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I was just reading an article about cell phones causing brain cancer and decided it is time to write this essay.

The idiot liberal media are still pretending that cell phones don't cause brain tumors or other problems but there are slowly increasing numbers of studies which show they do cause brain tumors. Yet, the cell phone companies continue to deny their phones do cause cancer while claiming there hasn't been "sufficient scientific research" concerning microwave radiation's effects on the human body. Then they turn around and hire lousy scientists who can't get a job doing real research to create bogus "scientific research" proving that microwave radiation doesn't have any adverse effects on the human body, you know, like the tobacco companies did over 50 years ago. There are always lousy scientists who will sell their soles and PhDs to the devil for enough money. You can't believe a thing these jerks tell you and I am seeing much more bogus science coming from them for more reasons, financially funded reasons. These bogus science projects are not just for greedy corporations but also for the liberals to support their commie lies and agenda. But that is another essay.

The story about there not having been sufficient scientific research concerning microwave radiation's effects on the human body is more bull crap. As stated before, I was in electronics warfare in the US Air Force during the tail end of Viet Nam. We were informed of research that had been going on since before WWII concerning the effects of microwave radiation on the human body because of a thing called radar and were regularly warned as to the effects of too much radiation exposure from our equipment. By the end of the 1960's the US government already knew very well the effects of microwave radiation on the human body. It isn't nice.

I am going to give you a nutshell version of the science behind why cell phones will and do cause brain tumors. I will keep it short and simple so even a 7th grade student can understand it by keeping the science jargon to a minimum. First, I will give you a brief and easy explanation of the nuclear physics behind the three primary states of matter (there are actually 4 states of matter but, for this essay, we only need to discuss 3 of them - besides, Jay Leno only thinks there are three states of matter and we don't want to burst his bubble :-)) and the transitions between those states. This will actually be a synopsis of a senior level college lecture on nuclear physics made simple and easy to understand plus a little biochemistry.

The 3 States of Matter

The 3 basic states of matter we will discuss are solid, liquid, and gas. The 4th state we will not discuss is plasma. Some one tell Jay about it, OK? :-) The transitions between those states are melting (solid to liquid), vaporization (liquid to gas), condensation (gas to liquid), and freezing (liquid to solid.) Now we get to the fun part, the nuclear physics. :-)

In physics you will learn that the atom is never sitting perfectly still because the electrons are in constant motion around the protons at the center of the atom. This is true even at absolute zero which is -275 degrees Fahrenheit. This atomic motion is what scientists call jiggling and is caused by a combination of the motion of the electrons orbiting the protons and pulling on those protons causing them and the atom to move slightly in the direction of the electrons.

To better understand this phenomenon, just put an object on the end of a short rope or string and spin it around in a circle with your hand being careful not to smack yourself in the head. (The last comment was meant for the stupid liberals.) You will notice the object on the string pulling against your hand as it orbits your hand. Also notice that, the faster your spin the object, the harder it pulls against your hand. The electrons orbiting the protons do the same thing to the protons that the object will do to your hand. This should tell you that the faster the electrons orbit the protons, the harder they will pull against the protons and the more they will move the atom.

You also need to know that, in physics, heat and energy are the same thing, including microwave energy. Then you need to know that, as you add heat or energy to the electrons, they speed up and, as you take heat or energy from the electrons, they slow down.

When the electrons are moving slow enough so they have little enough effect on the protons, the atoms move less and get closer together and the forces holding those atoms close to each other will cause them to form into what is called crystalline states or form into solids where the atoms have a lot of difficulty moving in relation to each other. As you add energy to the atoms, the electrons accelerate in speed causing the atoms to move more and more until the atoms are moving enough and getting far enough way from each other that the atoms can begin moving in relation to each other. This point when the atoms can begin moving in relation to each other is called melting and causes the state of the matter to change from solid to liquid.

If you keep adding energy to the matter, the electrons will continue to accelerate pulling harder and harder against the atoms until the atoms are moving far enough apart that they will be able to over come the forces holding them together and the atoms will break away from each other sailing off into the air or space around the matter. We call this point vaporization or boiling and the matter changes in state from liquid to gas.

Of course, when you begin cooling or decreasing the energy in the atom, the electrons begin slowing down pulling less and less against the protons until the atoms slow down enough for the forces holding atoms together to begin pulling the atoms together. We call this point condensation and it changes the matter from gas to liquid. Then, if you continue cooling the atoms even more, they will reach a point to where the atoms are moving little enough that they won't be able to move in relation to each other and we call this point freezing which changes the state of the matter from liquid to solid.

The Analysis

Now, let's use a little common sense physics and biochemistry. Your cell phone is radiating microwave energy or heat into your brain tissue which is a bunch of cells made up of trillions of molecules which are all made up of atoms. As that microwave energy from your cell phone hits those atoms, it accelerates the electrons causing them to move faster causing the atoms to move more until the atoms are moving enough that they begin to break away from each other.

In molecular biology, this is critical because, if you cause the atoms to break apart in the molecules in your cells, then you change the molecular structure of your cells. If you cause the right breaks in the right chromosomes in the cell DNA, that cell will become a cancer cell. Therefore, it is only common sense biology that, if you radiate your cells with enough microwave radiation from your cell phone, you will get brain cancer. That is a fact. If you get brain cancer, you either get treatment in time to be cured or you get dead. End of discussion.

Now wasn't that easy to understand? Even a stupid liberal could understand that. In science, we have known this for over 60 years. Obviously, they are lying to you.

If you get dead, you need some place to go so I recommend John 3:16 - For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son so that, who so ever believes in Him will have everlasting life. That is a good ticket to take you to a good place.

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