Christian Testimony

I have spent the last three days thinking and praying about something I wish to share with you that few people know about or can even fully understand.

Being severely ill because of a virus, I really miss not being able to do stuff, all kinds of stuff, both work and play. As I thought about this I realized that, if I could just get a normal, barely healthy (not infected or crippled) American body, within a maximum of one to two years, I could have that body in marathon shape where I could do incredible things again. I could be on the go all of the time doing stuff.

Based on training and experience, I KNOW I can have ANY normal, slightly fat (30 to 40 pounds overweight), completely out of shape body that the owner has NEVER had it in any shape at all (yee ole couch spud) in marathon fitness within a maximum of one to two years, ANY reasonably healthy body. I know how to make the changes in any body to achieve marathon fitness level with just exercise in just one to two years.

Chronic fatigue syndrome cannot be treated with exercise or sports medicine because exercise only makes fatigue worse and the ONLY treatment for fatigue is rest, NO exercise at all. Therefore, I simply CANNOT treat my own ailment when I have helped hundreds of others improve their quality of life with exercise and sports medicine, many of whom were sick or partially crippled, even amputees. God knew which ailment to give me to force me to be still and do what He wants me to do for now.

God has nailed both of my feet to the ground by causing me to have one of only a few ailments I cannot treat with exercise and sports medicine to significantly improve my health and quality of life because He KNOWS that, when he unnails my feet from the ground, they will instantly take off running, we are talking about quickly accelerating well past the sound barrier.

Last year, God loosened the nails just a little bit and I immediately took off and over did it by taking on a task which got much bigger than it looked like at the start and my body couldn't handle. I started a small garden for a little food and some flowers, just to enjoy doing something, which would not have been a problem but God caused us to not have our spring and summer rains and it got extremely hot and dry for the entire spring and summer, much worse than normal, which forced me to work many times harder than I would have normally had to work for the same job. I have finally recovered from that effort and am doing slightly better this year.

I really miss and enjoy doing things. Before I got sick, I used to have at least half a dozen irons in my fire all of the time and enjoyed it immensely. I was one of those very athletic work-aholics that would have made most people ill just watching me.

For example, when I was just starting to show the signs of my illness about 17 years ago I was teaching, training on my bike, starting a youth cycling team, working with the local chamber of commerce to help improve the local economy with no personal gain, working with animal control, worked on and fixed my VW Bus, maintained my own house and yard (including fixing things like plumbing), teaching myself html, building websites for others, and other things constantly. I was always on the go doing things and helping others and enjoyed it immensely.

Sit still?

Not this guy. I hate sitting still.

Then I got severely ill and all I can do is sit still and write these essays.

I was a marathon athlete who trained one-on-one with internationally ranked amateurs and pros for both bicycling and running and could easily hammer very hard through the Rocky Mountains on a bicycle for 100 to 175 miles on any day and now I have not been able to ride a bicycle one block on flat ground in years. I would go for a daily run and talk doing base work (not running hard) with a former Olympian doing five consecutive sub-five minute miles like they were nothing and now I can't even briskly walk a mile. I could do those and other things and then live a normal daily life like I had not done anything physical, no time off for recovery. Talk about a massive transition.

I really miss being able to do stuff.

You would be amazed at what I could do with a normal human body in just one or two years.

When I was coaching, I focused on recruiting beginners because they were easier to coach right plus anyone can recruit the best racers in the US and win bike races. No big coaching achievement there.

For example, I recruited a 15 year old boy who I had to push up the hills when he first started riding with us because he was in such lousy shape he got dropped on all of the hills. Two years later, he was the best Junior rider in the US, no other Junior could stay with him on the hills, and we easily had the best Junior team in the nation. He later raced against the pros and did quite well. I did that with Juniors, men, women, and masters, for road racing, track, and MTB, all at the same time and now I am too sick to coach at all, except by teaching you some of what I know, you know, writing these essays and selling my two e-books for a little extra cash.

I regularly think about all of the many things I would love to do and the people I could help. It would be fun and exciting again but God has other work for me right now so I try to patiently wait and do my job. I really miss being able to do stuff. Boy, what I could do with a normal healthy body and I see so many people with those bodies doing nothing. The things I could build and achieve and the people I could help. That would be nice.

I want to hotrod my 71 VW Bus like they do in Germany, you know, with a Porsche engine and 600 little ponies. I have it planned out in detail but the planning is all I can do right now, so I enjoy doing that. I have spent years researching and planning for when God heals me and, believe me, when God unnails my feet from the ground, they are going to take off running at the speed of light, baby, at the speed of light!

I have almost 130 folders with the plans for the things I want to do when I get well, some really fun stuff. I designed things like a 32 Ford Roadster, a sail boat, a home, and many other things to build. I want to build a special indoor velodrome so I can coach kids, teach them to dream and then how to achieve their dreams. I want to build a Fokker D7 from WWI and fly it; that would be fun. Even sitting still, I work harder than most people.

With God, there is always hope because, with God, nothing is impossible. God is my hope.

I feel sorry for pagans.

Enjoy your health and thank God for it, you may not always have it; and do something with it.

You couldn't begin to imagine what I could do with a normal healthy body. God has really taught me a lot.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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