The Bad Guys

For over half a century, the conservatives and, especially, the military have been warning that, if we don't act forcefully against the bad guys when they misbehave, they will grow more and more bold increasing their mischief. But the commie's said we were wrong and that we should try harder to "understand", "negotiate with", and other wise be easy on the bad guys and it would bring peace.

Well, the commie's got their way and things are rapidly getting worse. Under Ocommie's pacification attitude and behavior, the bad guys are only getting more and more bold and worse and worse in their behavior trying to actually start wars they were previously afraid to even think about starting.

Under Ocommie, North Korea has become totally unglued, has attacked a South Korean warship sinking it and killing much of its crew, and is moving closer towards an all out and open war against South Korea BECAUSE they KNOW Ocommie won't come to the aid of South Korea in sufficient strength to stop the North. I predict that, if force isn't used as a preemptive strike against North Korea very soon, there will be all out warfare in the Korean Peninsula. It may even be impossible for a preemptive strike to stop the rapidly approaching war, especially with Obama being seen increasingly as being incompetent by everyone, including his own party. We have a clown for a president.

Iran is getting increasingly belligerent towards, not just Israel, but also the rest of the world blatantly defying everyone while obviously building nuclear weapons and moving towards war with Israel because they KNOW Ocommie won't support or intervene to save Israel. They have signed military alliances with Hizballah, Hamas, Fatah, Syria, and now even Turkey and have armed all of the aforementioned except Turkey to the teeth while blatantly increasing hostilities towards Israel to force the fighting to begin while trying to make it look like Israel is the aggressor.

That is exactly what all this mercy boat crap stuff is all about. It is the belligerent countries using mercy as a cover to force Israel to commit an action they feel will justify them attacking Israel to keep other good countries from coming to Israel's aid knowing that Ocommie won't help Israel. They are trying to start a war with Israel while making themselves look like the good guys and Israel look like the bad guy so no one will help Israel because they think they can put the numbers and forces together to beat Israel this time.

Now we have Turkey joining the nations of belligerents. They have turned against Israel and are at the forefront of trying to start a war with Israel. She has joined the rest of the bad guys in their efforts to cause mischief.

Real proof of this is that the US could have easily prevented this current mercy boat crap situation by simply sending a carrier fleet to back Israel in her blockade. This would have easily turned back the bad guys and prevented this nonsense from escalating into a very likely war. Ocommie's lack of actions here has just emboldened the bad guys and is going to cause this mess to escalate out of control. Watch this, because as Ocommie doesn't do anything to help Israel, such as sending a carrier fleet to her aid, more bad guys will be emboldened to join this assault against Israel.

All of this just proves what the conservatives and military have been saying all along that, pacifism only encourages bad guys and tough actions discourage them. Bad people behave when they know they can't get away with their mischief and misbehave when they think they can get away with their mischief.

But then again, we do know that Obama is actually one of and working with the bad guys. He has proved it repeatedly with his actions.

It is time for revival on a global basis. Acknowledge your crimes against God's Laws, repent of those crimes, and seek the amnesty of our Lord Jesus the Christ. John 3:16 - For God so loved the world He gave His only begotten Son so that who so ever believes in Him will have everlasting life.

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