoughts, it is only logical that He should be able to control things with His thoughts.

We know that the human brain gives off heat and electromagnetic waves. We also know that both heat and electromagnetic waves affect all things we know about. We have already learned to use the electromagnetic waves from our brains to control electronic circuits and computers to cause those computers to control physical devices.

Therefore, an infinitely superior being should also already know how to control matter with His brain so that He thinks and it happens. It is only logical.

See, we are similar to this incredible being but we are not the same as Him because He is infinitely superior to us, meaning that He can do many things we cannot do and we will never be able to do. Therefore, it would be foolish, stupid, and arrogant for us to try to limit what he might be able to do because of our limitations. We are ONLY similar to Him in some ways but we also have differences because He can do things we still can't even begin to understand, though we can obviously understand much, much more than the Hebrews could understand 3,600 years ago, which is why we have to use science to better understand what they were trying to tell us.

Based on my studies, you can't even begin to imagine what this incredible being can do that we can't even begin to understand. After all, He is vastly superior to us in all ways...well, except that we are more stupid than Him.

Hey, we have Him beat in that way, right? We have superior stupidity.

But know that we are not gods because we are similar to Him. He is the only God. If you don't believe it, just speak and create one little habitable planet; go ahead, yell yourself horse and see what happens.

Listen, the angels, Satan, and the demons are all superior to you and that doesn't mean they are gods, though Satan and his demons like to believe they are gods, you know, just like some really arrogant, stupid humans like to believe they are gods. Tell me about that when Satan and the demons are cast into the Lake of Fire.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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