Have you noticed that more and more it is fewer and fewer people in control of things?

Control is power and the upper class trash are power mad, actually power insane. They have designed and set up everything for control and power. When I was a kid and the major corporations were just getting started at buying up all of the businesses in the nation, my parents and grandparents warned us that it would only be a matter of time before a handful of people would own and control everything. That time has passed and they were right, everything is now owned and controlled by a handful of upper class trash.

You? You can't own or control anything, they own it all. Don't believe me? Don't pay your land taxes and see how long you keep "your" land.

The stock market was designed and developed to take control of the US economy and then the world economy and they are doing that right now, they are almost finished. If your business goes public and is traded in the stock market, it is going to be run by the same handful of major brokerage firms in the US and Europe. These brokerage firms decide who will be on your board of directors, who the CEO will be, what your marketing strategy will be, from whom you will buy materials, where you will sell your products or services, what your prices will be, which businesses get bought out by other businesses, everything. It is all about control.

Have you noticed that increasingly, the people running our corporations are all liberals and/or Muslims?

The CEO for Coca Cola, who recently did the anti-American add, is a Muslim. Gee, what a surprise, NOT! I have told you before that the oil rich Arabs have bought controlling interest in all of our top main stream media so that is now the Muslim stream media. years ago, the liberals passed laws so their partners in crime, the Europeans and Muslims, could purchase American businesses, including our media, so the liberal commie traitors could seize control of our economy faster and they have done just that. They now control our education system, they control Hollywood, they control our economy, they control our government, they control our children, they control everything.

Did you recently see where Bill Gates was relegated from CEO for Microsoft to a lower level management position? Remember that I told you that power mad people will share power with only as many people as they must in order to have that power and they will eat their own just as soon as they feel they can get away with it? Did you notice that, under Obamacare, they can take everything you own including your home, bank account, retirement plan, and everything else? That was not written in there for just the middle and lower classes. It was written in there so they could begin stealing from other rich people to remove those rich people from the upper class because money is power and the upper class trash don't want to share their power with any more people than they have to. Now, the upper class trash can take everything Bill Gates, George Soros, or anyone else has to decrease the number of people they have to share power with. Obamacare makes it possible for the corrupt upper class trash to do so many wonderful things to everyone else...and each other. It is all a power struggle and they are taking power from all of us. Get the picture yet?

Remember about me telling you above that the stock market is designed to run every publically owned business by a handful of rich and powerful people?

Every time those rich and powerful people mismanage a business and cause it to go out of business or be bought out by one of their other businesses, they decrease the number of available upper class jobs by one business and decrease the number of people they have to share wealth and power with. The stock market is one massive upper class power struggle being won by the upper class trash puppet masters.

Think not? Then explain why the upper class trash stole GM market shares from other rich people and gave those market shares to their puppet unions for control of those businesses. Explain why Obama put conservative automobile sales stores out of business in the first few months he was president because they gave money to the GOP. The upper class trash are getting rid of other rich people so they don't have to share wealth and power with those rich people. You can bet that, as soon as the upper class trash have gained the control they want, they will terminate better than 90% of their upper class partners in crime within a few weeks for consolidation of power because those partners in crime didn't learn from history. Welcome back to history 101, if you didn't learn it in school, you are going to learn it in life.

When your business goes public, you stop owning it, the major brokerage firms take control, and the major brokerage firms are all owned by the upper class trash. Going public with your business is a sucker punch.

They even own and control the Olympic Games, NBC just kicked out one of the best US skiers because he didn't have a sob story about how he over came something like being a child of a poor single mother. NBC said the guy was "abusing the system" because he grew up in a normal middle class family and dared to go to the Olympics to prove he was the best athlete. The Olympics are no longer about who is the best athlete, but who has the best sob story to tell on TV. In other words, the media are now in control of our Olympic selection process and you can't even get selected for the Olympics unless you have a really great tear jerking sob story for them to use on TV. Pure fascism.

Have you noticed that almost all successful athletes use drugs to win and, when they get caught, they get a little slap on the wrist while the rich people mismanaging that sport look the other way, get to continue playing making millions of bucks a year, and get to keep all of the money they stole from the straight and honest athletes. (They will need all of that money later to pay their medical bills.) Why do you think the NFL players are having so many problems with injuries? They are all on steroids to increase their muscle mass and strength so they can make the cut for the teams and win in games. All of that increased mass and strength means you hit harder and do more damage when you hit. Gee, I wonder why the athletes are all having concussions and torn up bodies, not really. I don't feel the least bit sorry for these cheaters who are making millions stealing from honest athletes. They were willing to pay a price to get all of that money and fame, they should just shut up and pay the price. If you can't do the time, don't do the crime.

Be not deceived, your sins will find you out. So said God.

I say we start running sports the Biblical way, cheating is stealing and the athletes who cheat to win have to pay back five times what they steal from the straight and honest athletes. If you make a million bucks cheating, you have to pay back five million bucks to the athletes you stole it from and are banned from all sports in any capacity for life the first time you get caught cheating and that should go for corrupt officials as well as the athletes. That would clean sports up really fast.

Ready for that Christian theocracy yet? Common law isn't working so well, is it? Well, except for the criminals, common law works really well for criminals.

Now I bet you really believe you need to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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