Colonizing Planets

I want to share some things God has taught me about colonizing habitable planets, forget about that Hollywood and TV kindergarten bull crap about colonizing uninhabitable planets. The latter is ignorance based Hollywood fantasies and fairy tales, pure bull crap and I have proved that.

God has taught me that colonizing a habitable planet is nothing like anything I have seen anyone talk about and you will see why. People, this is the 21st Century with higher technology and we should have learned something from our ancestors colonizing continents.

To start with, since I believe that at least the first planet God has for us to colonize will probably be a replica of Earth when God first created it to prove creation and the Bible and disprove evolution, therefore, I want to refer to our hypothetical first habitable planet as Eden out of respect for God, for fun, and for easy reference.

The first thing you have to understand about colonizing a habitable planet is that, by traveling to that planet to colonize it, you are placing yourself in a critical survival situation light years away from the nearest civilization. It is more critical than being lost in the woods, you know, where you can probably just walk out of it, it is like being lost in another star system. You are 100% on your own and dependent on yourself to survive without any available outside resources for probably at least weeks and maybe months or even years, pending how well the colony effort is planned and managed.

You better know that before you begin planning for your trip to that star system. It is not a game, it is survival. You do it right or you can die.

Remember Jamestown in 1607? They almost wiped themselves out.

The big difference is that you get to plan for your being lost by taking tools and supplies with you that you THINK you might need and you better have the basics in hand tools and know how to use them, because they will be the most needed. You will also need to be able to make your own tools just in case you lose, break, or just need other tools.

Remember what I taught you about survival. The first and most important thing is that you must not panic and must keep your head on your shoulders and thinking. It is also very important that you and your companions have the knowledge you will need to survive this survival situation and the most important knowledge will be the trades and crafts because that is where your first colonies MUST start. In a colony like this, most college degrees will be completely useless.

Interesting, I see God moving to prepare large numbers of people for colonizing habitable planets because, in spite of our very advanced modern technology, increasing numbers of people are using the Internet to learn trades and crafts like blacksmithing, carpentry, masonry, building construction, farming (gardening), animal husbandry, dairy production (like making cheese), cooking, spinning and weaving, candle making, mechanics, engineering, and other basic pioneering skills. These people are unwittingly making themselves tomorrow's best pioneers.

An example of this is Mark who is a preacher but is also a professional at repairing small engines. He is the kind of skilled craftsman/preacher I would want in my colonial village. You don't want a preacher, politician, teacher, journalist, or anyone else who can't work with their hands. They will be useless and a burden on the village.

Get it straight, when you travel light years (God has shown me via teleportation) to another star system to colonize a habitable planet, you are a pioneer settling that planet and you better do a good job of it because your life and the lives of your family and companions depend on it.

Believe me, God is quietly moving us towards colonizing other planets.

Next, you will have to immediately evaluate your situation or accomplish effective situational awareness. You will need to know what resources you have and be able to effectively use those resources.

You need to know that much of the technology we have available here on Earth, will not be immediately usable on Eden because there will be no developed fossil fuel industry. There will be no gas stations, natural gas pipelines, electrical cables, and we already know that solar and windmill generated energy is not reliable because the sun doesn't always shine and the wind doesn't always blow. There won't be any roads, airports, or railways.

You won't be able to use tractors, bulldozers, cars, trucks, airplanes, boats using gasoline engines, or anything like that because the fossils fuels you take will be very limited and you may not get any more for some time. This means the first groups of colonists will have to start by using older methods in conjunction with modern technologies like materials and engineering as you will see below. I.e., our sailboats are better built than the old wooden boats and ships were.

Because of this, one of the first things we need to do is send geologists to look for fossil fuel resources so we can begin mining those resources, while we begin building the transportation systems, refining systems, storage systems, and distribution systems for fossils fuels. Eden needs to become energy independent as quickly as possible for maximum potential colonization, which is going to take some time, probably a few years.

