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Welcome to another of my early morning essays. A little before 4:30 am I began thinking about this and by 5:10 am I realized that I had to get up and write this.

Over at SOFREP, one of their writers stated that, because most people believed something, it was logical that it must be true.

I posted the following comment in response to his statement:

"I like your articles and look forward to reading them but I have to disagree with you about the idea that, if most people believe something, it must be right.

One of the first things I learned in college when I began studying science was that most of what most people believe about things is wrong.

Before I went into the service I was believing what the liberal media was telling us and most people were believing, which was that the Soviet Union was militarily superior to us and could invade and conquer the US any time they wanted. I used to lay awake at night worrying about the Soviet Union conquering the US the way those stupid liberal TV shows and Movies like "Red Dawn" showed. I had been in the military less than a year when I began sleeping like a baby because I found out that exactly the opposite was true and what most people were believing was wrong. The Soviet Union could have never conquered the US.

I believed what was being shown on PBS about the quark theory and the string theory because, hey, PBS was professional and they wouldn't lie to us buuuuut, only one of them could be right so I asked a friend I knew as Dan, who had a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering and was in charge of the nuclear fusion lab as Sandia National Labs and was, at that time, one of only 8 people on the national nuclear regulatory commission, which was true in 1980. He told me that neither one was true because the string theory had been proven scientifically invalid by 1973 and the quark theory was proved scientifically invalid a few years later buuuuut, they were both still being taught as scientific fact by PBS the last time I watched PBS about a decade ago. Yet, most people who watch PBS blindly believe what it teaches without question. I have personally seen things on PBS I knew were not true and learned not to blindly believe anyone and research anything I didn't already know enough about to know whether it was right or wrong.

I am sure you have seen things behind closed doors which are very different from what most people believe, proving that most people are wrong.

I developed the attitude that, if most people believed something, it was probably wrong (not always) and I would research it to find the truth before deciding what to believe. I question almost everything and it has caused me to learn much more than most people because most people don't question what they are told, especially by experts, whom I have learned are often proved wrong or just lied to us.

After 9/11, with everyone telling us that Islam is a religion of peace, I had been studying the Middle East since the Six Day War in 1967 and had studied just about everything about it, its history, religions and everything else but I realized I had never read the Koran or really dug into Islam. So I ran out, bought a parallel translation of the Koran because a parallel translation has to be more accurate than a regular copy because it is written for people who can read both Arabic and English, therefore, the English translation has to be more accurate.

I read the Koran, dug into and researched Islam, studied both the Islamic and secular versions of the history of Islam and Muhammad (they are different) and realized that what we are being taught and most people were believing was wrong or out right lies. Allah was the war god Sabianism, which Muhammad grew up worshiping and he was the primary god of Muhammad's clan, which is why Muhammad chose Allah for starting the religion of Islam. The Muslims even admit this when they tell you that Allah is "the god of the sword" or a war god.

But most people believe Islam is a religion of peace when there is no way it is a religion of peace and their beliefs are based on scriptures taken out of context and out right lies. (But that is another story.)

Today, because of bad teaching, bad journalism, and out right lies, most people believe Hitler only murdered six million Jews, which is wrong because they are not taught that Hitler also murdered between five and seven million other people, mostly Christians. They are not taught that Hitler had Christian leaders who apposed him or helped Jews murdered. This is so they can teach that Hitler was a Christian when he was actually a pagan who openly pretended to be a Christian because most Germans were Christians.

I could go on and on with examples from science, history, religions, and other things for which most of what most people believe is wrong because they just blindly believe things they are told or even just believe things "because most people believe those things, so they must be right."

My main point is that, just because most people believe something, doesn't make it right and it is probably wrong. To get to that point, I first had to admit that most of what I originally believed was wrong.

Am I always right?

No, but, at 67 and with that attitude, I am much less likely to be wrong than I was at 17 or even 27. I still check things I believe to make sure I am right.

Flip flop?

Oh heck, on almost everything I used to believe. When I left high school, almost everything I believed was wrong."

I realized this morning that it is much worse than I stated here for several reasons and we are going to get into some heavy math and analysis here.

