I have been watching videos from PJTV for some time. They had kind of earned my respect a little in that they have figured out some of what I have been teaching you but they still have a little ways to go before they get it all together. They all believe the God hating pagan intellectual drivel about what has caused this mess and what it will take to clean it up and are still worshiping the false pagan gods of democracy and capitalism, which are tools, not gods.

Yesterday, I was watching one of their Trifecta videos when the three of them went on a defensive rant about them not being conspiracy theorists, probably because some of their viewers (probably liberals)accused them of being conspiracy theorists, which isn't politically correct. Needless to say, they lost a huge amount of respect from me because they are still drinking some of the liberal Kool-ade.

Listen, either someone conspired to cause all of this stuff to happen, meaning there is a conspiracy, or it is all just accidentally happening. There is no other rational possibility.

Which is it? Do these twits, who bash on conspiracy theorists, think that this riot, that grab for power, this new law taking away more rights and freedoms, and the continued efforts by the left to do many bad things are all accidentally happening?

"Why look, we accidentally ran up the national debt to trillions. Why look, we accidentally passed another law taking away people's rights and giving us more power and control over them. Why look, we accidentally passed another law to steal more money from the people and on and on and on."

Gee, the upper class trash sure are having an awful lot of accidents that are destroying our nation, taking away our rights, and stealing from us again and again and again.

It should be blatantly obvious to anyone with an intelligence greater than a rock that all of these things are the results of the upper class trash conspiring against the people and their actions tell us what their conspiracy is all about, seize control of the US and the world to set up a global dictatorship to eradicate better than 90% of the people on the planet AND they have even been telling us that is what they are doing since well before the first Bush traitor was president when they first began telling us about their precious one world government, hint, hint.

And these twits can't see the obvious fact that there really is a conspiracy? Just how stupid are all of these experts?

Oh yeah, they are wrong all of the time, you know, like about conspiracies. If they don't believe there is a conspiracy to seize control of the US and world to set up a global dictatorship to murder most humans on the planet, either they are living in a sound proof closet, unable to hear what our leaders are saying, are really, really stupid, or they are a liar. If you pay attention at all and you have any intelligence, it is blatantly obvious that the upper class trash has an extremely evil conspiracy or agenda because they keep telling us about it and keep trying to force it on us. Duh, hello!!!

And there is no conspiracy?

Then all of our heavily inbred upper class trash leaders must be the stupidest people in history to keep accidentally screwing everything up so much. But no one is that stupid. Birds are smarter than that.

But, hey, they also believe in the pagan fairy tale about evolution, which is the pagan fanatical religion of accidents and coincidences. That makes them pretty stupid.

Other News

OK, here is the deal. Trump warned RNC of a possible third party run to split the GOP vote and put the Commiecrats back in power. I knew they were up to something.

Rick Perry is showing his true colors by attacking Trump for telling the truth. That is one thing Trump is achieving. He is pulling the RINOs out of the brush into the open because they are all attacking him for telling the truth.

Again, I don't want to show support for Trump but I just saw a hatchet job by the ultra liberal Washington Post I have to answer to. They completely screwed up the time line between Trump and McCain to attack Trump. McCain was captured in 1967 and trump was 21 in 1968, which means he was 18 and open for the draft in 1965 but he also got a really high draft number, both of which legally kept him out of the draft, unlike Billy Boy Clintston who dodged the draft. The Post them condemns Trump for getting a college deferment to attend an Ivy League college.

Hold it, McCain was a Navy pilot (not a fighter pilot like the Post said, but an attack pilot flying a Navy A4 Skyhawk ground attack airplane, which means he washed out of fighter pilot training) in 1967 which requires a college degree.

So it was alright for McCain to not join the military to get a college degree but not Trump?

Listen, we all had choices to make. I was a poor young man when I graduated from high school in 1967 and had to work my way through college. I also got an S2 draft deferment while I was in college full time just like everyone else who went to college full time during the draft. Sure, my daddy didn't pay my way through an ivy league college the way Trump's dad did but we both got college deferments from the draft just like was available to all full time college students.

Trump was a not a bad person for having a deferment from the draft to attend college the way the Post made it look, which McCain had already finished at the US Naval Academy because his father and grandfather were both admirals (gee, no favors there, huh?). I bet McCain didn't have to work his way through college either.

Then the article went on to say that McCain endured torture for months but everything I have seen and read from the other POWs who were there said that McCain was not tortured once because he worked with the communists very well and was even nicknamed the Song Bird by the commies because McCain told the commies everything he knew, which is treason. The Post article said that McCain refused to tell the commies that his father was a Navy admiral because McCain was afraid to give valuable information to the commies, you know, while he was telling the commies everything else, but the commies offered to let McCain go home in 1967, right after McCain was captured, because he was the son of an admiral, so the commies knew.

Did the Post article get anything right? And they call that journalism?

Guess who stood up for McCain?

Ultra liberal commie traitor swift boat phony, John Kerry.

So, why would ultra liberal Washington Post make Republican, John McCain looks so wonderful while bending over backwards to destroy Trump while ultra liberal John Kerry stands up for McCain?

Because McCain is one of them, an ultra liberal commie traitor they want to keep in office to keep advancing their commie traitor agenda so they go after Trump to protect McCain. That should tell you whose side McCain is on.

As far as I am concerned, they are both spoiled rich brats raised by the upper class who abused the advantages God gave them in life to become corrupt and criminals. By growing up poor, I learned different lessons and turned out to be a better person so I thank God for the poverty I grew up in. God said, "To whom much is given, much is required and to whom little is given, little is required." They have a lot more to answer for than most and that is between them and God.

John Kerry's career is over and he is being thrown under the bus. He might as well get on his $10 million yacht and spend what is left of his miserable traitorous life cruising.

From what I am seeing, increasing numbers of people are waking up to the fact that we are, right now, in a race war which has been caused by the white liberals and black Muslims. Unfortunately, they think the race war is coming instead of already in progress. Maybe they will get it before the race war is over.

Remember that I have been warning you that Obama is going to purge or enslave all of the liberal commie traitors and then he has his secret racists data base?

Think about this. Obama has imported millions of Muslims into this country with millions more having already been here. Those Muslims are watching and adding to Obama's data base with their own data bases. For example, you better bet they are making notes on all homosexuals they see on FB, especially the ones who "rainbow" their ID pictures. Just remember that they are quietly watching.

There is a massive backlash building against Muslims in this country, especially since the Tennessee shooting. Fewer and fewer people are drinking the liberal and Muslim Kool-Aid. Eyes are opening just like God told me.

They are on the verge of civil war in Greece, if it has not already broken out. The liberal commies just don't get it, there isn't any more money for their free stuff. They were lied to by the commies and should introduce the commie leaders to the guillotine.

Starting very recently, I have been watching a new and more open series of events which have been designed to get the Third Temple built very soon. This coming Sunday, July 26, 2015, there will be a protest and call to build the Third Temple. This goes hand-in-hand with other recent events and the movement is quickly building. They might just be saying, "We have no allies left except God and will soon have to fight everyone anyway so let's go ahead and build the Temple." I am keeping an eye on this.

Reading the news is so frustrating but I keep reminding myself that Obama will soon rid us of most of these evil traitors when he purges them, God will soon take care of most of the rest, and we will have to finish the job. I keep seeing God moving in this direction. God is our only hope.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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