We are really going to need the craftsmen God is training up right now.

To do this, one of the first things the military needs to do is send one or more spaceships to quickly and strategically deploy a variety of satellites to map the surface of the planet so that digital information can be used by computers to give us an accurate surface map, which can be used by geologists to help find fossil fuels and begin the plans for mining, transporting, refining, storing and distributing fossil fuels.

The military will also need to deploy GPS and communications satellites to use in conjunction with those maps for exploration and colonization of the planet. Just the military and Coast Guard alone will need all of that information as quickly as possible, as you will see below.

Also, the military corps of engineers working with contractors need to play a significant role in colonizing the planets with things like building power stations (especially nuclear), running power lines to communities, building ports and docks, dredging harbors and rivers for transportation, building highways, airports, and railways, and building other things such as water control systems. Remember that the military corps of engineers are going to have to manage this growth for NINE DIFFERENT PLANETS! They are going to be just a wee bit busy and will need to work with quite a few contractors.

Mean while, for the colonization to be done quickly, you need to deal with the fact that most of the energy you will be using will be manpower or manual labor, therefore, your most important tools will be hand tools and mechanic devices like pulleys, winches, and levers. Walking will be your most common form of transportation until the fossil fuel system is well developed.

One of the most common tools you should have for around your village, for efficiency and cleanliness (no fecal matter on the roads) will be bicycles, tricycles, and quad cycles for transporting you, your tools, and materials, just like they commonly use in parts of Asia. You probably don't want to use these devices too far from the village because, if you damage a significant component, you will be walking.

The next most significant form of energy will be animal power where you will be riding horses, pulling carts and wagons, carrying loads, and plowing fields with animals like horses, oxen, and mules, you know, the way our ancestors did but with much more modern technology. You can even use animals in conjunction with things like pulleys to lift heavy loads.

The best "roads" for transportation for any distance will be waterways like rivers, lakes, and oceans, you know, like our ancestors did, so you will need to take kits to build or build from scratch boats with reasonably dependable energy, which will be limited to mostly sail and steam energy. On more open waters, like oceans and big lakes, where you can maneuver for tacking and jibing, sailboats with backup engines will be best but, on more restricted waterways like rivers and smaller lakes, you will need craft like steamboats, for which you can cut down nearby trees to boil the water to make steam.

You don't want to get a few hundred miles from the village, run out of fuel, and have to swim back.

All of this means that the locations for the first villages must be strategically placed so there will be readily accessible potable water, nearby farm and grazing lands, a reasonably close wooded area, and a safe harbor for fishing boats near a river outlet and the first villages shouldn't be more than a few days apart.

When you first get there, you won't have any houses; take a tent. You will need to take at least a few weeks of food and water with you along with tools, dependable work clothes and books for working along with a good Bible for prayer, which you should do often.

The first thing you will have to do is obtain potable or drinking water, then work towards obtaining food, probably at first by hunting, gathering, and fishing because crops take a while to grow. While doing this, you need to agree to a layout for the village so you can begin construction of your buildings for housing and businesses and build a dock for your boats, which you need to accomplish as soon as reasonably possible. Most of your food production should take place outside of town but not too far away.

You may build a small fishing village by the ocean with a small farm, mining, and/or logging town up a nearby river and use a steamboat to transport people and goods between them.

The really big key is to make your planet as independent from Earth as you can as fast as you can. Then you can begin to develop trade with other planets in the Federation to develop an intergalactic economy. Remember that we are going to colonize 9 planets in 2 galaxies.

The Coast Guard will be very important for colonizing planets. They will have to divide into terrestrial and extraterrestrial operations because we will need them to provide law enforcement and search and rescue efforts offshore, along waterways, AND in space surrounding the planets for search and rescue because you know spacecraft are going to develop problems and need help.

We don't want the military to do more than necessary rescue operations because we need to free them up to quickly develop a very complex space military system, therefore, it is only logical that the Coast Guard should assume most of the rescue responsibilities on or near colonized planets.

