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Feline Mysticism

Remember that I told you that what caused the Bubonic Plague to be so deadly was that people had been killing free roaming feral cats for hundreds of years, which created a pandemic rodent population that quickly spread the disease to so many people?

The reason we are taught as to why people were killing free roaming feral cats was that the cats were believed to be demon possessed because witches used feral cats in a number of their rituals.

In years of doing field research on the behavior of free roaming feral cats I have learned some interesting things that would have made it even easier for ignorant and superstitious people to believe house cats were demon possessed. God has designed some survival features into house cats to help them evade predators, which would freak out ignorant and superstitious people.

First, is that I found house cats can change the shade or color of their fur, not as radically as chameleons, squids, or octopi, but enough to make them more difficult for predators to find them. I regularly have to take double takes on house cats, especially multi colored cats, but even solids, to tell which cat they are.

For example, I currently have a turtle shell female that regularly changes her color enough that she easily looks like a different cat at first glance. She normally has a medium to dark splotchy grey coat with bits of burnt orange in it. Well, that is with normal indoor lighting. With brighter outside light, her coat turns lighter so it is a little harder to see and her colors are light grey to a whitish grey with almost no orange.

I see cats that look almost all white in bright light but have significant grey when it is darker, making them harder to see in the dark.

One of the most radical examples of the effects of this color shift was when I was outside watching the cats years ago. About 10 feet in front of me was a large, tall patch of dead burnt orange bunch grass that was close to the color of a burnt orange cat that walked over and sat down just in front of it facing me. The color difference between the cat and the tall dead grass behind it was enough that the cat was easily visible but, while I was looking right at the cat watching its behavior, its color shifted just enough that it literally visually disappeared within just a few seconds of sitting down. I literally had to strain to see enough edges and anything else I could find to see that the cat was still sitting there but was invisible to me.

Now imagine being an ignorant and superstitious person 700 to 1,000 years ago and seeing that happen, especially with pagans telling you that house cats are demon possessed. You would believe it.

House cats can also change the shade or color of their fur from things like health and having kittens.

Another thing is that because house cats are very small, quick, and quiet, they can disappear very quickly. After just a few years of watching house cats, I got to where I about half expected to not see a house cat was still there after something had drawn my attention away even for just a second or two. I don't know how many times I have been watching a cat, glanced away for just one or two seconds, and, when I looked back, the cat had moved completely out of sight without making a sound. They were just suddenly gone.

That could also be a little spooky to an ignorant and superstitious person.

Then there is the matter of the sound effects of kittens' voices that causes them to sound like they are coming from somewhere else so that, if a kitten is crying for its mother, a predator will have trouble finding it.

A great example of this is that I have a steel building that is about 20 feet by 30 feet and I use it for storage. I set it up so cats can get inside it to hunt the rodents and bugs that destroy things so the cats regularly have kittens under stuff inside it. One day I was inside this building doing something for a while when a kitten kept crying and it didn't stop crying so I thought it might be in trouble so I decided to try to find the kitten to see if it was alright.

I went to where the voice sounded like it was coming from but there was no kitten and, when I got there, the voice sounded like it was coming from somewhere else in the building so I went there and no kitten with the voice now sounding like it was coming from a completely different part of the building. I followed the voice about 6 to 8 times without being able to tell where it was coming from so I gave up and figured the mother cat knew where it was.

Just imagine being an ignorant and superstitious person 700 to 1,000 years ago with people telling you that house cats are demon possessed when you hear a kitten crying at the edge of the village just inside the woods. You go to where it sounds like the kitten is but, when you get there, it now sounds like the crying is coming from somewhere else and you keep doing this without being able to figure out where the sound is coming from, especially in low light to darkness.

Yeah, you are going to believe that house cats are demon possessed.

Now put just that much together and you will believe that house cats are demon possessed, if you are ignorant and superstitious with people telling you they are demon possessed. So it is much easier to understand why so many of our ancestors believed that house cats were demon possessed and killed them because they had been taught that, if they saw a house cat and didn't kill it, the demon could leave the house cat and enter them.

Hopefully, today, we know better than that, but then again, we do have quite a few really stupid people, especially pagan lefties.

Feline Birth Control

In biology there is a thing called "population density stress", which is where the population of an organism reaches a level to where it begins to change the behavior of that organism. The most common change in behavior is where the organism becomes stressed, aggravated, angry, and violent. Another change we see is flight from the over populated area. It can also cause a decrease in reproduction to limit the population growth.

We see this in humans in big cities with things like road rage, increased aggressiveness and violence, decreased reproduction, and people fleeing to the suburbs.

Sound familiar? That is all caused by population density stress.

I have found that, with house cats, population density stress causes an interesting phenomenon for birth control.

When a house cat is nursing, she is lactating, and most females won't go into heat and reproduce while lactating. A few will still go into heat if the lactating continues long enough but most won't.

So, when the population of free roaming feral cats reaches a high enough level within their area, nursing mother cats who have finished weaning their kittens, will "adopt" one or more older kittens to continue nursing them so they will continue lactating so they won't go into heat to suppress population growth. I have seen some female cats do this for up to 6+ months after weaning their kittens before they stop nursing.

A clan will also do this to help a nursing female with a litter, especially a litter of 4 or more kittens to ease the physical strain on the nursing mother cat. It is not unusual to see females doing one of two forms of what I call "communal feeding".

In one form of communal feeding two or more females will take turns feeding one mother's litter. In the other form of communal feeding, two or more mothers will merge their litters into one "super litter" and take turns feeding them. I have seen as many as half a dozen females merge their litters into one super litter of more than 20 kittens.

