Child Psychology

I am about to write one of what I have decided to call an "anger management essay" because it is being written because I got very angry at the stupidity I see people teaching and believing. This one had to do with child psychology because I am just so tired of all of this liberal child psychology, which is pure garbage and I am about to prove it.

This particular essay is being written because I saw a phylosopher's video about why Che Guevara was the bad guy he was.

"It was his childhood's fault he became a monster, not his fault, he couldn't help himself, his childhood made him do it."

I call bull crap. Che Guevara did what he did because he chose to do it, just like all monsters. Nothing made him murder all of those people. He made a willful choice of his own volition based on his chosen morals and ethics to be a murdering monster.

I learned a long time ago that, whether you grow up in lower, middle, or upper class, you will learn things you cannot learn in the other two classes because there really are significant differences in the life experiences and lessons between the classes.

I grew up in real poverty, not imagined poverty like most Americans who like to think they grew up poor, then I lived most of my life in American middle class and ran around with and did business with rich people so I was able to watch and listen to them to learn about their lives. All three classes are significantly different and so are many of the life lessons.

The upper class, who got the right degrees from the right universities, like to believe they know the truth about the other two classes and know everything important about both of them but they have been mislead by their all-knowing, all-wise, highly educated, heavily inbred, overpaid, college professors who really know very little, if any truth about the other two classes, well, except for their dope induced white palace fairy tales.

Therefore, most of the upper class, especially the corrupt trash, are misinformed. A few know some of the truth about the middle class because they have dealt closely with the middle class but none of them know the truth about the lower class, none of them. I have never known one member of the upper class who had it right about the lower class.

I hate to play the "we were so poor" sympathy game the middle and upper class people play, who like to get sympathy by making people think they were poor, when they really were not, but I have to qualify that I really did grow up in real and not imagined poverty.

I remember when I was seven and my mother teaching me how to get to sleep at night because I was hungry and we didn't have any food. The most memorable meal I ever had was beans on cornbread with fried potatoes and a glass of milk because we had been living on a ration of half a cup of milk and half a normal slice (the cornbread was cooked in a regular cake pan and cut into 16 slices instead of 8 slices) of cornbread for dinner for some time before that meal making that meal a real feast. It was fantastic and we even got to have seconds so we found out what it was like to be full when we went to bed. I can still see, smell, and taste that food today.

I remember getting a new pair of shoes in second grade that were given to us by a neighbor. That is how we got almost all of our "new" clothes. I remember my mom telling me to try on the shoes to see if they fit and, after putting the shoes on, I looked at the bottoms and they already had large holes in the souls so I turned to my mom and said, "These shoes have holes in them." She said, "Shh, you will embarrass the lady. They are better than the ones you had on." I picked up the rags I had been wearing, saw mom was right, thought, "Wow, I have new shoes", and ran off to play in my new shoes and to show my new shoes to my older sister.

I grew up in transient trailer parks that no longer exist where the people regularly moved half a dozen or more times per year to follow the jobs, towing our trailers behind us, meaning we went to half a dozen or more schools per year and changed friends regularly. Our lives were very irregular and unstable.

Now, liberal shrinks will teach you that I would have grown up to be an uneducated criminal and have taught you the ILLUSION that everyone who grows up poor is a criminal. "Why, we all steal to survive. It is not our fault, it is poverty's fault. Tada." I have a masters degree and have not committed any crimes in my life. Gee, I guess the all-knowing, all-wise, highly educated, grossly overpaid x-spurts who got the right degrees from the right universities were wrong. But, hey, I have been dealing with them being consistently wrong for more than half a century.

Now, why would shrinks create an illusion about everyone who grows up in poverty is a criminal?

Because, if one person grows up in poverty with "a bad childhood" and they don't become a criminal, then it completely shoots down their idiot child psychology theories about having a bad childhood causing people to be bad.

"Oh, it isn't the bad guy's fault he committed those crimes, it is his childhood's fault. They're a victim of society."

You know, the old liberal denial crap that it isn't the person's fault who committed the crimes but their childhood's fault for making them commit the crimes. "They just couldn't help themselves." Poor helpless wittle darlings.

Most of the people I have known who grew up in poverty didn't turn to crime, some did but, contrary to what the x-spurts teach, most didn't. Most of them actually work for a living, they just don't make much money is all.

Then the x-spurts ran into a little problem with, if it is poverty which causes people to become criminals, why do so many middle and upper class people become criminals, you know, like with ENRON? Oops.

I want to give you a little clue, there were absolutely NO poor people involved in committing crimes like ENRON, it was always upper class trash.