Just think about how vast a mission rescue will be for nine different planets, which will require the Coast Guard to easily double its recruitment, bring back retired personnel, and work with local militias.

There is no way the military can handle that and build the proper terrestrial and extraterrestrial operations for protecting our planets from attack by those slimy upper class trash space alien Earthlings (pun intended - Can't you just see the title for a Federation sci-fi movie, "Invasion of the Earthlings"? "Aaaaah, the Earthlings are coming, the Earthlings are coming!!!" The scum!).

Even an expanded Coast Guard will be stretched for such vast rescue operations but, if you think that mission will be vast, you have not seen what the military is going to be forced to quickly develop for Federation defenses.

The Christian Federation Military will be responsible for quickly developing and maintaining the terrestrial and extraterrestrial forces, operations, and logistics for NINE DIFFERENT PLANETS IN TWO DIFFERENT GALAXIES with forces, bases, armories, and space stations on NINE DIFFERENT PLANETS AND THEIR MOONS! They will definitely be forced to start recruiting large numbers of new troops, bring back veterans, work with civilian militias, contract with veteran managed mercenary units and will still be stretched thin.

They will be forced to quickly play almost constant war games to find out what works best and doesn't work. The officers will have the greatest military opportunities and responsibilities for innovation in military history. Alexander the Great, Napoleon, and the rest ain't got nuttin' on them, baby. It is going to be quickly adapt or die because God has shown me that, after the Muslim Caliphate conquers Earth, they will be coming for our planets so there will be a space war and it ain't going to be nuttin' like that ignorance based Hollywood kindergarten bull crap; space war will be many times more complex than anything they can dream up. It isn't if but when.

Yeah, we are about to find out how smart our officers really are (where are Chesty Puller and George Patton when you need them?)and I have been informed that my family will be working with them, especially with my military and civilian training and experience. I am going to get to put Yoda to shame, baby.

THEN, on top of all of that, we Christians are going to have to develop just as complex but small a government system covering everything from town hall to planetary governments for nine planets and an intergalactic government or Federation with a minimal budget and make it work. This government will have to work with civilian militias to quickly form emergency services such as law enforcement, fire control, and EMT operations, just to name a few.

EVERY law abiding citizen of 12 or older (hear of cadet training in schools?) will be required to spend at least one year for a combined training for military, emergency response, law enforcement, and be armed to the teeth and trained to use those teeth. Your turn to do some learning. I already did most of mine but am still learning.

Aren't you glad God is going to expose and then get rid of most of our corrupt upper class trash before we start colonizing nine planets?

If He didn't, they would screw that up too.

Do you see part of the reason for God's timing in all of this?

Expose the bad guys, get rid of most of the bad guys, rebuild our economy to support the colonizing of the planets and THEN colonize the planets. It is going to buy us some time to build an even greater civilization, people.

Also, after the lefties have destroyed our global economy, it will be critical for us to quickly rebuild at least the US economy to a very high level in order to support the colonizing of those planets because sending people, businesses, and materials to other planets to colonize them will be a huge drain on this nation's economy, which could cause this economy to collapse, preventing further colonization. It is going to take a very powerful economy to support colonizing 9 planets without collapsing.

Do you understand why God caused me to learn so much about so many things and will team me up with a younger, very intelligent wife, her family, and others to work with many other Christians to build this intergalactic Christian Federation?

You ain't seen tornados like what we are going to be dancing in. This is going to be one really big, intergalactic tornado block party. It is going to be a massive amount of work and a lot of fun and we gotta do it right or God will get just a wee bit ticked at us. We must do our best to not make the same mistakes our ancestors made. We do our best, God does the rest.

People, that is just the nutshell version that doesn't even cover 5% of what we will have to do. We are going to be just a wee bit busy dancing in those tornados. Wanna play in God's sandbox? I'm in...well, OK, I don't really have a choice, do I? :-) I got drafted into this so come play with me.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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