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I posted this on FB and decided to share it with you with a few improvements.

"I keep seeing more and more crap about colonizing Mars or they are suddenly finding the remains of housing on Mars, you know, after decades of finding nothing.

First, you have to understand that, when we sent men to the moon and they didn't find any evidence of life on the moon, the lefties cut the funding for NASA low enough that NASA was not able to do any more much needed research for 20 years, you know, until the people running NASA who would not lie for money retired.


Because the left wanted those lies about evidence of life on the moon to disprove Biblical creation and prove evolution to destroy the credibility of the Bible and Christianity so they could destroy Christianity and EVERYONE who was paying attention knew about that. It was no big secret, especially to those of us in science.

Second, they have been using remote robots to do research on Mars looking for life for decades without finding any evidence of life. What they did do and are not allowed to tell you is that they found absolute proof there never was life on Mars, never.


Look, if there was ever live stuff on Mars, today there would be tons, you know, massive ship loads, of dead stuff on Mars like we find all over Earth called 'bio-matter' (broken down dead stuff and fecal matter). They have not found one molecule of bio-matter in decades of looking in a number of different locations meaning there was NEVER any live stuff on Mars to become dead stuff on Mars. That is common sense biology 101.

Third, you are being lied to about Mars being a habitable planet for a number of reasons. Mars cannot and never has been able to support life for a number of reasons.

You know that stupid movie about the guy being stranded on Mars and growing potatoes?

It is scientifically impossible for a number of reasons. First, as light photons leave the sun, they spread out in an increasingly larger sphere (in all directions) so that there are fewer light photons per square inch the further you get from the sun. If you do the math/geometry, you will find that Mars gets only about 20% to 25% of the light photons per square inch that we get here on Earth and that is critical.

If you study biology, you will learn that all plants have to have so many light photons per square inch just for life, much less for growth and producing fruit. In gardening, they rate plants based on the amount of light (light photons) required for different types of plants with some being full sun, partial sun, partial shade, and full shade.

Potatoes are full sun plants and cannot even subsist on Mars because they would not get enough light photons per square inch on their leaves to produce enough nutrients to even just live, much less grow and produce fruit.

About the only food plant we might be able to grow on Mars would be fungi like mushrooms, which don't even come close to providing all of the nutrients the human body requires.

Then was the stupid idea that the guy could crap on the ground and the potato plants could use it for food. It is much, much, much more complex than that. It takes lots of organisms like bugs, earth worms, and single cell organisms called protists to break the dead stuff and fecal matter down into bio-matter so plants can use it for food and NONE of those organisms even exist on Mars. Your plants would starve to death on Mars and I don't care how many times you crap on their roots.

Then they did find a very toxic chemical in the soil on Mars that plants would absorb and put in their fruit that, if humans ate the fruit, it would kill them. You would first have to refine that chemical out of the soil before you could use that soil.

And that is just the nutshell version that doesn't even begin to include things like gravity, atmospheric pressure, and Mars not having a magnetic field to protect the planet and inhabitants from solar radiation or protect the atmosphere from being blown away by solar winds.

I don't care what you 'seen on TeeBee', Mars is NOT a habitable planet and never was.

BTW, neither is Venus unless you like living in an average temperature of 400 degrees F, which would quickly cook and then cremate you.

For a number of reasons, Earth is the only habitable planet in our solar system."

The Bible

For fun, I wrote the following as a post on FB but it has deeper meaning I want to share with you:

"I decided to do something fun and educational for Passover. I want to share with you what I call 'planet engineering', which is what I would do to re-engineer Mars to make it a habitable planet, assuming we develop the technology to do these things.

This will be a free college level education in science and astrophysics, you know, fun stuff. Don't worry, I will keep it simple enough a 7th or 8th grader can understand it.

First, I have shown that the planet is too far from the sun and doesn't get enough light photons per square foot to grow most of the vegetation on this planet. Therefore, we need to move Mars closer to Earth's orbit, which is easier to do while it is still smaller. What I would do is put it in a synchronized perpendicular orbit with Earth.

If we say that Earth is orbiting the sun east to west, then I would put Mars in a north to south orbit that would always keep Mars 3 months away from Earth so they would not affect each other. That is very important, you know, planetary collisions don't work too well.

