Christian Testimony 14

In Pagan 4, I told you about some of the corruption in professional bicycle racing in Europe that was brought to US professional bicycle racing in the last 2 to 3 decades that that friend of mine told me about but I just realized that I really need to show you even more of the corruption he showed me to show you just how corrupt and evil everything is because of the upper class trash. It is whistle blowing time, baby.

The upper class trash royals own those bicycle races and everything that goes with them, which doesn't sound too bad until you find out just how corrupt they have made the racing and why. They make the usual moneys from the racing with sponsorships of the races, race entry fees from the pro teams, television and radio rights, marketing rights for businesses who wanted to use one or more of those races for marketing or advertising purposes, and tons and tons and tons of merchandising globally but all of that isn't enough because greedy people can never have enough wealth, they will always want more.

Those same upper class trash royals, and they are openly royals, have gambling in relation to their races with them owning and controlling that gambling and they are making a super fortune from the gambling but even that isn't enough for the greedy royals. They want EVERYTHING, you know, "you won't own anything and will be happy".

Remember that I told you about the performance enhancing dope use and how they pretend to fight against it while actually controlling it to keep the highly paid racers from burning out their kidneys? Remember that I told you that you can't race on one of their pro teams or in their races unless you use the dope? Why?

Those same greedy royals who own the races also make money selling those pros the dope they use the same way they own the dope trafficking for civilians around the world while pretending to fight against that dope trafficking. When you buy your dope, they make the money.

Those pro riders pay select MDs to give the dope treatments to the riders at a cost of about $2,000 to $3,000+ per treatment (the dope only costs a few bucks) with one to two treatments a month and those MDs, nice honest people who care about their patients, give kickbacks to their royal cousins who own the races. Hey, the royals like to keep it in the family.

And you wonder why they had big families for thousands of years?

Also, those royals own the chemical companies that make the dope.

Now it gets very interesting. Because they REQUIRE all of the racers to use their dope, they KNOW who is using dope and, if you don't ride for the riders to win and place they tell you will win or place in each race so they can rig the gambling to increase their gambling profits, you know, you try to win against their orders, all they have to do is punish you by busting and disqualifying you from the race for using their dope so their riders win the race and then punish you with a one year suspension from racing to teach you to obey your superiors, you know, ye ole royals.

Get the picture just how evil these inbred subhuman monsters are?

Because of the dope, the bicycle racers have been dying younger and younger with some of them literally dropping dead off their bicycle during races in their 20's and 30's but those wonderful royals don't care about you people, they see you as disposable slaves, surfs, peasants, or peons, whatever you want to call it. You are nothing more than chattel to them, just another herd animal they feel they have a right to kill any time they want.

I keep seeing those riders develop medical problems from the dope years after they quit racing, with increasing numbers of them dying from those medical problems in their 30's, 40's, and 50's.

Hey, you are not one of them, the superior race, natural elites, and upper class trash, they arrogantly believe their own lies about being your superiors, and they arrogantly act on those lies just like Hitler did. You see, while pretending to be Christians, they are also closet pagans and love to live by Satan's one law, "Do as you will", TO YOU. They are above their laws when dealing with you lowly peasants. Nothing has changed in thousands of years and nothing is new on the Earth.

Now, do you understand why God didn't let me go to Europe as either a pro racer or coach?

I don't lie, I don't cheat, I don't steal so I would have refused to use their dope for me or my riders, I would have stood up to them and fought them and they would have either murdered me to make it look like an accident or defamed me much, much worse than the left tried to defame Kavanaugh to destroy my bicycling career so bad no one would have let me in a bike shop for the rest of my life.

God let me be a very good, world class bike racer to teach me some things but stopped me from going pro (there was no pro racing in the US at that time) to protect me. God let me be one of the best bicycling coaches in the world just like my friend told me I was to teach me some things but prevented me from taking a pro team to Europe to protect me.

I now know why and have no doubt in my mind they would have killed me just like they kill other riders all of the time with their dope and it would have been easy to do, you know, something like having one of their owned racers force me off of the road in a curve over a cliff during a race, which would have been easy to do in a pack of 100 to more 300 racers per pack at that time. The hit to murder me would have been easy and it would have looked like an accident.

What you need to know is that the reason God doesn't let you have everything you want is because He is protecting you from what you want because you don't know better. I was so frustrated for decades because I couldn't understand why God would do so incredibly well through me to show me what He could do through me and then not let me do that same thing with the big boys and now I know He did that to teach me and protect me at the same time because of what my friend told me and I have been seeing elsewhere since then.