So, to protect their theory about a bad childhood causing the criminals to commit their crimes, the shrinks dreamed up the dope induced white palace pagan fairy tale that it was because they didn't have an effective father, because it just couldn't be the criminal's fault for choosing to commit their crimes. It just had to be something or someone else's fault. Their childhood had to be what FORCED them to commit their crimes so the criminals could remain the victims so the shrinks could justify themselves getting paid really big salaries to "rehabilitate" the criminals. It is called job security.

Why, throw the criminals in prison and leave them there to rot or execute them?

"No, no, if you pay us lying liberal shrinks big money, we can miraculously turn them back into good citizens."

How has that worked out?

Hmmmm, not too well. As a matter of fact, very poorly. Basically, the shrinks have failed with very few exceptions. Better than 70% of the "rehabilitated criminals" are back in prison within one year and that doesn't include the ones who committed crimes and didn't get caught or got caught and were not successfully prosecuted or the ones who ended up in another prison system. It only includes the ones who committed crimes, were caught, were successfully prosecuted and ended up in the same prison system.

Therefore, they started analyzing the middle and upper class criminals lives to find how their childhoods FORCED them to commit their crimes, the poor widdle victims. One thing the shrinks found was that the criminals fathers were not "EFFECTIVE" fathers and, to prove this, they turned to lower class criminals and found that, on paper, most of their mothers were single moms so, therefore, it proved their magnificent theories about their crimes being the fault of their fathers.

"It's your fault, dad, that I chose to be a criminal and not my fault for choosing to be a criminal." Always the poor wittle victim.

One big problem is that the lower class kids who became criminals not having a father figure was only on paper and not in reality and none of the all-knowing, all-wise, highly educated, heavily inbred, upper class trash had the brains to figure this out.

Think not? Have you noticed that these single mom Welfare queens who turn out little criminals keep having more kids? How do you think they keep getting pregnant, via osmosis?

No, they are obviously living with a man so that the kids do have a father figure but, because the mother lies on the paper work to get the Welfare (in most states you can't get welfare with a man living in the home), the idiot shrinks believe there is no father figure in those homes. The truth is that these kids almost always have an unofficial step father. Yes, contrary to what you are taught to believe, there is a man in the house to help raise the kids, if by no other means than being an example. Oops, shoots down that "single mom" theory.

You see, the shrink research and theories are based on lies and misinformation, like falsified Welfare records, provided to government agencies to get money and their research can't possibly be right but none, not one, of the gee-knee-uses has thought about that and figured it out.

They also came up with the idiot theory that people turned to crime because they were abused children, you know, mom and dad spanked them. "Childhood should not hurt."

I remember when I first heard this stupid theory as a teenager in East Los Angeles, one of the highest crime areas in the US. I stood outside with a girl who lived nearby in another trailer and we discussed this obviously false theory we had just heard on TV. We knew all of the good kids and all of the bad kids in the trailer park and the thing about house trailers was that you could tell when kids got a spanking because you could here they yell and cry so we also knew who got spankings and who didn't get spankings.

We both agreed that, by the strangest coincidence, none of the bad kids in the trailer park ever got spankings and all of the good kids regularly got spankings, contrary to what the shrinks were teaching. I have been watching this for more than 50 years, half a century, and the kids who are more likely to turn to crime are the kids who never get disciplined and the kids who are less likely to turn to crime are the ones who got spankings every time they did something they knew they should not have done.

Gee, what a coincidence.

If childhood doesn't hurt, most likely, adulthood will suck big time with either an early death or going to prison.

Gee, why would the idiot shrinks believe this about corporal punishment or spankings?

Because the criminals learned to play the victim in order to get the sympathy of the idiot shrinks to get off from being punished for their crimes and one of the things the shrinks taught the criminals to lie about was being spanked or "child abuse". Because of this, the idiot shrinks believing the lies of the criminals now tell us that 2/3 of the criminals in prison were abused children because they got spanked.

Two things, first, what about the other 1/3, why did they turn to crime?

Second, I have never known any criminal, NOT ONE, who grew up as an abused child and I have known dozens, if not more than 100 criminals in my life. It is just a lie the criminals have learned to tell the shrinks to convince the idiot shrinks that the criminals were a victim of something, which FORCED them to turn to crime. "The poor wittle darlings!"

Did you know that, on the street, criminals have a saying about this?

It goes like this, "You think we are stupid because we are criminals but we know you are stupid because you believe our lies." I don't know how many times I have heard that one in my life but, hey, most people won't believe it because they have been brainwashed to believe criminals really are stupid and, after all, stupid people couldn't possibly fool anyone smart enough to get a college degree, especially a Ph.D. or could they?

The real truth is that EVERY criminal came to a point in their life where they had to make a choice to run with the good crowd or the bad crowd and they willfully chose to run with the bad crowd and nothing and no one FORCED them to make that choice. They simply made that choice because of their chosen morals and ethics in relation to the benefits they would get by running with that crowd regardless of whether they were lower, middle, or upper class.

