This last week, a lot of people, even most conservatives, were surprised and stunned when Obama "gave" (past tense) the only US Navy deep water base on the west coast, San Diego, California, to China because of the debt China has been buying from the US. Obviously these people either were not paying attention or forgot about what happened more than four years ago when, only 3 months after Obama first became president, Obama signed an agreement with China that China would get US properties in exchange for the US debt she was buying IN THE EVENT the US government defaulted on its debt.

Guess what is going to happen soon or may even be happening now. Yeah, the US is defaulting on its debt and the buzzards are now diving in to get their piece of US meat with China being among the first and the biggest, she bought the most debt. Don't worry, without the US to protect them, Europe will be next so you Euros need to pay attention to this. (Still hate those Yanks?) The proverbial fecal matter is already striking the proverbial fan and the splatter has just been launched back at us. DUCK!!!! This is going to get very nasty very soon.

People, you have to pay attention to and remember those "little" things because they will turn out to be very important dots in the future and those dots from years and even decades ago are now coming together, most of which I have already told you about. If you forgot them or didn't notice them, you need to reread my site. I told you this would happen years ago so I guess this should be another "I Told You So" essay?

So It turns out that Obama's plan was to run up the US debt selling almost all of the debt to foreign countries like China and Saudi Arabia, both of whom have purchased large amounts of US debt, and, technically, was selling off the US to those countries. Obama has been systematically selling off and breaking up the US to our enemies and you can bet that Saudi Arabia gets first dibs or choice on US real estate. When Obama is finished, the US will no longer exist as a united entity. Gee, I wonder why Obama has been running up the US debt so high so quickly. Not really, he was quickly selling off the US properties to other countries. Gee, does this help explain why there are so many UN forces training in our cities and on our streets to protect their countries' shares of the spoils? Think about it.

But it wasn't just the country or land Obama was selling off because Obama also told China she can have ALL the US citizens who are in debt (along with everything they own), especially to the US Government, as slaves. In other words, Obama just committed a federal felony in violation of the US Constitution because he just sold tens of millions of US citizens into slavery to another country. Remember that Muslims are still practicing slavery?

The next question you should be asking is, "just who did Obama sell to China and who knows what other countries as slaves?"

The answer to that question is the group of people who owe the US government money, based on Obama's definition of owing money. You know that the vast majority of individuals AND companies which owe the US government money are liberals, especially school students. Gee, could that be why Obama has been so radically increasing the number of US students who owe school loans during his presidency? Get the picture?

All you radical lefty commie college brats who owe school loans just became foreign slaves, sold out by your messiah. I sure hope you studied Chinese in college. Obama sold off many of our best educated people as slaves to China...but also some of our worst people, the liberal commie traitors. I bet that, right now, the commie brats are not thinking of Obama as their messiah, he IS their slave master.

But you can bet that will also include everyone who is currently living on government programs like Welfare because, after all, they are taking money from the government which doesn't belong to them and much of that debt Obama has run up was paying for those programs. Therefore, the people who received that money, are now owned as slaves by the countries who paid that money into those programs. So all those people living on Welfare, government disability, government retirement (including retired liberal commie college professors like the commie traitor, Bill Ayers), government grants (employees of nonprofit corporations), VA money, and other such government programs were also just sold into slavery by Obama....including their children and everything they own, of course. Nothing is free and, if you received any government money and didn't pay it back, you were just sold into slavery.

Gee, does that explain why Obama has been destroying our economy and forcing so many tens of millions out of work and onto Welfare and other Government programs? Bet on it. And you can also bet that Obama has provided China a list of all the people she gets along with their addresses so those people can be quickly rounded up and exported as slaves to China. That is over 100 million slaves. Does that remind you of Pinochio's jack asses or what? Everyone who sold out their country for "free" government money or even just things like free cell phones just became a Chinese slave.

Remember that I have told you that Obama is NOT an African-American. He is an Arab-American whose throwback genetics causes him to look African. He is also a poser African-American who just sold out all African-Americans with all the "free" government stuff. The truth about your president is very important and does matter. Obama just sold all you blacks back into slavery to the Chinese.

Please note that this also includes all the major corporations and banks who received those moneys and didn't pay the money back along with all upper level managers who gave themselves nice, fat raises and bonuses and the stock holders who received profits from that money. I don't care how rich you are, you took their money so they own you and everything you have. I can just see the Chinese military sweeping across the US rounding up all those rich fat cats who sold out the US for "free" government money. Maybe they will get designer chains.

Of course, the more illegal aliens Obama can get into the country and on Welfare, the more slaves he will have to sell to other countries. And, if they also become US citizens, they will legally become his to sell. Obama is the greatest slaver in the history of the world. Is the picture getting clearer?

It should be obvious that the vast majority of these people are liberals. Gee, could it be that Obama wasn't just a poser US Citizen, poser Christian, and poser African-American but was also a poser liberal Commie? Bet on it. Basically, when Obama wrote the book telling you that, if he had to make the choice between communism and Islam, he would chose Islam, Obama had already made that choice and was just posing as a liberal commie to get in a position where he could sell the US and all of its people off to other countries dividing the US up into satellites of other countries. Obama destroyed the US from within.

