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My grandfather was a sheriff when they rode horses and carried a Colt 45 revolver on their hip. I was taught to respect the law and law officers. I have had friends and worked with the law in Albuquerque, LA, and other places including helping the FBI put some dope pushers away. I want to share some information with you to help you see through the media lies about cops.

One thing the left is not telling you is that, no matter how well they are trained, when cops are called on violent calls, they are in fear of their lives because they are human. You can't train that out of a person. Cops get killed all over this nation every year on such calls by bad guys the left is feeling sorry for, you know, the people who cause those problems and the cops are sent there to deal with to protect you.

About 12 to 15 years ago, I had a neighbor who told me at least 4 times before the incident, "I hate you!" She later called in a dope bust on me and the cops showed up with a dope team including a fire department hazmat team because they had clearly been told by that neighbor that she thought I had a dope kitchen. The cops told me it was "a welfare check" to protect the caller in case I found out who the caller was and I already knew who she was when they showed up. 1) they always do that to protect the caller so, just because they say on the news that it was a welfare check does not mean it was a welfare check and 2) I knew what I was looking at and it wasn't a welfare check, it was very clearly a dope bust. They only show up with that team for a dope bust.

For a welfare check they send one cop or one fireman, who knocks on your door and politely tells you that the neighbors are concerned about your well being. If you are alright, they leave, if you need help, they get it to you.

They NEVER send more than two cops or firemen because that is a waste of resources and no one calls in a welfare check on a person who is living with others because it is normally assumed by all of us that the others are caring for that person unless the caller has evidence of abuse or neglect by the others, which is rare.

If you see two or more cop cars show up at a house or there is more than just the one person being checked on, it is almost certainly a dope bust, a domestic altercation, or the cops have a warrant for someone at that location.

It ain't no welfare check! I don't care what the news tells you.

Also, in the medium to large cities, they NEVER do welfare checks during the high crime times of the day (evenings and nights) because they just don't have enough cops to cover all of the crimes and do welfare checks. They normally do welfare checks between about 8 am and noon because that is when crime is lowest and they can spare the cops or firemen.

I know how it feels when the cops show up at your door like that, even if you are innocent. It is embarrassing, humiliating, and infuriating, you feel like you are being raped, so it is easy for someone, especially stupid people, to do something stupid that will get them shot but I knew better and did what I was taught to do, which was work with the cops, especially since I knew I had nothing to hide. I always stay within the law to the extent that I have never even had a moving violation at 71 years of age because I respect the law like I was taught.

They told me that they saw something inside my house when I opened the door to come out that they could use to get a warrant, which was a lie and I knew it. I could have said, "Go get the warrant" and they would have had to get a warrant, but I knew I had nothing to hide so I let 4 cops storm through my 14 x 80 foot trailer while the fifth cop kept me company to make sure I didn't go for a gun or something.

They spent half an hour searching a trailer I could have searched by myself in 15 to 20 minutes, had a meeting outside to see if any of them had found ANYTHING they could arrest me for because they knew they would look really stupid leaving without me in chains, so they went back in to look "for anything they could arrest me for", which is illegal search and, if they had found anything, I could have had it thrown out of court and I knew it.

After an hour of searching my trailer, they gave up and left insulting me because they were made to look stupid by the neighbor who called in the false report, which is normal human behavior. From their perspective, it was a failed bust with a very public display of force and they looked like amateurs.

In such a case, rule 1: pull your head out of your butt and think. Don't let your emotions or ego cause you to do something that will get you killed. rule 2: do not be aggressive to the cops because that will make them even more in fear of their lives and can cause them to kill you when you move wrong. rule 3: Obey the police orders and deal with it later in court.

I kept my hands in plain open sight and didn't move. If you have to do anything, always ask their permission and show them there is no threat to them. They don't want you to kill them because they are human. Respect that.

Note that not one time was a gun pulled on me because I did not give them a reason to pull a gun on me.

You also need to know that it is not anything like the lefty media make it look. They like to make it look like some cops, who have never seen the criminal, showed up and shot the guy because he was black. Hey, it makes a more sensational story, promotes their cop hating lefty agenda, and will make more people angry at cops.

Know that, if a bad guy has a rap sheet or record of prior arrests, the cops in his area know him, know whether he tends to be violent, and know whether he may be dangerous so they act accordingly.

After all, who do you think arrested the bad guy all of those times for that bad guy to have a rap sheet or record of prior arrests?

In large cities, cops work out of a precinct so that they almost always work the same area for years. This means that they quickly get to know the bad guys, especially gang members, and quite a bit about them because the cops have to deal with the same bad guys frequently. The cops almost always know these bad guys and know how dangerous they are.

The media make it look like those cops who were involved with Jacob Blake when he was shot didn't know him, they briefly got everything they knew about him over the radio, and, to them, he was just another black guy.

You can bet that at least most of the cops who were involved with Jacob Blake when he was shot, had dealt with him before, knew about him, knew he was violent, knew he carried weapons like the knife in the picture, and knew he tended to illegally carry a gun in his car (he was a convicted felon and it was illegal for him to have a gun at all and his rap sheet showed that he had been arrested before for having a gun in his car, probably arrested by at least some of those cops).

Also, I noticed some things that I have not seen anyone mention. 1) Blake was not a big, burly man but was thin and he still fought off 3 to 4 cops, 2) he just shrugged off a taser attack like it was nothing, 3) still fought through the last cop like it was nothing, and 4) it took 7 shots in the back to finally stop Blake.

I would not be surprised to find out that Blake was on some pretty powerful drugs like angel dust, which makes you much stronger. I have seen too many cases where bad guys on drugs had to be shot anywhere from 20 to 30 times to stop them from attacking the cops. Bad guys on bad drugs become very bad guys who are very dangerous.

Remember that it is the bad guy who caused the situation and escalated it to where they got shot. Yes, there are bad cops but most cops are not bad and there are no good criminals. All criminals are bad, that is why they are criminals. They don't put those criminals in jail for being good citizens, though some people do get wrongly convicted of one crime but not a full rap sheet. If they have a rap sheet with multiple crimes, they are a bad guy.

Now, that doesn't sound ANYTHING like the lies the lefty media tell you.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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