Commie War!!!!

This is critical and you all need to read this and post it everywhere you can. You will soon understand why. Stick with this to the end because this is going to be just a wee bit complex and explains everything that is going on with the left now, while most on the right are sleeping or thinking "dey gots dis won, baby."

You can thank your lefty commie traitor college professors, teachers, and media for creating this ugly mess.

I have been watching this thing with Bernie's Commies being exposed in these Veritas videos and waiting to see what was going to happen, while expecting Bernie to lose voters. But what happened is that Bernie's numbers jumped from 15% to 24% of the Commierat voters while everyone else's numbers EXCEPT for Kamala went down. So I went to bed last night wondering what is going to happen and even prayed that God show me what is going to happen.

This morning God tapped me on the shoulder and said, "Hey, stupid, what about this?" and stupid listened...this time. I cannot exaggerate how critical this is and it isn't just me telling you what is going to happen, Bernie's Commies are telling you what is going to happen too.

I am sure that Bernie did lose his nonviolent commie supporters, which is why Kamala's numbers suddenly jumped. Most of those people obviously fled to Kamala. BUT, and this is super critical, ALL of the violent, brainwashed, radical, Leninist commies scattered throughout the Commierat Party saw that Bernie's Commies are literally planning a violent overthrow of the US government AND that it definitely WILL happen sometime this year AND that Bernie has a standing army of millions scattered throughout the US big cities. Bernie's Commies are not just talking the talk, they are walking the walk and that excited all of those violent, brainwashed lefty commie traitor human robots who were looking for their chance to play Lenin and company.

It turns out that the Veritas videos were the best PR videos possible to draw all of the super crazies into Bernie's camp and army. Those videos exposed the truth about Bernie and company to BOTH the right and extreme left and is drawing all of the craziest of the crazies to Bernie's Army. They are ramping up for war, baby.

You see, Bernie undoubtedly lost a few million supporters but he gained many more supporters than he lost. His little violent commie army just grew by millions, you know, with people like Antifa.

You have to understand that, after Bernie got screwed out of the election by Hillary and company 3 years ago, Bernie's Commies started planning this election KNOWING that this will be Bernie's last chance and, therefore, their last chance to set up their commie dictatorship so they started planning the violent overthrow of the US Government 3 years ago.

Note that one of those commies told you that, even if Bernie wins the election, there will still be some shooting because these radical, brainwashed commie robot kiddies have been brainwashed to want to murder people. These people are really chomping at the bit to murder people because it excites them.

This should tell you that Bernie's Commies have organized nationally, heavily armed themselves, are training or at least something similar to training at murdering unarmed US citizens, you know, women and children, and are brainwash and ready to make a last stand to get their commie dictatorship. This should also tell you that they ain't waiting to take your guns away from you but intend to kill you in a fight and they know that most of you won't fight.

So, how big is Bernie's Commie Army that is RIGHT NOW preparing to play Lenin?

Let's do the math. Now you have to understand several things about this mess, created by your lefty commie traitor college professors, teachers, and media.

First, after those videos, Bernie's support jumped from 15% to 24% of the Commierat vote. The Commierats have 24% of the national adult population with about 50 million of the US population being children so that the Commierats have about 24% of 250 million people or about 60 million people and Bernie's Army is now 24% of 60 million or about 15 million people, with about half to two thirds of those being in the fighting age of 16 to 45 years of age or about 10 million people, almost all of them being violent, brainwashed, human commie traitor robots programmed to want to murder people to get what they want, you know, their little commie dictatorship. Plus you have to add in at least a few million illegal aliens, who will naturally join this fight because they are coming here from Marxist run nations to help with this fight. Plus the Commierats are RIGHT NOW turning millions of violent criminals loose to help fight for them in this war.

This all means that Bernie's Army could soon be anywhere from 15 to more than 20 million crazy people who will not hesitate to murder unarmed women and children, after they rape them, of course.

People, that is an army bigger than China's standing army and much larger than the US standing army AND you better bet that at least some of these people are former military and know what they are doing. At the very least, you better plan on that. This is going to be very bloody and the most blood will flow in our cities. It ain't going to be purdy, baby.

Do you now understand why the US military began turning some of their best soldiers lose to form and train civilian militias more than a decade ago? They saw this coming and you better pay attention now.

Do you understand why I have been telling you that China, North Korea, Iran, and all of the other bad guys in the world are not the greatest threat to this nation, the greatest threat to this nation is from within?

As always, I conservatively estimate that Bernie's soldiers are about 10 million and quickly growing Bernie Commies and they have been planning, organizing nationally, and training for at least 3 years.

Now, this also explains why the other lefties are suddenly running terrified and trying to get rid of Bernie.

