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This is another one of my 3:30 am essays. While lying in bed thinking this morning I realized that I need to approach this thing about cats from a different perspective in an attempt to get stupid humans to wake up and listen to me so listen carefully.

What I am trying to do by getting you to learn to cohabitate with a standing free roaming feline population is that I AM TRYING TO SAVE YOUR LIVES!

Every essay I have written on this site has been me trying to help you by teaching you the truth because you have been taught a huge bunch of bull crap by evil people that benefits them in some way at your expense and you need to know the truth so you will stop believing the bull crap.

Listen, the thing with the cats is that by doing the exact same thing our ancestors did more than 700 years ago, which is killing free roaming feral cats because we let other people convince us to hate the cats, just like our ancestors killed free roaming feral cats more than 700 years ago because they let other people convince them to hate free roaming feral cats, we have created the same but much, much, much, much worse situation that they created (gee, what a coincidence that doing the same thing, even though it was for different reasons, we have created the same but worse mess than they created.)

Gee, who would have thought that us doing the same thing our ancestors did would have caused the same problem? Learn from history?

Nah, we are humans, we are too stupid to learn from history. We prefer to repeat the very worst things done in history until it gets us all killed off.

Listen, if we had just created the same mess at the same level that they created 700 years ago, it would be bad enough because the mess they created got 40% of them killed globally and 65% to 75% of them killed in Europe, the single greatest disaster in the history of mankind, but we have outdone their stupidity by failing to learn from their stupidity and also permitting evil people to convince us to do the same stupid thing but for different reasons making us even more stupid than them because they didn't have our mistake to learn from to help them not make the deadly mistake they made.

Listen, if there are only 7 billion people on Earth right now and our mistake only gets the same percentage of us killed that it got them killed, our mistake will eventually get only 2.8 billion people killed globally but our mistake is much worse than their mistake and will much more likely get at least 5 to 6 billion people killed.


You are trying to kill yourselves off by making the same but much worse mistake that our ancestors made 700 years ago and I am trying to stop you from doing that.

You have to quit believing the lie that house cats devastate ecosystems and are therefore evil, which was told to you because it benefits several different groups of people for the short term.

They are just house cats trying to survive, they do not devastate ecosystems, the best they can do is carve out a niche within an ecosystem and survive but their survival is critical to our survival because they naturally control the populations of a large number of organisms that carry deadly diseases that can kill huge numbers of humans. We need a relatively stable population of free roaming feral cats to properly maintain those populations to prevent an even worse global disaster than our ancestors brought on themselves and ALMOST got them wiped out.

Listen, them killing the free roaming feral cats caused the populations for at least most of the organisms they pray on to go pandemic. Fortunately for them, a deadly protist (bacteria or virus) only got into one of those populations, the rodent population, and other protists did not get into the other pandemic populations caused by our ancestors killing free roaming feral cats or it would have completely wiped out all humans on Earth. Most of us have never realized just how fortunate they were to not cause their own extinction.

Guess what?

Because you are doing the same thing they did only much, much worse, you are much more likely to cause the complete human extinction than they were. The horrible and deadly situation you have created by doing the same thing they did is AT LEAST 50 to 100 times worse than the mess they created and they still almost wiped themselves out. They were only one protist away from getting themselves all killed off!

This is all in spite of the fact that their population density was at least 15 times less than our population density and their mobility was at least 15 times less than our mobility. This means that they were at least a month or more from most of the deadly diseases in the world and you are only a maximum of 2 to 3 days from EVERY deadly disease in the world.

Our very high population density in conjunction with our very high rate of mobility and us having creating massive rodent, bug, and bird populations they way they did by killing free roaming feral cats the way they did means that, if you don't wake up, you could easily finish the job of causing the extinction of all humans that they failed to cause.

What are you doing, having a global screw up competition?

Listen, people, diseases like SARS in China, the bubonic plague in Madagascar, Ebola in Africa, and other such disease outbreaks were obviously only bow shots or warnings to wake you up to stop killing free roaming feral cats before it gets you killed and you must pay attention because this Corona virus may not turn out to be a bow shot. This disease or any next disease outbreak could easily be your death and the death of all mankind if you don't wake up in time and it may already be too late.

The wolf isn't just here, there are lots of wolves now very near us, anyone of which can attack us via the large rodent, bug, and/or bird populations we have created by killing free roaming feral cats because it benefited some liars in some way. You have to stop listening to the liars and pay attention. You MUST stop killing and fixing free roaming feral cats or it is eventually going to cause a much worse problem for us than doing the same thing caused for our ancestors.

Sometimes, especially when no one listens to me, I want my own planet that I won't screw up. This site is written to help you. You should take advantage of that.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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