First, with the liberals intentionally dumbing our students down and brainwashing them, this is more true than it has been in hundreds of years. You don't brainwash people with the truth, you educate them with the truth and brainwash them with lies. If most people believe something today, it is almost certainly wrong and note that most means more than half. Therefore, common knowledge or what most people believe today is almost always wrong and I have spent the last 18 years on this site proving this to be true.

This is only made worse by our lying liberal media, Hollywood, liberal politicians, and others adding to the lies and misinformation.

Second, I am going to put together two well known facts in secondary education and prove their conclusion so hang on.

First, it is a well known and proven fact in college that better than 90% of the people who graduate with college degrees can't pass college freshman level courses in the hard sciences. These are the vast majority of people who get degrees in the soft sciences.

Don't ever forget that.

Second, it is also a well known and proven fact that better than 90% of college graduates forget better than 80% of what they were taught in college within the first year after graduation.

Notice a little coincidence there, did you? Gee, you don't think it is the same 90% of the people who can't pass college freshman level hard science courses who also forget better than 80% of what they learned within one year of graduation, do you?

There are several very important things about this. First, yes, they are not the sharpest knives in the draw but even stupid people can remember things they regularly use so this should tell you that better than 80% of what you learn in the soft sciences is out of touch with reality, can't be used in the real world, and is, therefore, quickly forgotten.

Don't believe me?

Study the history for any soft science educational field in college for just the last 150 to 200 years and you will learn DOZENS of theories that sounded really great at the time but were proved wrong and replaced with other great sounding theories that were also later proved wrong. This is so consistent in the soft sciences that you can bet that most, you know, better than 80% of what they are teaching today is also wrong and will, sometime in the future, be replaced by more great sounding bull crap and the above statistic proves this to be true.

But, even worse than being plain useless is the stuff they remember which is dangerous because they use it and it causes harm to people. Based on my observations with liberals, conservatively estimating, this is almost certainly at least half of what they remember and probably more, especially for the most liberal people.

Unfortunately, most of these people go into politics or government jobs because they are too stupid to get real jobs and they can force laws based on the stupid stuff they believe on other people regularly causing harm to many of those people. This causes what these people do remember to be very dangerous to other people and liberal common knowledge is not only wrong but causes harm to people and is, therefore, dangerous.

All of this should tell you that common knowledge or most of what most people believe, especially liberals, is almost always wrong and even dangerous, largely because of the left and their stupidity. If you are a sheeple and believe things because everyone else believes them, you are almost certainly wrong most of the time. If you are not properly educated with the truth and don't think for yourself, you can bet that almost everything you believe is wrong because, especially today, common knowledge is almost always wrong and this site is FILLED with examples of that being true.


For those of you who don't know, especially the younger people, hypothesis is singular and hypotheses is plural and is pronounced hi-poth-e-seeze. A hypothesis is an idea which has not been tested. When a hypothesis is tested and proven correct, it becomes a theory.

I have pointed out in the past that at least a few of the hypotheses I have written on this site have been tested and proven to be theories. This is important because most scientists and others with Ph.D.s won't write one hypothesis in their life time which will be tested and confirmed as a theory. Very few write two or more hypotheses which are tested and confirmed to be theories and, on this site, I already have several confirmed theories.

I have been thinking about this for some time wondering just how many hypotheses I have on this site and how many have been confirmed as theories because I just write them and post them, I don't count them. I have realized that I have written hypotheses about almost every field of study there is and this site is a time bomb waiting to go off in progressive faces when those hypotheses start being tested and confirmed in significant numbers.

Conservatively estimating, there are probably more than 50 hypotheses posted on this site by me about just about everything and there could easily be more than 100. If my hypotheses ever start being tested and confirmed in mass, a lot of liberal heads are going to explode. On this site, I have already disproved almost everything they believe and don't worry, I am sure I will eventually get to the rest of it.

Truly, God has blessed me and used me to teach the truth.

If you know of any of my hypotheses which have been tested and confirmed as theories, please let me know, tell me which essay it was posted in and the date for the posting, and provide me with information about the testing and confirmation so I can post it and people will know that what I teach is the truth. My e-mail link is at the bottom of the home page. Thank you.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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