All you stupid commies have been sold out just like I said you would be sold out and just like you sold the rest of us out. You spoiled little commie brats are at least as screwed as the rest of us. Can't you just see yourselves leaving San Diego Harbor in chains crammed aboard a Chinese cargo ship for China knowing you are going to spend the rest of your life as a slave in China? But hey, you love communism, besides, most of you won't live very long because you will be killed off and your organs sold to other countries. Think FEMA Camps, Obamacare and death panels run by Chinese military officers. After all, you are their slaves and, therefore, their property to do with as they please. Think about it.

Just like I have been telling you for years, Obama is a conservative, orthodox, Arab-American, Wahhabi Muslim and loyal Saudi Arabian citizen working as a secret agent for King Abdullah. Gee, I guess it really does matter that the US President is a loyal US citizen and not a loyal citizen from another country. Get the picture?

My primary concern right now is all those US troops currently located in Muslim and other countries. I am hoping that our military has made plans to get these people home safely and soon.

Oh yeah, in the Bible, it says that, for the last of the six levels of judgment, the people will be scatter around the world. Do you still think we are not being punished by God the same way Israel was punished when her people were taken away as slaves and scattered around the world? Think about it, while you are boarding the Chinese ships in chains as slaves to be scattered around the world.

My first thought was, "why the Navy ship yard first"? I didn't have to think about that one very long. Actually, I knew the answer as soon as the question passed through my mind. The US Navy ship yard in San Diego is really huge with massive equipment for quickly loading and unloading very large numbers of very large ships and China will use it as a supply depot to unload and support her millions of troops she plans to send here to lay hands on "her new wealth" she purchased by buying our debt from our stupid traitor politicians, whom I think should be the first to go to China in chains. Plus she will need some place to unload the hundreds of millions of Chinese whom she plans to bring here to repopulate the lands she seizes as she uses that same harbor to move out her slaves to China. The Chinese ships will come to the US full of troops, supplies, and Chinese citizens and will go home packed full of US slaves. Get the picture?

You can bet Commiefornia and ALL of her people, including Silicon Valley, will be the first to go. That will solve all of Commiefornia's problems, won't it? China owns it and will make a lot of money from Silicon Valley. It will also get rid of tens of millions of liberal commie traitors. I hope you commies enjoy your boat ride to China...or bus ride to a Chinese FEMA death camp to harvest those organs.

Just think of all the natural resources other countries are going to get because of our liberal commie conservationists. You slaves won't get to use any of them.

This isn't something which will happen in the future, it is happening right now. China was just given ownership of the US Navy Ship Yard in San Diego, California by Obama. Past tense.

Boy, this dot picture is getting very clear as we get closer to the picture. The US is currently in a state of crisis and all Obama needs now is a red flag event so he can declare martial law and start dividing up the US plus he really wants to disarm the US citizens. Every government agent who helps disarm even just one US citizen is at best a fool because he/she will be next, you know, when the Chinese and other militaries show up to take your weapons because those unarmed US citizens won't be able to help you fight for your freedom. Get a clue, you have ALL been sold as slaves to other countries, especially ALL government employees. You took their money so they own you. Where do you think your government paychecks came from? Obama just sold EVERY government employee into slavery to China, including all politicians, after all, you took China's money so they own you. Hey, the Chinese need lots of organs to sell to get their money back.

Shortly after this happened, another interesting little dot just popped up out of no where that I am willing to bet most people missed. The US House passed a law permitting the US military to stage a preemptive strike against China of the military's own accord and without and in spite of the President's orders. In other words, for the first time in US history, the US House gave the US military the autonomy to act without and against the President's orders. They know.

Now, that was just the military making it official because, by law and their sworn oaths, the military is required to act against the President's orders to protect the US and its people. The important thing is that this law being passed by the US House gives the US military official permission by the House to act on its own to protect the US and its people, therefore, when the US military does act, it won't be acting entirely on its own but also under the authority of the US House. It doesn't matter whether or not the bill is signed into law, after all, Obama isn't going to sign that law.

Now, which side do you think the US military is on? :-)

The next time you see the US military training in your town on your streets to prepare to protect you, cheer them on and buy them something, like a nice drink. They may be the only thing between you and slavery in a foreign nation. You better worry much less about the US military and worry much more about the Chinese and other militaries, especially with the Chinese being permitted to invade the US from San Diego right straight up Pacific Coast Highway to Seattle and then east to where only Obama and the Chinese know, after taking all of our possessions in the Pacific Ocean, of course.

The US military MUST destroy those Chinese troops before they reach US soil!!!

Welcome to Chimerica, courtesy of your liberal commie traitors and Obama.

John 3:16 - For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son so that who so every believes in Him shall have ever lasting life.

Have you figured out yet that it is time to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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