Continental Drying

Years ago, I began publishing a hypothesis about the continents drying up and causing long term global warming as a side effect. I made the mistake of naming my hypothesis global warming only to have the liberal commie traitors start their own version of global warming, which was really a hoax designed to promote their evil plan of UN Agenda 21. Because of my hypothesis having the same name as their hoax, people turned against and rejected my hypothesis.

This is very important because evidence is showing my hypothesis about continental drying to be true and you need to know about it so we can act on it. Therefore, I am renaming my hypothesis "Continental Drying" because that is the cause of all the other problems I previously mentioned and what needs to be dealt with. BTW, continental drying is NOT being caused by us humans and has been going on for thousands of years.

I just read a head line about the US currently going through the worst drought in 500 years in spite of the fact that our planet has been cooling off for 15 to 17 years disproving the liberal global warming hoax.

You have to understand just how devastating droughts can be. You can only live a few days without water, need water to grow food and can only live a few weeks to a month or so without food. Droughts cause the soil to dry up and top soil to blow away causing devastating dust storms. It was a drought which caused the Dust Bowl of the 1930s and a 50 year drought which caused the complete collapse of the advanced Anasasi civilization in the US Southwest 800 years ago.

Archaeological and historical evidence prove that this planet has been in a growing drought caused by continental drying for thousands of years and it is not being caused by man. The proof for this is that we keep finding two different things in archaeology. First, we keep finding the ruins of formerly great agricultural societies of from 1,000 to more than 4,000 years old in extreme deserts like the Sahara Desert which don't have enough water today to grow a good crop of weeds. Second, we keep finding the ruins of ancient port cities from 10 to more than 40 feet below the surface of our seas and oceans.

What should that tell you?

It should tell you that the amount of water on our continents has been decreasing and the amount of water in our oceans has been increasing for thousands of years. In other words, contrary to what you have been taught, our weather system is NOT replenishing the water on our continents as fast as the water on our continents is running and evaporating off, our continents are drying up and the water is slowly going into our oceans causing the ocean levels to rise.

Why have our archaeologists not realized this?

Because they are trained to do local or micro analysis of what may have caused the demise of a society instead of also doing a macro analysis to see if there is a bigger picture. Therefore, they are missing the bigger picture.

Have you ever noticed that, when they find an ancient port under water, they always talk about some local disaster which may have caused the port to "sink" under water such as an earthquake or tsunami and they never consider that, instead of the city sinking under the water, the water may have risen above the city? Those are two very different processes.

Have you ever noticed that, when they talk about finding an ancient agricultural city in the desert, they always talk about some local disaster such as a drought, probably cause by man, which caused the area to dry up in spite of the fact those people have been dead and the community gone for thousands of years, which would have caused the area to recover from the man made disaster like the Central US did following the 1930's drought, instead of considering the large areas all over the world in which there are large numbers of former agricultural communities and those areas can no longer support agriculture?

If you sit down with a global map and plot every ancient agricultural community which has been found in an arid or desert area and every ancient port which is now under water, the truth just jumps out at you. The continents have been slowly draining causing the oceans to slowly rise for thousands of years. When it is on such a global basis, there is no other possible answer except continental drying.

One of the problems is that, in order to support evolution and the fact we have rivers and lakes on land, they dreamed up the idea that the weather replenishes the water on our continents at the same rate water is running and evaporating off of our continents. But no one has ever questioned this in spite of the fact that it has been known for over half a century that our deserts are growing, which should tell you that the weather is not replenishing the water as fast as the water is draining off of our continents. They just blamed man for the growing deserts instead of considering that, maybe, this is a natural phenomenon which has been going on for thousands of years.

You see, evolutionist have a little problem with considering the possibility that our continents have been draining for thousands of years and the water on our continents is not being maintained by our weather. It would require that our land masses were under water 5,000 years ago, you know, like the Bible says happened, and that the water has been steadily draining off of our continents since the flood receeded. It would mean that evolution is false and the Biblical creation and global flood must be true and evolutionists hate God, the Bible, and everything to do with them so they refuse to even consider anything which would prove the Bible correct in spite of the fact that better than 90% of the Bible has already been proven correct.

The problem is that, if we don't admit the truth so we can deal with the cause of the problem and do something to rectify this problem soon, enough of our continents will dry up so that we will start an irreversible global biological die off, all life on the planet will cease to exist. In other words, continuing to believe the lie of evolution because you hate God will eventually get us all killed off.

But, what can we do?

Let me use the US as an example of how we can solve this problem. You have to study the geology in relation to the weather patterns for your continent to determine how the water sheds and the weather can be best used to help replenish the water in our country. Our weather patterns normally flow west to east and our main watersheds in relation to this weather pattern are the mountains close to the Pacific Coast running from Washington State to Southern California and the Easter edge of the Rocky Mountains running from Montana down through Wyoming and Colorado to New Mexico.

The way the weather normally works in relation to these mountain ranges is that, as the air moves east from the Pacific Ocean, it is compressed against the mountains along the Pacific Coast as it flows over the mountains causing the water molecules to compress and condense into water droplets falling out of the air as precipitation, usually rain or snow. This dries the air out so that the air falling down the eastern slopes of the mountains will pick up water in the soil drying the soil out causing the deserts which exist east of those mountains. The moving air then is compressed against the western slopes of the Rocky Mountains again causing precipitation and drying the air out even more. When this dry air falls down the eastern slopes of the Rocky Mountains, it dries up the land east of the Rocky mountains. Fortunately, there is an airflow from the Gulf of Mexico, northwest in the Central US, injecting some water in this east moving air mass but obviously not enough, because of the regular droughts in the US Southeast. Now we have a 500 year drought gripping the US, mostly in the West, which means the air heading east is even drier.

The most obvious thing to do is run very large pipe lines filled with desalinated water from the ocean on the eastern sides of the Pacific Coast mountains and the eastern sides of the Rocky Mountains. You use impact rotor sprinklers to spray water into the air and on the ground just as the eastward moving air descends into the valleys below, expanding so it can absorb more water. Spraying the water into the air will increase the water molecules in the air decreasing the amount of water that will be absorbed from the soil to the east and the rest of the water from the sprinklers will fall onto the ground, soak into the soil replacing any water being absorbed by the eastward moving air and redevelop long lost aquifers, rivers, and lakes.

This system will take water from the oceans and use the natural watersheds and weather patterns to return the water to the continents increasing the aquifers, rivers, and other surface water increasing the amount of land which can be used for agriculture and decreasing the potential for drought. In other words, it can slow and eventually reverse the continental drying which has been taking place for thousands of years making more land habitable and increasing the amount of land we can use for agriculture.

The first thing we are going to have to do to achieve this is for the pagans to kiss off the lies about evolution, do the research showing continental drying is taking place, and plan how to reverse or at least stop continental drying before it is too late.

Mean while, we are all going to have to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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