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I read that Obama is putting out another of his executive orders stating that governments won't be allowed to build huge sports facilities for professional sports teams.

Now, with me having been trained in athletic administration, coaching and such and having been involved in amateur and professional sports at the national and international level, you might think I would be against this but you would be wrong.

I have been against cities building sports facilities since they got into the business in the late 70s and early 80s for a number of reasons. 1) the idiot politicians always do over kill in building such facilities causing them to cost insane amounts for both construction and upkeep, 2) it has developed a mentality in this country that every sports facility MUST be an extravagant palace, even club facilities, limiting the number of facilities that can be built, and 3) the governments have taken over managing these sports facilities and they do an incredibly poor job because they don't know anything about sports promotion.

Our beloved politicians always use lies and misinformation to sell these white elephants to the people about how the facilities will just cause the local economy to insanely explode and also tell us the little commie lie that everyone should share in the building of these facilities (conveniently forgetting to tell you what the maintenance and overhead will be and it is always huge) because you are all going to share in the wealth, which is a lie.

The real truth why cities got into building sports arenas is for the politicians to buy votes and get kickbacks from the pro sports teams. The owners of those sports teams were smart enough that they quickly took advantage of the situation and turned things around so they now own those corrupt politicians.

Over the decades, I have watched a number of such extravagant buildings get bulldozed because the facility cost too much to maintain, no one could make enough from the local market to pay rent or a lease on the building, the tax payers were forced to keep paying out the butt to maintain the facility (remember I taught you about cost of ownership previously, you can't just buy something and keep if for free because you have to keep paying a cost of ownership to keep it), and the buildings often sat empty until they were bulldozed so the corrupt politicians could put that facility maintenance money in their pockets. The corrupt politicians never return any saved money to the people, once the politicians steel the money, it stays stolen.

A really great example is the extremely extravagant velodrome they built for the Montreal Olympics. Everyone ranted and raved about how such an incredibly beautiful building would just cause bicycle track racing to take off with leaps and bounds in Montreal.

First, people don't go to sporting events for the buildings, they go for the sports.

The hype never happened. No one used that building after the Olympics until they finally destroyed the track with chainsaws. It was too expensive to run events in and a promoter couldn't break even on the rent to run events. It was a complete waste of tax payer money. It would have done the sport much more good to spend half as much money on half a dozen or more club tracks they could have run races on but, no, those club tracks would not be beautiful enough, functional but not beautiful. So the sport didn't grow in Montreal because of lefty insanity and government corruption.

I have never seen an indoor velodrome that didn't cost at least $10 million and the cycling tracks themselves only cost about $400 to $500 thousand and that is a world class wooden track. Almost all of that cost is the extravagant building, which doesn't do the sport any good, they just look beautiful and eat up lots of space and money that could be used to promote the sport.

Just to give you an idea about how badly the liberal socialists and crony capitalists have screwed things up, about 15 years ago, I priced out a functional commercial velodrome for $400 thousand for a world class board track, $400 thousand for a steel I-beam turn-key building, and the land for $600 thousand. That gave me a functional and nice looking, not extravagant, commercial facility for only $1.4 million dollars and then add a few hundred thousand for start up expenses. The overhead was designed to be so low I could literally build that track where there are zero bike racers and build my own market in a free market economy with good sports promotion that no government employee or politician could even begin to understand but you cannot do that in a corrupted socialist/crony capitalist economy.

So, what are Obama and his liberal commie traitor pals doing with this dictator decree?

Their intentions are evil but it will actually turn out for our good because, with God, all things work for the good.

Obama and his liberal commie traitor pals are working to destroy our economy as well as our government. They know that America's strength has come from its economy and they want to destroy her strength to bring down the nation. This is not redistribution of wealth but the destruction of wealth. Now the crony capitalists see this as eliminating their competition so they are very glad to support it until it effects their businesses.

What is God doing with this?

But, what they are also doing, without realizing it, is destroying the corrupted system the liberals and crony capitalists have spent most of a century building to take control of and destroy our nation. They are destroying businesses and industries, which will eventually open a lot of doors for Christian entrepreneurs and drive our new economy.

God is using the liberals and Muslims to destroy the corrupted system, including our extremely corrupt sports industry, the liberals used to seize control of the US and destroy it so, after the dust settles, we will be forced to build a new nation from scratch instead of just rebuilding the same old corrupted nation, which will be quickly taken over by corrupt people again.

You have to understand that, if God doesn't do two things, the liberal commie traitors will regroup, reorganize, and have us right back where we are right now within 10 to 20 years. God is using the Muslims and, to some extent, the liberals to accomplish those two things.

First, all of the people who caused this mess MUST be killed off or they will quickly regroup, reorganize, and have their dictatorship back within 10 years or less. If you have paid any attention to places where Muslims have taken over, they always kill off the upper class trash to prevent them from later staging a counter coup. They not only kill off the heads of those families but also every man, woman, and child so that some infant today cannot grow up and become the leader of a future counter coup.

That is the reason why Linen killed the Czar's entire family, every man, woman, and child, when he took over Russia. He didn't want a child or grandchild to grow up and stage a counter coup against him.

Yes, that is one of the reasons why God told the Hebrews to kill off all of the Canaanites when they moved into Canaan.

God knows that every man, woman, and child of the liberals must be killed off to prevent a future counter coup so God is going to use the Muslims, who will gladly do this, to clean up our mess for us so we can build a new nation. We will have to finish the job the Muslims start.

Second, the corrupt system that was built to seize control of and destroy our nation has to be destroyed to prevent anyone from using it in the future to seize control of and destroy our new nation. If our corrupted system is not torn down and rebuilt right, it would only take a handful of evil people 20 years or less to set up a dictatorship and destroy our new nation.

So God is using the Muslims to destroy that system to prevent a future coup by another group of whacko traitors. This is also one reason why our new nation absolutely cannot be any form of democracy. The liberals have developed buying votes, infiltration, rigging elections and everything else required to use any form of democracy to set up a dictatorship into a science. With what has been learned about such corruption and the large number of dumbed down and brainwashed people, even if we kill off all of the traitors who have caused this, it would only take a new group of evil people about 15 to 20 years to set up a dictatorship.

Remember that it isn't the type of government that matters but who is running our government. God has showed me that he has a secret "army" of people He will use to set up and run our new nation to keep it as free and honest as possible.

So, you have to ask yourself, how many times do you want to go through this?

The current system used a balance of power based on Congress, the president, and the courts but, as soon as the liberals infiltrated and took over all of those, the balance was destroyed and ceased to provide the safety to protect us from tyranny.

The new system needs to be 1) a Christian nation depending on God for protection from ourselves, 2) an educated (not brainwashed), armed, trained, and organized people to protect themselves and their freedoms and liberties from their government, 3) a Christian military to protect the people from external and internal threats, 4) Christian law enforcement to protect the people from criminals, especially the upper class trash, 5) a Christian government to protect the people from all threats, and ALL government corruption MUST be an act of treason punishable by death because government corruption is the single greatest threat to national security. But, first, the current mess must be completely cleaned up to prevent contamination of the new nation.

To build a new Christian nation in this mess, it will require the same people in power, working for God and the people, for at least 10 to 20 years. This isn't something that can be done in five minutes or five years. It will take decades but God has the people who can do it. We need to trust in God and not systems and other pagan gods.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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