As a coach, my clean riders were beating their internationally ranked doped riders in races here in the US. Think about that. The science God taught me is better than their dope and you know they didn't want anyone to find that out.

I have no frustration about it now and I am glad God kept me from going there to save my life.

BTW, I have not followed bicycle racing or any other pro sport in more than a decade because I know they are all doping and are cheaters and I will not make cheaters rich by watching their sport. I used to love sports but now I can't stand to watch them because of the corruption.

On Judgment Day, you will be amazed at some of the things God has already done through me and He has let me know there is more to come. Heck, I was amazed at what I was doing while I was doing it.

Remember that I grew up a poor trailer kid with my teachers telling me that "there was no hope for you" and they had me convinced of that by the time I was 18?

God was proving to me that they didn't know what they were talking about because, with God, there is always hope because nothing is impossible with God and now I can teach that to you because God proved all of those teachers, their college professors, the media, and everyone else wrong by doing really incredible things through me, lowly trailer trash, that just blew my mind. And when I think about what He did through me, it still blows my mind and, on Judgment Day, it will blow your mind too. I can just hear some of you saying, "Holy crap! Lowly trailer trash did all of that?"

Because I am great and wonderful?

Nah, I am just lowly trailer trash, just ask everyone here in Alamogordo. It is because God is great and wonderful and He can do great and wonderful things through all of us.

BTW, no one here, who knew me in high school, will listen to anything I have done in my life because they went through high school with me believing they were superior to me because I was lowly trailer trash and beneath them. I have tested it and watched them and, if I start to tell about ANYTHING I did after high school, they rudely interrupt, start talking about other things, completely ignoring me. Why, it just isn't possible that I could have done ANYTHING better than they did because I am lowly trailer trash and beneath them. The joke is on them because, on Judgment Day, they will listen to every word of it and more from the angels who testify for me.

That is the biggest part of my Christian testimony and you will hear it loud and clear on Judgment Day FROM THE ANGELS when they read out of my books.

God sets up whom He sets up and brings down whom He brings down.

Do you understand what God meant when He told me that, for the most part, Judgment Day will be a great day for me? Do you understand why I am looking forward to Judgment Day?

You only have what you have because God let you have it. Everything you have is a blessing from God.

It won't be a great day for most people, you know, the ones who don't have Jesus as their savior, but it is going to be a wonderful day for my lowly trailer trash butt and there are other reasons for that such as God doing away with lies that have been told about me. Ye ole Judgment Day is MY day, baby, my day.

I know that, if I can keep my act together for the rest of my life, I am going to get to hear God say, "Well done, good and faithful servant, well done" and I so look forward to that. I can't wait to hear those words from the God I love.

Besides, I have a lot of really great memories at 72 and it doesn't bother me that no one else knows about those memories here where I live (I am easily the best kept secret in Alamogordo) because God knows and I know and, on Judgment Day, everyone will know.

If God can do all of that and more through trailer trash, He can do it and more through you too because He is a great and wonderful God.

Do you also see the corruption God has shown me in so many ways and places?

I have been behind too many closed doors and seen too much corruption and it infuriates me that evil people can treat other people that way. I have seen this kind of corruption everywhere; I have seen it in our governments, I have seen it in almost all of our sports, I have seen it in our public schools, I have seen it in our universities, I have seen it in our businesses, I have seen it in nonprofit corporations, I have seen in the Stock Market, I have seen it in our media, I have seen it in Hollywood, I have seen it in science, I have seen it throughout history, and I have even seen it in our churches.

It breaks my heart to see those evil human demons cause harm to good people and I know that God will be just and righteous in sending those spawn of Satan into eternal damnation for their crimes against humanity and to protect the rest of us from them forever.

You can bet that there are a lot of evil royals burning in Hell right now and most of the rest will soon join them. You can bet that almost all of the "great leaders" or royals, you know, dem kings, queens, lords, czars, Caesars, pharaohs, emperors, and others they taught you to look up to as being their wonderful ancestors are burning in Hell with most of their lowly peasants they thought they were too good for. They are burning in the same Hell as the middle and lower classes.

God said, "Be not deceived, your sins will find you out."

I just can't wait for eternal Paradise with God and no more of these evil sub human things to destroy everything.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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