Then I would have to increase the mass of Mars (almost triple it) so it can have Earth's gravity, atmospheric pressure, and etc. but would have to also do a number of things while doing that.

The first thing I would do is create a massive magnetized iron core to create a magnetic field around Mars to protect the planet and everything on it from the sun's radiation and keep the solar winds from blowing our atmosphere away.

Second, I would refine all toxic chemicals out of the soil to make the planet habitable so eating the plants grown on it won't kill us, you know, like they will now. At this point, I would also have to add a thin layer (3 to 5 feet deep) of bio-matter for top soil to provide food for plants and some other organisms.

Third, I would set the planet's axis and rotational speed to maintain proper surface temperatures so the planet could be habitable.

Fourth, I would put a moon of the right size the right distance and the right orbitable speed to properly clean our beaches so they will be able to support life. What this does is use the high and low tides to move water in and out of our beach areas to keep the water from becoming toxic so there can be life along our shores.

Fifth, I would arrange the surface mass to have one or more properly placed continents but wouldn't add water to the surface yet because, without an adequate atmosphere, the water would just vaporize into gas, which would just create problems and, while rebuilding a planet from the ground up...or maybe from the space up, you don't need more problems to fix. (Unless you are a fish, you can't breath water.)

Then, sixth, I would add an atmosphere, which would have to have the proper gas or molecular structure for it to be habitable and be the right quantity of gas for the right atmospheric pressure to keep surface water from vaporizing.

Then, seventh, I would add the water, which would also have to have the right chemical mix. This would include building aquifers into the soil to provide water for springs, streams, rivers, lakes, plants, animal life, and run off to feed into the seas and oceans. (And I am keeping this simple. :-))

Then I would add the plants on land and in the water to begin managing the air and water to make the planet habitable. You need to know that you CANNOT use plants to create or farm an atmosphere because they DO NOT create atoms and molecules; they recycle already existing molecules. The atmosphere MUST exist first.

Then I would add all of the aquatic and flying organisms to create balanced ecosystems in the water and for proper plant management on land, you know, the pollen thingy.

Then I would add the land animals to create balanced ecosystems on the land.

Then I would add humans to begin screwing the planet up."

For those of you who are familiar with the Bible you should recognize that is exactly the same order for which the Bible describes the creation of Earth and science says it has to be done in exactly that order.

You also need to know that we humans did not know enough about science to know that just 100 years ago, forget about 3,500 years ago.

What should that tell you?

It should tell you that we humans could not have written the Bible, someone much more intelligent and knowledgeable than us humans had to write it. Think about that.

With all of the hidden science I have seen written in the Bible, man DID NOT author the Bible. A much more intelligent and knowledgeable being had to dictate the Bible to man, who wrote it down. That is the only scientific possibility.

What most scientists don't realize is that what science is doing is it is confirming the Bible as being scientifically sound 3,500 years ago before man knew anything about such advanced science.


I also wrote this as an easy prediction and posted it on FB:

"Here is an easy prediction of things soon to come based on biology.

Today, you have these idiot adults convincing children they are not the boys and girls they really are and getting those kids to take hormone or growth blockers.

If you study the growth and development of children, you know that during certain times of their lives, certain things in their bodies grow and develop more than at other times. If those kids are taking drugs that inhibit growth during those times, those parts of their bodies will not develop properly so that 15 to 20 years from now, you are going to have young adults with all kinds of medical problems caused by those growth and development phases being chemically interfered with and EVERYONE responsible in any way will be liable for damages.

Knowing biology in relation to what is going on and also having studied law, it is easy to predict that there will be massive class action law suits for damages against EVERYONE involved in anyway.

Dear lefties, be honest, if someone caused you the biological and medical harm you would have to endure for the rest of your life and you are causing today's children because of some great sounding stupid woke fad, you too would litigate EVERYONE responsible and not just the chemical companies and doctors directly causing that harm but also the teachers, professors, media, celebrities, politicians, bureaucrats, and others responsible for causing you that harm. You would sue until Hell froze over and you know it.

So what do you think today's kids are going to do to you when you cause them the same harm?

Be careful what great sounding stupid ideas you support."

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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