Babylon II

In studying Bible prophesy concerning the soon coming Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39, it is pretty easy to find the land marks to where the Israeli's will expand their country following the victory except to the south. The scriptures tell us Israel will conquer to the north up to the Euphrates River (which could include a small part of current Turkey and western Iraq), to the west to the Nile River, and to the east taking about all of the country of Jordan but I have not been able to find out how far they would conquer to the south.

Most people tend to understand the prophesy about Israel taking everything west up to the Nile River as meaning that they will only conquer eastern Egypt. The Bible doesn't show this restriction and the Nile River runs south all the way into the country of Uganda. This could just as easily mean that Israel will take everything south to Uganda, Kenya, and the Indian Ocean on the east side of the Nile which would also mean they could take everything south on the east side of the Red Sea to the Indian Ocean as well or about the western 1/3 to 1/2 of the Arabian Peninsula including the small but strategic country of Yemen. This could give Israel complete control of one of the most significant water passageways in the world through which 1/3 of all the world's shipping travels every year, from the Straights of Aden to the Suez Canal. It would mean she would be able to stop the current piracy in that passage way which has gotten out of hand and she will divide the future Caliphate in half, east to west.

God has me on what I call His "Hey, Stupid" program. This is where I will be trying to figure something out, He will reach down, touch me on the shoulder, and say, "Hey, Stupid" and give me the answer by saying something like, "this is the way it will happen." Last night, I lay awake in bed pondering this trying to remember some Bible clue that would tell me how far to the south Israel will conquer following the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39. I had reached a conclusion that God just didn't give us that information in prophesy when He reached down, touched me on the shoulder, and said, "Hey, Stupid, yes I did, in Daniel concerning the figure in King Nebuchadnezzar's dream. The Caliphate will be the feet with iron and clay mixed" You will soon see that this revelation is very interesting.

You have to understand that the feet mixed with clay and iron will be the Muslim Caliphate. God is going to use the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 to achieve a number of things. One of those things will be to remove the current power mad Muslim leaders who are preventing the formation of the Caliphate which will eventually become the one world government and one world religion of the Tribulation. God will create a situation to where the remaining Muslim leaders will not only be able to form the Caliphate but MUST form it to prevent Islam from imploding back to where it was almost 200 years ago.

You have to understand that the UN forces brought from throughout the world to invade Israel from the north as a punishment for nuking Iran will be going up against the fifth best army in the world which will have taken every able bodied citizen in Israel who will shoulder arms and put them on the battle lines. The men, women, and teenagers of Israel will be fighting for their lives facing a UN force that will intend to march through Israel slaughtering every man, woman, and child. The liberals who are allies to the Muslims, the Muslims, and other pagans in Israel will flee Israel, probably to join the forces invading Israel, but that will still leave a fighting force of at least two to three million people of which most will be among the best trained in the world. I also expect a pretty large number of Jews and Christians from other countries to rush from their countries to Israel in order to fight for Israel. This means that the UN forces could easily be facing from 3 to over 5 million armed combatants and the UN will want to have an "overwhelming force" as the US did in the Afghanistan and Iraqi invasions. This means that the UN forces will have to be at least 10 to over 20 million strong. It will take the UN forces at least 4 to 6 months to transport their troops to the invasion site and set them up for battle coordinating positions, weapons systems, command, and timing with over 100 countries. This will provide Jews and Christians from around the world plenty of time to get to Israel.

This is very significant when you realize that the largest standing army in the world at this time is the Chinese army with only about 3.5 million regular, full time military personnel. To create such a huge army, the countries making up the UN forces will have to contribute a very large portion of their individual military forces per country such as China sending one million or more troops, Russia, Europe, and the US each sending hundreds of thousands to over a million troops, the Muslim countries will commit every troop they can spare, and all of the terrorist organizations will commit everything they have from around the world. As a matter of fact, in the Muslim countries, if you are any form of combatant (soldier or terrorist) or prominent leader and you are not there, it will be considered an act of treason against Allah.

Then God will destroy 83.3% of these troops in Lebanon and Syria and all of their leaders in Damascus scattering the survivors of the troops. This will mean that in one battle, Israel will go from being the fifth best army in the world to the very best army in the world. She will be able to over extend herself in capturing land without worrying about anyone attacking her over extended troops because there simply won't be anyone left who can attack her. She can take all the land she wants and hold it until she can get the rest of the Jews and easily over 100 million Christians from other countries to immigrate to Israel and help build her into the next super power while the other countries quickly decline in power.

