This is something which infuriates me in a number of ways. It is very important that we remember that Hitler and his thugs murdered more than six million Jews in Auschwitz and other German death camps during WWII. This was really a terrible crime by a bunch of socialist thugs.

But there are a few things the God hating liberal socialist pagans keep covering up about these crimes. First, they keep covering up the fact that Hitler and his pals were all socialist by calling them NAZIs. The real name for Hitler's political party was not the NAZI Party but was the National Socialist Party of Germany. When you point this out to today's socialists, they don't deny Hitler was a socialist, they say, "Yeah, but Hitler was only a socialist in name and not a practicing socialist", showing that they knew Hitler was a socialist and then change to another lie.

Hitler was very much a practicing socialist. He was a big government, big spending socialist who had a lot of very large, expensive government projects he spent Germany into debt with, especially a large number of very expensive government buildings and other structures such as sports stadiums. Hitler built the world's first freeway system, Das Autobahn and he created the Volkswagen Company as a government owned automobile company (Volkswagen means the people's car, a very socialist term.)

Gee, why would our liberal socialists keep covering up that Hitler's political party was the National Socialist Party of Germany while our own socialists are currently working to set up their global socialist dictatorship and murder off more than seven billion men, women, and children globally? Get the picture yet?

Then our lying liberal socialist pagan media keep covering up the fact that the six million Jews murdered in those terrible death camps were not the only people murdered in those death camps. Did you know that there was also an estimated five to seven million Gentile Christians murdered in those same death camps? That is right, there was an estimated 12 to 13 million men, women, and children murdered in those death camps, both Christians and Jews. Sound familiar?

Now, why are these God hating liberal socialist pagans, who are working to set up to set up a global dictatorship and murder more than seven billion men, women, and children globally covering up that Hitler was a God hating,liberal socialist pagan and murdered five to seven million Gentile Christian men, women, and children? Why do they also cover up that the Marxist governments during the 20th Century murdered more than 100 million men, women, and children, both Jews and Gentiles?

Gee, do you think it might be because the God hating liberal socialist pagans know that too many people would use association to figure out that the God hating liberal socialist pagans have not changed at all and are up to the same thing on a much larger scale? Get the picture yet?

Remind a friend that there were not just six million Jews murdered in those death camps by the God hating liberal socialist pagans but there were also five to seven million Christians murdered in those death camps. They just might get the picture too.

BTW, did you notice that, whenever possible, the lying God hating liberal socialist pagans try to portray Hitler as having been a Christian? Hitler was not a Christian but belonged to the very same Luciferian pagan cult today's upper class trash belong to and Hitler was supported by most of today's upper class trash fathers and grandfathers. Today's Luciferians read the same books written by the same Luciferian religious leaders and prophets Hitler read. Gee, what a coincidence. That apple didn't fall far from that tree, did it?

What should that tell you?

We stopped Hitler but we didn't stop his Luciferian movement. After Hitler was defeated, the Luciferians just went underground, regrouped, reorganized, and continued with their efforts to conquer the world, set up their global dictatorship, and enslave or murder the people. Here we are more than 69 years later, almost 3/4 of a century, fighting the same fight for our lives against the same group of evil people.

The problem is that, the Luciferians have proven to us that, if we don't eradicate these evil monsters, after we defeat them this time, with today's technology and brainwashed masses, the evil Luciferians will be able to use almost the same strategies to seize control of our countries again within just a few years. It is possible that, if these evil monsters are left alive, they could set up their global dictatorship within less than five years of being defeated. Therefore, it is critical that we not only defeat these evil people but that we eradicate all of them to prevent the monsters from succeeding in the near future.

The God hating liberal socialist pagans and their evil plans give us more than adequate reason to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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