Civil War

I believe that I warned you that the liberals are so power mad and crazy that you should not be surprised if they tried to stage a violent coop of the US government when they lost power and realized they won't get it back. It has recently come to my attention that a number of the radical liberal activist organizations putting together a coming rally and protest in Washington DC for March 15th are encouraging the protesters to stage an attempted violent coop of the White House to overthrow the Presidency and set up a liberal dictatorship because they refuse to succumb to their loss of power to you conservatives and abide by the democratic system. They are obsessed with having their liberal socialism/communism.

This only confirms my suspicions that the liberal media, politicians, and others are actively working for the overthrow of the US government so they can set up their liberal socialist/communist dictatorship to prevent losing power ever again. If they can't win by votes, they will rule by force. They are using their control of the media to instigate a civil war and coop against the government and you conservatives because they know they can't win any more elections and will only continue to lose power because the conservatives now outnumber the liberals and the gap is quickly growing. They are openly calling for violence against you conservatives.

You better not take this lightly unless you want to spend the rest of your life being oppressed by a liberal communist dictatorship and lose all your Constitutional rights. They probably have enough people in the right places in the various government agencies to help a national mob of brainwashed liberal puppets overthrow our government if you don't do anything about it. You may very well find yourselves fighting for your freedoms and lives in this coming fight. Don't be surprised to wake up one morning and find these liberal militants working closely with the Muslim terrorists carrying out bombings and such attacks in your communities. They are sick, demented people.

Some of them carried out bombings against the general population over 40 years ago and their followers will do it today. It is very likely that many, if not all of us will find ourselves fighting these sick monsters in our streets who believe that only liberals should have freedoms and rights and not the rest of us.

These blatant and open calls for revolution in our streets by liberal leaders like Michael Moore and others should tell you just how desperate and frantic they are becoming. Their willingness to do so should tell you how well the media have been creating the same type of anger that Hitler's media instilled in the people of Germany so that they would even think of starting a civil war and revolution against the government.

To nip this in the bud, you should begin demanding that all of these liberals be investigated for treason, attempted violent overthrow of the US government, and anything else that has to do with trying to bring down our current democracy. You better all pull your heads out of your butts and realize that these people are crazy, sick, and so power mad that they will try to overthrow our government and are doing so now. You better get involved in our government while we still have one in an effort to stop this insanity by the liberals unless you want to see Iraq in your towns courtesy of the liberal radicals and fanatics. They are very dangerous.

I warned you that we are approaching the last judgment of God concerning scattering us among the nations and the liberal fools are determined to do just that. You better pray hard and long to prevent or at least win this coming battle and I believe that, for many of you, your blood will be shed by the crazy liberals because of their insane lust for power.

I fear that this is going to get nasty and no one except the crazies are going to enjoy it. I just hope you have guns and know how to use them because I fear it will become necessary in the near future just to protect your loved ones and homes. I hope it doesn't happen but it looks like many will die. The liberals are beginning to show just how sick, demented, and power crazy they really are and you better wake up and face the truth about them before it is too late.

You better get Bush and Rice to leave Israel alone and stop even considering providing any funding for Hamas or this country will pay dearly. Either we will take a stand for Israel or God will stop standing for us. "Those who bless Israel will be blessed and those who curse Israel will be cursed." Believe it.

The liberal war clouds are gathering and the thunder is already rumbling!!!

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