The latter has significant draw backs that usually causes the demise of most of the kittens. First, the older, larger, and stronger kittens will take teat away from the younger, smaller, and weaker kittens causing them to die from malnutrition. This can wipe out most of a super litter and the more kittens in the litter, the more kittens it can kill.

Second, if a disease that is harmful to kittens gets into a super litter, it can wipe out the entire super litter because it will be spread through the super litter by the kittens sharing the same teats.

Now college professors will tell you that populations always grow and ebb pending food supply. If the food supply is deemed abundant, then the professors will tell you that the organism will always reproduce at the maximum potential rate of reproduction but that isn't always true.

For example, three years ago, I realized we were in a drought. Amazingly, most people didn't even notice.

During a drought, a number of things normally happen. With less water, you get less plant growth, which decreases the food supply for all organisms that eat vegetation, which causes famine in those populations, which causes a biological die off and population decline, which decreases food for predators, which causes famine among the predators, which causes a predator biological die off, which decreases the predator population. This means that, after a drought, all of the populations will be much smaller.

After a drought, you get an abundance of water, which causes abundant plant growth, which provides an abundant food supply for the now small populations of organisms that eat vegetation, which causes an explosion in population growth for those vegetation eating populations, which increases food supply for predators, which causes rapid population growth among the predators but the problem is that there is a lag time of about 2 years between the growth of the prey and the predators based on relative reproduction rates, which are almost always much higher for prey populations.

This lag time in population growth between prey and predator populations will cause a massive population of vegetation eating organisms such as bugs and rodents that will invade homes, spread deadly diseases, and destroy farm crops before the predator population can catch up and bring those populations back below epidemic levels naturally.

Knowing that we were in a drought, which would end with an explosion in vegetation eating populations like bugs, rodents, and birds, I artificially kept the feral cat population high to get them ahead of the game to prevent those problems being too serious by making sure the feral cats always had an abundant food supply, you know, ye ole processed cat food. They always had more food than they could eat. You know, cut them off at the pass thingy and am I glad I did.

When the drought broke last fall, we began about an 8 month period of time during which we got more precipitation than I have seen during such a short period of time since I moved back here 22 years ago AND we had a mild winter which meant that the bugs and rodents which normally hibernate and don't reproduce during the winter, didn't hibernate and did reproduce during the winter and the plant grow was also greater than normal during the winter. Things were not looking good for this last spring.

By the time spring got here, you know, when this stuff normally starts reproducing, the populations for everything were at massive growth and size and getting ready to jump to light speed for growth. The house cat population being at its maximum potential size meant they kept this explosion in pests from being much worse and it still got pretty bad.

When I walk through my yard watering, it is nothing for me to get hit on the body or face by a dozen or more bugs like grasshoppers and that is with a large clan of feral cats hunting them on a daily basis. Even kittens are getting plenty of bugs to eat and I have had more than one rodent or bird brought into my house for consumption.

Interestingly, with an abundance of food for the house cats, their population stabilized about 2 to 3 years ago because the females kept nursing for birth control after weaning their litters. They kept their own population at a maximum based on population density stress and not based on food supply. Even now, with all of this fresh prey, their population is remaining pretty stable with only minor growth and most of the females are nursing older kittens to suppress reproduction.

Knowing this, there is no reason to sterilize free roaming feral cats except to kill them off because of their high mortality rate. I have found that population density stress, accidents, disease, and predation will control a feral cat population just fine.


Remember that I told you that the chemical companies have been brainwashing us to hate and kill off free roaming feral cats for about 100 years to force you to buy their toxic chemicals to kill bugs, rodents, and birds?

This actually began in 1917 when the chemical companies formed a national cat society organization as a front group to get people to kill off free roaming feral cats (I forgot the name of the organization. It was one of those cat "society" thingies to make people think they love cats while teaching people to hate and kill cats.)

I have learned from the upper class trash that the best way to get away with doing evil stuff is to form a front group "with good intentions" to do your wickedness for a "good cause". They have been doing crap like using lies about good intentions to fool people for thousands of years.

The excuse they used for killing free roaming feral cats was "to protect domestic kittens from free roaming feral cats", you know, protect those domestic kittens you keep in your house from free roaming feral cats you keep out of your house.

Yeah, even the stupid people quickly saw through that one so they dropped the cat society thingy and started working with the land grabbing conservation organizations the commies had already started to take over because the commies knew that, if you control the land, you control the people, which is why communism is against private ownership.

The commies welcomed the increased funding by the chemical companies for their land grabbing scheme and helped the chemical companies hire unscrupulous members of the biology society to do bogus research proving that house cats devastate ecosystems to turn people against house cats, to get rid of house cats to drive up the rodent populations so people would have to buy more of the chemical companies' toxic poisons.

By the strangest of coincidences, during this same period of time there were a lot of struggling artists experimenting with a new medium called animal animation or cartoons using newly developed technology. As always, these struggling artists needed funding to buy things like food, housing, and the new and expensive technology required to make those cartoons and hire agents to sell their products.

I don't know exactly where they got their funding from but, by the strangest coincidence and at a time when most people knew house cats were good and they kept the rodent populations down to prevent disease spread, almost all of those animators made house cats their villains and the disease spreading rodents and birds the good guys in their cartoons.

Gee, you don't think the chemical companies paid them to brainwash the children watching those cartoons into hating house cats, do you?

You know, you would have thought that at least some of the cartoonists would have made cartoons with the house cats being good guys protecting the people from diseases being carried by rodents and birds.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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