Christian Testimony 8

I have told you that God has used my illness to plunge me into poverty to teach me things you simply cannot learn in middle to upper class and I need to share some of those things with you.

First, I want to teach you some ugly truths about our corrupt socialist big government. First, it has reached the point to where the most significant job of the corrupt political whores and their corrupt bureaucrats is to make millions helping the very corrupt upper class trash steal billions from tax payers. It is like I have been telling you, those jerks can't steal enough from enough people fast enough.

And you still think a Christian theocracy would be bad? It couldn't be worse than this and could only be better.

That is why politicians and bureaucrats who make less than $200,000 a year (the president makes less than $500,000 a year) quickly become multimillionaires. Almost all of the ones at the top are political and bureaucratic whores who have sold their souls to the upper class trash devils.

Next, other than the money stolen by the upper class trash via our government agencies, where does most of the money going into our government programs like Welfare really go?

Not where they tell you it goes.

What you will find is that most of that money goes into the greedy pockets of the corrupt politicians and bureaucrats running those programs and not where they are telling you it goes. That is right, most of the money that goes into our government goes into the greedy pockets of the upper class trash, over paid politicians, and over paid bureaucrats who run those programs. Most of that money does not go into the jobs or work they tell you it is going into, which is why we spend billions every year on "infrastructure" and our highways and bridges are still dangerously falling apart.

Why, if they actually spent the money to fix those things, then they couldn't justify stealing more money to fix those things every year, more money that will end up in their greedy little pockets.

That right there is the single biggest problem with our government. Our government is intentionally dysfunctional so they can continue to justify stealing more money every year to "spend on fixing things". So you know they are not really going to fix anything; just enough to make it look like they are fixing things. The rest of your money goes in their greedy pockets.

One of the ways they have been doing this is with Welfare and Social Security.

BTW, there are millions of honest people struggling in poverty in both Welfare and Social Security and the upper class trash and their media (you do know that the upper class trash own the media, right?) only let you know about those who are abusing the system to keep your focus away from the millions struggling in poverty on the system so they can pretend they are helping those people.

For example, I am being paid on Social Security about half of what the government classifies as poverty. I get $674 a month and the government classifies anything less than $15,000 a year or $1,250 a month as poverty. Gee, that is a wee bit more than I make.

And how much money do I get from Human Services or Welfare to help me?

About $69 a month in food stamps and $320 a year for heating my home during the winter or about $1,148 a year more plus my $8,088 Social Security or a total of $9,236, about $7,736 below poverty, still just a little over half of poverty level. Yeah, they are really helping the poor...stay poor and get more impoverished by the year.

Oh, how do they help the poor get more poor every year?

It is called the "cost of living increase" they graciously give us every year. We studied how this works when I got my MBA in college, and you wonder why God had me get an MBA before He sunk me into poverty with my illness?

The criminals have what they call "the basket" and they put in the basket the things which "they decide" effects the cost of living and then determine whether and how much to increase the poor people's cost of living allowance based on whether the prices of those things go up or down. Yes, it really is that simplistic and stupid.

For example, it was pretty much common knowledge, because they knew most of you wouldn't understand what they were really doing anyway, that, under Obama, Obama, who was actively involved in this decision making, and his criminal pals took things out of "the basket" which significantly increased in price for that year, you know, like energy, so they could give us less for our cost of living increase so they could stick more of that money in their greedy little pockets.

Because of this, we poor were decreasing in buying power and falling behind to the economy and getting more poor by the year.

But Trump has dumped all of those things back in "the basket" and has been giving us the largest cost of living increases in more than a decade because he ain't sticking the rest of it in his pockets and that is really ticking off the bureaucrats and politicians who were using this system to steal from the poor.

Let me give you a little clue here. Stealing is bad but Jesus said that you are not to oppress the poor, you know, steal from them, because the poor are special to Jesus so that stealing from poor people is even worse than stealing from the upper classes and those people, including Obama, were stealing from the poor making us more poor every year so they could get more rich WHILE they were telling everyone that they were "taking care of the poor". Yeah, they were taking care of us but not the way they had you believing they were taking care of us.

Because of that and other things, my finances have been declining for almost a decade since I went on SS and it has reached a point to where I can't pay bills this winter, you know, those land taxes I have been telling you should be illegal and hurt the poor the most, making many poor homeless.

Remember that I have been telling you that land taxes, sales taxes, gasoline taxes, and other such taxes are just a way to steal more money from the poor without most people realizing they are stealing from the poor? Remember that I have been telling you that a simple Biblical 10% flat tax would hurt the poor less because we would end up paying less than 20% as much in taxes?

Oh yeah, the lefties are giving us money, not much, and taking most of it back with their taxes. A really nice sleight of hand, right?

The ugly truth is that, with all of these different taxes, poor people spend at least half their income on taxes, probably more, so the upper class trash, corrupt politicians, and over paid bureaucrats can steal more from more people faster while making it look like they are helping the poor. It is an evil sleight of hand, people. You are being deceived by the left while they are stealing from you. They have you convinced that it is OK for them to steal from you because they "are helping the poor". It is a lie because the only ones they are helping are themselves.

Now, maybe you can understand why I saw my current situation coming and started trying to improve my health three years ago by using gardening to increase my fitness so I could use capitalism to escape this increasingly oppressive prison of socialist poverty that increases the homeless population every year? Now you can understand why I busted my butt every year trying to get a break in my bad health so I could do some work to earn some money? Now do you understand why I was so excited when I finally got a little improvement in my health this last year so that I might be able to increase my income next year by selling some fruit and vegies from my house to make up for my rapidly declining finances under Social Security and Welfare?

I got just a wee bit too little increase in health just a wee bit too late and am now trying to work out how to survive this mess long enough to increase my income enough to get out of this socialist trap. I have a few irons in the fire to stave off losing my home long enough to increase my income and it is going to be close, baby.

At this point, my only and best hope is God, who has always saved my butt in the past. He will take care of it...again because the socialists won't.

The worst thing the church did was permit the state to take over taking care of the poor so the greedy preachers could stick more of their money in their greedy pockets and I don't want to be in their shoes when they stand before God with me personally knowing what they have put the poor through. God gave the church the commission of caring for the poor when God founded the church in the Sinai Desert 3,600 years ago and most of them have dropped that ball because of their greed. God DID NOT give that commission to the state!

Now do you understand why I want to impose socialism on all of the spoiled rich socialist brats, you know, like Hollywood celebrities, promoting their beloved socialism they don't live by at the expense of the poor?

There should be a law that everyone promoting socialism, you know, like Hollywood celebrities, college professors, the media, the upper class trash, politicians, and others, should be required to live by socialism, you know, redistributing their wealth to the poor and not being paid more than the poorest person in the US, or face charges for fraud, have their wealth confiscated by the courts, and that wealth be redistributed to the poor, you know, so those spoiled rich socialist hypocritical brats should have to walk the walk and not just talk the talk, you know, lead by example, baby, one way or the other. EVERY rich socialist brat in this nation and on this planet should be facing charges for fraud for what they are subjecting the poor to, no exceptions, baby!

I am just a wee bit ticked off at lefties right now and I want my capitalism back so I can take care of myself because the left is doing a terrible job of it!!! Yep, God has taught me well what socialism is doing to millions of poor people in this nation by plunging them into poverty with taxes while pretending to take care of them.

And, to the church, I say that you better stand up and take back your responsibility of caring for the poor or God will tear your churches down around your ears, plunge your butts into poverty, and you will find yourselves wishing the church will take care of you in your poverty instead of the corrupt state!!! Do your job God gave you to do because the corrupt, selfish, God hating socialist government won't!

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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