Clearing Picture

Just before I woke up this morning God caused me to realize that the US Military is the last and most important government organization the left needs to take over and purge to have complete control of the government, especially the part with controlling the guns, which is critical.

The left taking control of the Pentagon, branding patriots as traitors, and beginning working to purge all conservative patriots changes everything.

First, the patriots in the military have to know that they will not just be fired and sent home to be good little boys and girls because they are the best trained fighters in the world and, being patriotic, won't just sit still while the commies set up their commie dictatorship, permanently destroying the Republic of the US. The commies know that they either kill the patriots in the military now or they will have to fight them later in militias fighting a revolution for freedom.

Therefore, the patriots know that, when they are fired, they and their families will be put on buses, sent to the commie (FEMA) reeducation death camps and given a shower using Zyklon B shampoo, A.K.A. be murdered in mass. The patriots have just been put in the position where, if they don't do anything, they and their families will die and, if they do something, they and their families might not die.

Which do you think the patriots are going to choose?

They are going to do something because they now have more to gain by fighting than to lose but you have to understand that planning, timing, and execution are critical for such an operation. Also, they no longer have the luxury of waiting until the time when everything is perfect for them to make their move. The only element of time the patriots are left with now is "soon enough" because they must make their move soon enough or they are going to die.

This means that their basic strategy has to be that they will put together the best plan they quickly can and execute that plan well enough and soon enough to not die. They may be able to delay the inevitable up to about one year but I can't see them being able to delay it longer than that, if at all, AND the sooner they get this done, the better because time is now on the side of the commies. The longer it takes for the patriots to do their thing, the more time the commies have to get their thing done and cause the patriots to fail.

You also have to keep in mind that most of the lefty traitors in the military are desk jockeys who are not great fighters because of a lack of actual combat experience and, if the patriots act immediately, they will have a superior force that is about 4 times greater than the lefty force because the patriots make up about 80% of the US Military.

This is going to finally force the patriot hand because they don't have a choice anymore and have very little time left. You can bet that the military patriots are having a lot of top secret meetings about when and what to do, while organizing and coordinating their operations but they also have to finish weeding out the traitors who will sabotage the patriots when they get a chance.

When the patriots stand up to the commies, it will cause an impasse or Mexican standoff to create the red or safe zones God told me about.

How will this happen?

Remember that I told you about the special Cold War facilities we built at White Sands Missile Range (WSMR)? Remember that I told you that they built a complete, underground, nuke proof city for our entire government with a Pentagon that can cut off the Pentagon in Washington DC from all military resources just in case the commies got control of the Pentagon in Washington DC?

Guess what?

The commies have control of the Pentagon in Washington DC. Think about that.

Everything I have been telling you for years is about to happen and it will knock your socks off.

The patriots are about to seize control of WSMR and all other black closet bases along with as many regular bases, weapons, and ships as possible, cut off the Pentagon as command and control, draft all of the veterans and military militias they can into the military to build the patriot military up as strong as possible (because they will also be fighting the other forces I previously told you about, which will take time, which is why it will temporarily be an impasse), and secure all red zones.

This impasse will shut down the current efforts of the commies to consolidate power, which will cause desperation and infighting by the left, which will further cause their coup to begin to flail and crumble, which will force Obama's hand at seizing control of the US Government "to do it right."

Now, remember that God told me that, after Obama nukes Chicago, he will blame Israel? Who are Israel's top allies in the US?

Trump, patriotic conservatives, and true Christians are Israel's best allies, while most lefties hate Israel.

This means that Obama will use this alliance to brand Trump, all patriotic conservatives, and all Christians who do not convert to Islam as traitors complicit in nuking Chicago (another reason for Obama to nuke Chicago) and Obama will use this to justify imposing Sharia Law on the US to replace "traitor" Christian law because, after all, the president, vice president, Congress, and Supreme Court will be dead, which will nullify the US Constitution and end our Republic, just like God told me Obama will impose Sharia Law on us.

Note that Obama has to finish destroying our Constitution and Republic to be able to impose Sharia Law on us.

This will cause all poser Christians to panic and flee Christianity to prevent being branded as traitors, while only true Christians will remain in the church. After all, only true Christians will take persecution for Christianity.

This will cause EVERYONE to make a choice between God's side and Satan's side with all but the true Christians choosing Satan's side because the poser Christians are cowards, you know, just like they are right now wearing masks because they are cowards who will not stand up to the upper class trash. The poser Christians won't just leave Christianity and join Islam because Islam will be in charge but also because they don't want to be branded traitors and associated with Israel.

You Christians are going to have to take a stand soon that only true Christians will take. This stand will cause many Christians to lose their jobs, their homes, they businesses, their friends, and even their families just like the US Civil War did almost 200 years ago. Some of you are going to have to kill family in this fight or they will kill you and other patriots so you better not hesitate when it happens.

Now, the patriots building a military force of at least 10 to more than 20 million well trained fighters will force Obama to put this coup on hold, take a lefty/Muslim army to invade Israel to prove to the other Muslims that he is the Mahdi so they will all unite behind him to help finish off the US patriots with hundreds of millions of Muslims to overwhelm the patriots, and cause the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39, which will cause the revolutions in our countries I told you about.

Note that all of the Hebrew haters will believe Obama about Israel nuking Chicago because of their hatred, will turn on the patriots branding them as traitors, and gladly follow Obama to invade Israel.

Wow, this picture is really coming together just like God knew it was going to happen. Gee, what a coincidence.

People, with what is going on with the US Military right now, this has to happen very soon. We don't have much time left before it will be too late.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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