American Spring

I just realized something very important. Remember that I told you that Obama will nuke Chicago and make it look like the conservatives and Israel nuked Chicago in an attempt to kill Obama so Obama can use nuking Chicago as an excuse to disarm and imprison all conservatives and invade Israel?

This Tea Party "Operation American Spring" scheduled for Monday, June 16, 2014, is intended to remove a number of corrupt people, especially Obama, Biden, Reid, McConnell, Boehner, Pelosi, and Attorney General Holder, from office. This can be seen as a hostile action against Obama (even though the Tea Party decided to be unarmed) and, if Obama stages his false flag event shortly before or shortly after Operation American Spring and makes it look like the conservatives and Israel were trying to kill Obama to remove Obama from office, then it would be easy for Obama to use this red flag event to justify disarming and incarcerating the conservatives and invading Israel.

This will be especially true if Obama kills his wife and daughters in the nuking so he can use the sympathy card to keep people from blaming Obama. Remember that Obama and his wife have not been getting along and I told you before that, because of the non Muslim behavior of his wife and daughters, Obama is required to kill all three of them in an honor killing to regain his honor with Muslims and be recognized as the Mahdi. Therefore, Obama can kill two birds with one stone by nuking his family in Chicago. He will get his honor killing required to be accepted by other Muslims and get to use their deaths as a sympathy card to silence anyone who dares to accuse Obama of causing the nuking. Remember, Obama is a Muslim, his family is considered a temptation, and, in Islam, it is a good thing for Obama to kill his family, if it benefits Islam in any way or restores Obama's honor.

With Obama being painted in a corner and the liberals turning on him even more every day, don't be surprised to see Obama nuke Chicago soon. The Commiecrats want Obama removed from office as quickly as possible and replaced by Bidden so they can start damage control for the November elections, less than five months away. Four months of damage control isn't very much and don't be surprised to see them insist on prosecuting Obama and his buds to increase the effect on damage control.

I just saw a judge say that Obama could get from ten years to life for freeing the top five Taliban leaders because that is helping a terrorist organization. If they impeach Obama and decide they want to prosecute him to make the Commiecrats look as good as possible, they could easily uncover other instances of Obama aiding terrorist organizations in such places as Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, and Syria. If the Commiecrats do that, Obama can easily end up with from 50 years to five life sentences.

If the Commiecrats did that, I would expect them to suddenly "find" other crimes committed by Obama and a few of the others which will require the death penalty, such as crimes against humanity, you know, him killing civilians with his UAV strikes, to silence Obama and the others. I believe that Obama and his pals are fighting for their lives and I am certain they know it. This means that Obama, Valerie, and the others don't have anything to lose. They are very dangerous.

Remember that Obama's cabinet has stated they are looking for an "exit strategy", meaning they are talking deals for no or minimal prosecution to resign, which would certainly also include them testifying against Obama, Valerie, Holder, and the others for minimal times in prison. They are right now trying to cut deals with the FBI to go belly up on Obama and Valerie and Obama knows it. Obama and Valerie will at the very least go to prison for a very long time and probably be executed to silence them. Obama and Valerie's corner couldn't get any smaller.

Obama and Valerie nuking Chicago to save their own lives is becoming more feasible every day. The Tea Party's American Spring to remove Obama from office and Israel's rebellion against Obama are providing Obama and Valerie with the scape goats to blame it on.

Think about it, instead of facing life in prison or even a firing squad, Obama and Valerie get to declare martial law, suspend the US Constitution, set up a Muslim dictatorship with Shiria Law, and consolidate power at the same time by eliminating the upper class trash white cracker puppet masters and the legal threats those puppet masters pose to Obama and Valerie, use the sympathy card to brow beat anyone trying to accuse Obama of nuking Chicago, have an excuse to disarm US citizens, finish putting together their CNSF to replace the feds and US military, whom will all be discredited by the nuking of Chicago (they were either complicit or didn't do their jobs, get the picture?), have an excuse to invade Israel to seize control of the Temple Mount so Obama can prove to the Muslim world he is the Mahdi so he can set up the Muslim Caliphate under himself, conquer the world, and basically buy time to save their butts. Which would you do, face a firing squad or conquer the world?

Keep an eye on Chicago.

Everyone needs to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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