Remember that I have been telling you that, when the lefties grab power, they will quickly turn on each other because power mad people cannot share power with any more people than they absolutely have to share that power with in order to maintain that power?

You have to remember that Bernie is NOT one of them and plans on him seizing control of the US Government, which means he plans to do a Linen/Stalin and round up and kill all of the rest of them.

Remember that Bernie spent decades visiting and learning from the Soviet Union?

You see, all of the top lefty commie traitors know that, if Bernie seizes power, he ain't going to share power with them and will eradicate them with him knowing who they all are and where they all live.

This explains why the upper class trash panicked when Bernie suddenly went from losing support to quickly increasing in support and taking the lead in the first primaries. They saw their lefty commie traitor lives passing before their evil eyes.

Do you understand why Obama just publically stated that, if Bernie wins in the first few primary elections, Obama will go public and start actively working to defeat Bernie?

Obama is running just a wee bit scared and he isn't afraid of the right this time but his problem is that, even if he manages to get rid of Bernie without the primary elections, Bernie's Commies have told you that will be when they will start the shooting. Oops!!!

This is where this thing gets really complex.

You see, it just suddenly became obvious to everyone that Bernie now has a standing army of about 10 million brainwashed violent commies, including groups like Antifa, who are chomping at the bit to murder people and they don't care who they murder, including the rest of the lefties, as long as they get to murder someone and they get their commie dictatorship with them now seeing Bernie as their best bet to get what they want.

What is really funny about this is that the army of crazed commie human robots trained up by the lefty college professors just turned on those lefty college professors and could soon be killing them. Oops!!!

Now the rest of the commies suddenly don't have a standing army, except for the black Muslims but we will get to them soon. Ye ole British Queen, Meghan, and Harry don't have a standing army in the US to fight Bernie's Army and neither do the rest of the lefties because those radical murdering brainwashed soldiers just deserted to Bernie's Army because of the Veritas videos. Oops!

Yeah, dey is just a wee bit scared and showing it with their actions. Their great sounding stupid evil plans just backfired on them again and this time it could cost them their lives.

Man plans, God laughs.

Remember that black Muslim army under the control of Farrakhan and Obama?

That black Muslim army is now the only military hope the rest of the left has, putting Obama in charge of that group, which is why they just turned to Obama "standing up against Bernie to stop Bernie".

Get the picture yet?

God warned you about this more than a decade ago and now it is happening. It gets better.

Now, Bernie's Army TOLD YOU, not me, Bernie's Army TOLD YOU when they plan to start their widdle war against the rest of us including the rest of the lefties to setup their commie dictatorship.

They TOLD YOU that their plan is to start shooting when Bernie loses in either the primary or main election. They TOLD YOU that the two trigger or catalyst moments for this war will either be the primary or main election so it will happen between May and this coming Thanksgiving OR any time the rest of the left manage to stop Bernie, which could be next week.

This means that, if the rest of the left stop or get rid of Bernie before the primary, the shooting will start before the primary.

Now, do you better understand why AOC is doing what she is doing?

Yep, she is "supporting" Bernie and working to get other super radical lefties elected against the wished of the rest of the left because SHE IS ONE OF BERNIE'S SOLDIERS working with Bernie's soldiers to stage this soon coming violent coup.

You see, she knows Bernie is sick and is going to die soon and, if she gets herself set up as number two, which she has already done, when Bernie dies, she becomes the first queen of America. I bet that opened an eye ball or two.

So, what is the best move for the rest of the left right now?

Obama and Farrakhan have to stage a violent black Muslim coup of the US BEFORE Bernie's Army starts its violent coup because, when Bernie's Army starts its violent coup, the rest of the brainwashed lefty commie minions will rush to join Bernie's Army, leaving the rest of the left unarmed and dead. Obama and Farrakhan have to surprise Bernie's Army and catch them flat footed. Yep, dey is just a wee bit terrified and showing it with their desperate actions to stop Bernie.

This means that Obama and Farrakhan have to make their move within the next 4 to 10 months pending what happens between now and then because Bernie will either be stopped by the left in the primaries or lose the main election to Trump and Bernie's commies already told you that will be when they start their shooting. You just might want to listen to Bernie's Commies. They told you what they are going to do, Bernie didn't take any actions against them for tell you, showing his support and involvement in those plans, and AOC is also working with Bernie.

Now, God warned me and I have been warning you about this soon coming fight for more than a decade. It is now about to happen and you better get ready. I told you that God has me here to warn you about the future so you can prepare for it.

You better join one of these law enforcement or military organized and trained militias, arm yourself to the teeth, get trained in fighting, organize, setup 2nd Amendment sanctuaries, and pray long, pray hard, pray often and lock and load, baby. You don't have long to get ready for this coming war, it could start any day now. This time, the commies told you so. You just might want to listen to them and spread this information around.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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