After God has destroyed the massive UN forces to the north, the Egyptian and Jordanian forces positioned to keep defeated Israeli's from getting away to the east and south will suddenly find themselves alone in facing a massively overwhelming force from Israel. The normal human instinct will be to throw your weapons away and run for your life. Rapidly fleeing armies always discard their weapons so they can flee faster so that the only soldiers remaining anywhere near the new borders of Israel won't even have enough weapons to do anything other than get Israel mad at them.

When the remaining military forces facing Israel cut and run, so will the Muslim and pagan civilians in the area as the Israeli forces advance. The only people who the advancing Israeli forces will encounter as they capture land will be Jews and Christians waiting for the advancing Israeli forces as a liberating force. This means that the Israeli forces won't even have to worry about out running their supply lines because they will always be able to use the last evacuated town they passed though as a supply depot for fuel, food, water, housing, and other basics. The Israeli air force will be able to advance quickly using the empty airports in those captured cities as make shift air bases and supply lines so they can stay with the advancing troops.

The Muslims will have to very quickly form all of the remaining, severely defeated Muslim countries into one unified country under the Caliphate council of ten leaders. Their armies will have been destroyed with the remnant having been scattered. They won't have access to Mecca or Medina so they will be forced to set up their capital in the new city of Babylon which Saddam Hussein built and has huge palaces and government buildings just waiting for the Caliphate to move in and set up shop. The Muslims will have to quickly gather all their people and their money from around the world to quickly build the new Caliphate into the only other remaining super power.

The iron in the feet of the image will be the knowledge the western educated Muslims will be bringing to the Caliphate, the western technology, the money they will bring from the west, the Muslims who were born or who converted in the west, and everything else they bring into the Caliphate from the west. The clay which will cause the weakness, mentioned in the book of Daniel, will be the Muslim warrior clan society which has been waging war against itself since before the time of Muhammad. For decades, there has been a statistic that better than 90% of the Muslims killed in combat each year were killed by other Muslims. It is this infighting which the prophesy refers to as the weakness of the feet or Caliphate.

The thing God showed me about this prophesy is that the two feet show there will be a physical separation causing the Caliphate to be divided into eastern and western components. This prophesy can only be fulfilled if Israel takes everything south to the Indian Ocean because, if she doesn't, then there will remain a strip of land connecting the two parts of the Caliphate from both sides of Israel so there won't be a complete separation. Therefore, it was God telling me that He will cause Israel to take everything to the south up to the Indian Ocean east of the Nile River up to about half of the Arabian Peninsula.

This means that the Caliphate in North Africa will be one foot and the Caliphate from Israel east to India and Indonesia will be the other foot in Nebuchadnezzar's vision. He also showed me that the ten toes will be the ten leaders of the Caliphate with five leaders being from the western part of the Caliphate and five leaders being from the eastern part.

Some other interesting things God showed me here include that God is going to take this prophesy full circle. This prophesy began over 2,500 years ago with Nebuchadnezzar conquering all of the known world from his capital city of Babylon including Jerusalem and will end with the Caliphate conquering all of the world from their capital city of Babylon including Jerusalem. The old Babylonian Empire is the head of the figure in Nebuchadnezzar's vision and the new Babylonian Empire or Caliphate is the feet. The Babylonian Empire is the beginning and end of the prophesy. It is also interesting to know that the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 north of the Golan Heights will cause the beginning of the Caliphate and the Battle of Armageddon south of the Golan Heights will cause the end of the Caliphate.

An interesting similarity is that Israel rebelled against the first Babylonian Empire requiring Nebuchadnezzar to send his army back to retake the city. The scriptures tell us that Israel will rebel against the new Babylonian Empire requiring the Caliphate to send a force back to retake Jerusalem causing the Battle of Armageddon.

Another interesting thing is that the Muslims will conquer the world worshiping the same moon/war god that was first worshipped in Babylon by Nebuchadnezzar when conquering the world.

We are now living in the most prophetically interesting time since Jesus. I realized that almost all of the remaining prophesies will be fulfilled by the time of the Battle of Armageddon. The only thing that will be left to be fulfilled will be the Millennial Reign of Jesus, the battle at the end of that reign, the judgment, and then eternity. We are about to see the formation and rapid growth of the feet mixed with clay and iron that was prophesied over 2.5 thousand years ago in Babylon along with the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 in just the next few years.

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