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The most significant matter in dealing with whether or not creation or evolution was our beginning of origins has to do with whether or not the being, Yahweh or God, is real. If He is not real, then nothing in the Bible matters, the God haters know this, and this is why they have been working so hard to prove that He does not exist. But, if this great being really does exist, then Judaism and Christianity cannot be a religion and must be considered reality. Everything else in the Bible, especially creation, hinges on this single fact. It amazes me that the God haters know this but most Jews and Christians don't know it.

In my studies of the scriptures, I have found that, concerning the existence of the being, Yahweh, the most important scriptures are the books of Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy and the single most important event in these scriptures is the Exodus. The reason for this becomes obvious when you realize a number of different things about what the story does, says, is all about, and why the first five books were written in the first place.

The first thing is why were these five books of the Bible or Torah written. In the scriptures, themselves, the people clearly stated that the reason for the writing of the Torah was to provide written documentation telling their children and grandchildren, for generations to come, what transpired or took place during their journey from Egypt to Israel. It also states that, after the events were reviewed back to the people by Moses ALL of the people agreed that the things recorded in the Torah by Moses with the help of his assistant Joshua and probably a hand full of scribes were all true.

This is extremely significant in that it would be impossible to get any random group of people of even just a few hundred, much less the millions recorded in the scriptures, to agree 100% on what happened during their odyssey unless it were all true, especially since it was intended by these people as a record for their offspring. I seriously doubt that you could randomly select any reasonable size group of people who would be willing to blatantly lie to their offspring about what occurred during such travels, therefore, the events recorded in Torah concerning the Exodus must be considered to have occurred as written and being valid documentation.

The real significance of this becomes apparent when you realize what these people were providing to their children. These people were providing written documentation with a sworn verification of they being a part of what we would call today as being an extremely extensive encounter of the third kind with a very incredible being for 40 years. Millions of Jewish and Egyptian immigrants provided their written and sworn testimony that they spent 40 years living with, seeing, hearing, being fed by, being provided water by, being led by, and being taught by a very incredible being who is not of this planet. This is the only such event of this magnitude recorded anywhere in history and should be considered the single most significant event in the history of man.

As the sworn testimony by millions of people to their children of a very extensive encounter of the third kind with a vastly superior being, these documents also become valid historic documentation proving that the being, Yahweh, is real, He lives, and He exists no matter what fairy tales the God haters dream up. These are the two primary facts I show and prove in my e-novel, Yahweh, and I also provide the scriptures I used to write the novel in an appendix so you can verify the accuracy of my story line.

With this story as proof of the existence of the being, Yahweh, then the event itself becomes a true historic event but so do all the rest of the events written in Torah which were all dictated to Moses by Yahweh. This means that the global flood becomes a historic event but the creation by Yahweh becomes the first event in the history of man.

This is very critical in view of the relatively recent ruling by the US Supreme Court in which it was recognized that the Bible is historically very accurate to the point that it is permissible to teach the Bible in our public schools as history. If the Exodus is an historic event, it can be taught in our public schools as historic documentation that the being, Yahweh, is real and actually lived with a group of humans for 40 years. But then the rest of the Biblical events recorded in Torah can also be taught in our public schools because they must also now be recognized as historic events including creation. It also means that the God haters can no longer hide behind their cop out of religion and must therefore be willing to objectively consider the evidence for creation from a scientific basis because, with proof that the being, Yahweh is real, then what is taught in these scriptures can no longer be taught as religion but most be taught as history and reality.

With the recognition that the creation as performed by Yahweh is an historic event, we already have the permission of the US Supreme Court to teach creation science in our public schools. Therefore, it is critical to recognize the true meaning of the Torah as the written testimony of millions of people concerning an extended encounter of a third kind with the being, Yahweh, and as historic documentation proving He is real, lives, and exists because then and only then does the act of creation by God become history and stops being religion. This will checkmate the God haters in their efforts to use the separation of church and state as a cop out to keep the Bible and its truths out of our public schools and buildings.