EVERY DAY and, sometimes, several times in a day, everyone of us make the choice between the light side and the dark side. Nothing forces us to make that choice, it is a willful choice we make to be either good or bad based on our morals and ethics we have chosen to use. God said, "Life is a test."

Some pass and some fail that test every day.

The bad guys are not a victim of society, society is their victim.

The real truth is that Che Guevara was a spoiled rotten, rich brat whose father paid for everything in his life including a college degree and start up money for several businesses and, at some point, Che CHOSE of his own volition based on his chosen morals and ethics to become a murdering monster. It has nothing to do with him being forced to make that choice by anyone or anything. He was a murdering monster because he chose to be a murdering monster.

Yes, that is right, that butcher, Che Guevara, had a college degree and was a well educated man from an upper class family who knew better and had almost everything given to him by his father. At some point, he willfully decided of his own accord based on his chosen morals and ethics to join a group of other spoiled upper class trash brats to murder good people to set up their own dictatorship over good people to have control over and steal from those good people so the lazy upper class trash brats didn't have to work for a living and could live the good life at other people's expenses.

If you study history, you will find that the worst butchers and monsters in the history of mankind were upper class who usually were educated and were spoiled rich brats daddy gave everything to them and they got away with anything they wanted and, one day, they wanted to become a murdering monster.

Fidel Castro's father was a rich sugar plantation owner in Cuba who gave his son a college education (he had a law degree). Castro's father gave him everything he wanted, he was living the good life, and, at some point, he decided of his own volition based on his chosen morals and ethics to join a group of butchers to murder good people in order to set up a dictatorship over those good people to control and steal from those good people so he didn't have to work for a living and could live the good life at those good people's expense. He was a jerk and a butt hole. NO.EXCUSES.ACCEPTED!

All of Hitler's closest members of the National Socialist Party of Germany (the Nazi Party) had college degrees, some had even been college professors, they all came from wealthy families, and they all knew better. At some point they ALL decided of their own volition based on their chosen morals and ethics to form or join a group of butchers to set up a dictatorship over good people to control and steal from those good people so they didn't have to work for a living and could live the good life at those good people's expense. They were all jerks and butt holes. NO.EXCUSES.ACCEPTED!

The liberals, especially the upper class trash, try to distract you from this by telling you that Hitler grew up in poverty without a father so you won't notice that all of his accomplices were well educated people from rich families.

The majority of upper class trash murderers, especially Marxists, had college degrees, they all knew better, and came from upper class families where they were spoiled rotten children who got away with whatever they wanted and were never disciplined, so one day, they wanted to become murdering monsters or jerks and butt holes. It was a willful choice based on their chosen morals and ethics. No excuses should be accepted for them.

But the shrinks and college professors don't teach you these things for obvious reasons. They don't want you to know their stupid theories are just dope induces pagan fairy tales and they are more likely to become a murdering butcher than any kid living in poverty who doesn't have a father.

Don't believe me?

Study history and you will see that almost all of the tyrants, butchers, and monsters in history came from the upper class and were well educated.

And this is just the nutshell version. I could write a book about this.

You are being taught lies by the upper class trash because they don't want you to know the truth or they would lose their heads.

If you just look around at who are causing the problems today, you will easily see that those people are the spoiled, well educated, corrupt members of the upper class I call the upper class trash like Obama, the Clintons, and Soros, just to name a few. They ARE the problem and definitely are not the solution and they REFUSE to stop being our problem.

It has NOTHING to do with them having a bad childhood or being FORCED to commit these terrible crimes by being a victim of anything. Those are just lame excuses dreamed up by the upper class trash to keep you from killing them when they get caught. You know, just a little psychological insurance just in case they get caught. Everyone of them, at some point in their lives, made the willful choice of their own volition based on their CHOSEN morals and ethics to be the evil people they are. Therefore, your chosen morals and ethics are far more important than your childhood because we can all choose to grow up. We need to stop accepting their lame excuses and hold them accountable for their crimes.

I have chosen to live by Biblical morals and ethics because they have created the best, kindest, and most caring culture in history and are better morals and ethics than in any other religion, especially atheism, which has no stated morals and ethics except Satan's "Do as you will", which is the same or similar morals and ethics of all pagan religions because we humans love our sins.

A simple truth is that, if everyone lived by Biblical morals and ethics, we wouldn't have any more monsters going around murdering good people. We would still kill bad people to stop their evil behavior and to prevent them murdering good people but we wouldn't murder good people.

Life is a test; your choice, good or evil, but choose wisely because God will do unto you as you do unto others.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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