House of Cards

I just read that Occommie is about to make the biggest financial and economic mistake in the history of the world. He is about to bail out his commie buddies in Greece thinking it will keep Commieland from imploding. Of course his excuse will be that he is protecting the American economy but it will be for the same reason why the US commie's have been propping up the failed commie countries all over the world for decades. If the US commie's let the rest of the commie countries go under, then it will become blatantly obvious to everyone, except the brain dead stupid (most liberal of liberals), that communism has failed globally.

The trouble is that this strategy of theirs, like all of their other strategies, has always failed but they just keep on using it. Duh, hello. Why does it fail? Because us bailing out other commie countries who have been spending irresponsibly only encourages those irresponsible commie's to spend more because, "After all, the US will bail our stupid butts out again just like they have been doing for decades." In other words, the stupid commie's are just pouring gasoline on the fire of irresponsible communist spending.

The easy prediction here is that the Greek and the rest of the irresponsible commie's will just spend more getting everyone further into debt until not even the already broke US can bail them out with our monopoly money. Then when their commie house of cards caves in, it will take everyone on the planet with them in the absolute worst economic disaster in the history of the planet.

The best thing (tough love) is to let these other irresponsible countries fail and learn so they will give up their failed beloved communism and get back to reality. But, with our stupid commie's in control and them quickly destroying the US financially and economically, that isn't going to happen. The current fools parade will continue until the fools have destroyed the planet's economy.

After the US "bails out" Greece, then every failed commie country on earth will beat a path to the US treasury only to find that the US commie's have destroyed this country also. We are already broke and soon we will assume the responsibility of bailing out other broke commie countries....with what? Oh yeah, US monopoly money!

If it were not so serious and so many lives at risk, the commie's would be the greatest sitcom in the history of the world. As I have said before, they have invented infinite stupidity because their stupidity is never ending. These predictions just keep getting easier.

This entire planet better repent of its sins and turn back to God or He is about to really punish everyone like we have never been punished before. It is time for global revival.

Pray long, pray hard, pray often because we REALLY need it!

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