This is why the story of the Exodus is so critical and the main reason I wrote the novel, Yahweh. But I also took advantage of this to accomplish a number of other things. By using two fictional characters and writing the story in the first person from the perspective of two children growing up during the Exodus, I was able to share and teach much more that I have learned from all of the scriptures, anthropology, history, science, and other sources. I was also able to add in a little humor, adventure, romance, and drama to show that these were real people and provide something for everyone.

I was able to use this novel to dispel the most significant myths used by the God haters in their vain attempt to disprove the Exodus such as them saying that there could not have been several million people because that desert could not support that many people. Did you know the scriptures say the God haters are right and that there were so many people that the desert couldn't support them all? So the people went to Moses complaining because there wasn't enough food for them in the desert because there were too many people and Moses took this complaint to Yahweh who spent the next 40 years feeding them a substance referred to as manna which provided all their daily dietary requirements. The scriptures very clearly record that Yahweh fed these people this manna until they crossed through the River Jordan into the Land of Israel. This completely dispels the argument used by the God haters that the number of people in the Exodus couldn't have been recorded accurately and makes their argument meaningless.

By using the scriptures, science, and the way I tell the story, I shoot down all of the significant arguments used by the God haters in their attempt to disprove the Exodus Story, especially the arguments that many religious leaders have caved into because they either don't know the scriptures well enough or don't understand science well enough to destroy the God hater arguments. After you read this book, you will be able to easily destroy the God hater arguments with modern scientific concepts and that is very important to both Jews and Christians. The God haters know that the Exodus Story is the best proof offered by the scriptures that Yahweh is real, He lives, and He exists and they also know that, if God does not exist, everything in the scriptures is meaningless so they have spent a lot of time and effort trying to discredit the Exodus Story. For the Christians, if there is no God, then we don't need a messiah to save us and, therefore, Jesus is irrelevant. For the Jews, if there is no God, then the Law is irrelevant. If you know enough about these scriptures and science, their arguments fall apart quickly.

The first thing I had to do in order to write this story was to pull the story line for the Exodus out of the Law because the story line is extremely broken up by a lot of law. Over the decades of doing my research, I have read these scriptures dozens of times and was amazed at how much I learned and how much adventure was in the Exodus story line when it was separated out of the Law and condensed. For example, I learned that God also called the Tabernacle Tent the Tent of Meeting and said it was meant so that anyone and everyone could meet with Him at any time. We have all been taught that only Moses could meet and speak with Yahweh but the scriptures make it very clear that God made Himself accessible to everyone. All they had to do was to go the Tent of Meeting, sit outside the door, and talk to Yahweh and He would verbally respond to them.

I took advantage of this piece of information to develop some events with the main character where he regularly met with Yahweh to ask the questions I regularly see and hear our preachers not being able to answer adequately and then provide answers and ideas about some critical concepts concerning God, the Law, and other things. I kept these events short and to the point to prevent developing massive philosophical dialogs.

I was also able to take advantage of my training in science to develop descriptions of what the different miracles would have probably been like because the scriptures don't record a lot of such details and usually only just say Yahweh did something. I tried to keep the story as educational and interesting as possible but didn't have much trouble with that because I was surprised out how fast paced and action packed the story is in the condensed form. Sometimes really spectacular events took place within hours of each other and it must have been mentally and emotionally overwhelming to have lived through those series of events.

I can guarantee one thing about the novel. It will definitely cause you to think and you will never think of God, the scriptures, and the Law the same way again. I really enjoyed writing the book and hope you enjoy reading it at least as much.

Oh, BTW, when you read my questions to Yahweh about the original creation, think E=MC2. If you understand the real meaning of that formulae, then you will understand what my story answer is. For those of you who don't understanding the meaning of that formulae, in a nut shell, it means that energy can be converted to mass and mass can be converted to energy. It also tells us how much energy you need to get a give quantity of mass and how much energy you will get when you convert a given amount of mass to energy. Just remember in Yahweh's answer to my creation question that E=MC2. Then you will understand the meaning.

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