Avian Flu 3

First, before anyone else, I warned you that the Avian or Bird Flu would be traveling around the world this fall via birds because of their fall migrations and made the conservative estimate that it would be spread throughout most of the world by the end of this fall migration and the rest of the world by next spring. The bird migrations have just barely begun to take place and Avian Flu has already entered Southeastern Europe via bird migrations and is quickly heading for the rest of the world. They have stated that they will kill ALL of the birds in the infected areas, both domestic and wild.

You really need to know that they are not telling you the whole truth about what is happening and be careful to read between the lines when they double speak to you in an effort to prevent panic. First, they are terrified and their actions show it. Second, they have been telling you that the virus has not yet jumped from one person to another in spite of the fact that a health worker in Thailand got it from a patient and died at least 7 months ago. Today I noticed that they have changed their language again stating that it has not mutated to where it can EASILY jump from one person to another. This shows that it is now jumping from one person to another and you will soon hear about it but they will play it down by emphasizing that doesn't jump easily. Don't believe it. If a sick person places the virus on any object and you touch that object, you are infected.

They also keep making a big deal out of setting up check points at points of entry into the country to keep the disease from coming into this country. This is in spite of the fact that the virus is currently spreading unabated from country to country by birds and I have not yet heard of one case of the disease being spread from one country to another by people. I know that this check point thing is a prudent measure but the publicity they are giving the check points is clearly PR intended to prevent panic by giving you a false sense of security.

They also keep referring to a vaccine for the disease but it is only experimental, they don't know if it will work, they don't know if people will get sick from it or die, and they don't have enough for more than the people in their experiment and occasionally say it will take at least three years to develop a vaccine for this virus. Until they do have the vaccine in the stores, as far as you are concerned, it just doesn't exist. Deal with it.

They also keep referring to Tamiflu and other such drugs as treatments for the virus in a way that is intended to make us think it is a kind of cure and that, if you get the drug, you will not die. That is not true. What these drugs are is a treatment for the flu symptoms caused by the virus. The drugs decrease the effect of the symptoms which contribute to the death of the patient and increase the potential for survival. It should be noted that before they began using these drugs the mortality rate was at 87.2% even with medical treatment and with the drugs is currently at 55% but they just had a patient in Asia reject the drug.

Also, the really big kicker here is that this is the first flu virus that actually leaves the lungs and causes damage elsewhere in the patient. This is really critical and probably explains why there is still a mortality rate of 55% for those who get the drugs which treat the flu symptoms. The Avian Flu virus leaves the lungs and travels to the brain where it causes other damage. It is very likely that the damage to the brain is what is causing such a high mortality rate and, if this is true, then treating the flu symptoms will have minimal effect.

You can bet on one thing, with the increased chance of the Avian Flu being brought into this county by people like illegal aliens and drug smugglers and this disease posing such a huge threat to even the very wealthy, they will finally do something about the security of our borders. Don't be surprised to see them start building a wall between the US and Mexico and actually stop drug smuggling. When the big money involved in these things have to make a choice between their wallets and their lives, their lives will come first. Also, the first time a bunch of dopers get the Avian Flu from contaminated drugs, it will scare all but the most addicted and most stupid straight. I guess God does know how to clean things up.

Make sure you and your family are right with God, spend some time with your friends and family, and kiss your butt goodbye because this is going to hurt a lot. I am not looking forward to this at all. I have tried for months to think of some way to beat this but it looks like a lot of us and maybe all of us may end up getting infected because of the way God is spreading this disease around the world. They have not stopped it from entering one country yet and it seems like, unless they kill off all the birds in the world, their valiant fight will be a futile one because these infected birds can fly hundreds of miles in one day. I just can't figure out a way they can stop it; only God can.

This pandemic has begun and is now spreading globally. Get ready for it.

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