Corruption 3

Corrupt DAs

Remember that I have been telling you that many of today's DAs are corrupt?

New Mexico's attorney general is facing charges for fraud. Surprise, surprise. They just keep proving me right.

Jan 6

What is this crap by the left about Jan 6?

It is using lies to stage a terrorist attack against the people to intimidate the people into being afraid to stand up for their freedoms and rights and it is working on some people.

From the footage and everything else I have seen, there were some Antifa thugs who did the rioting to make the protestors look bad and they got turned loose. Then the cops peacefully invited the protestors into and through the Capitol Building who ended up being branded as terrorists, traitors, and insurrectionists and are being prosecuted with most of them winning their cases and a few getting short sentences like less than a year.

The military would call this psychological warfare to terrorize the people into submission of the left's tyranny, which is exactly what it is. The people involved in this fraudulent crime against these people are the ones who are the traitors and should go to jail. The only reason the left can stage these fake crimes is because of corrupt cops and DAs.

Bad Cops

Remember that I have been telling you about the bad cops who force the tyranny of the corrupt politicians on the people?

This video shows you some of those bad cops. When you see their national police commissioner, think Gestapo and SS because he is doing the same thing those criminals did before they got hung. It is law enforcement like him who make tyrannies possible. Without law enforcement like him, there could be no tyrannies.

That is why, after the Nuremberg Trials, they hung people like him for what he is doing. He is committing crimes against the people, which are capital crimes.

Hitler could not have done the things he did if his brown shirts, Gestapo, and SS had not done what this bad cop is doing, which is why they got hung. Deja vu, baby.

When you have seen it in the past, you recognize it in the present.

Look, I have proved to you that the masks, social distancing, and lock downs cannot work because they have nothing to do with science or medicine and they are just about control, power, terrorizing the people, and making money while impoverishing the people. Therefore, all of these mandates are illegal and, in of themselves, these mandates are crimes against the people and crimes against humanity and should be capital crimes.

These cops and military people just blindly obeying the orders to force these illegal mandates on the people without themselves checking with medical professionals is EXACTLY what Hitler's Gestapo and SS did that got them hung for their crimes against humanity. Today's law enforcement and militaries are committing the same crimes 70+ years later because we forgot the lessons of WWII.

"Why, our evil tyrants said you will do these things so WE will MAKE you do these things!!!" The epitome of tyranny in action. Tyranny cannot exist without some form of thugs forcing that tyranny on the people and, in this case, those thugs are the law enforcement and military.

Why do these criminals deserve anything better than Hitler's SS, who got hung for doing the same things?

People, the corrupt lefty governments doing so much to force people to take experimental vaccinations is telling me that the left is desperate to get everyone vaccinated and it isn't because of that RNA based flu virus called COVID 19. My best guess is that these vaccines will eventually kill off the people who have them, you know, depopulate the upper class trash's planet so they don't have to share their planet with you, you know, global genocide. If my guess is right, this is already in the process of being the worst ever genocide in history. Also, the reason why the left is getting increasingly desperate about getting you all vaccinated as soon as possible might because those vaccines are about to start killing off the people and they want you all vaccinated before that happens.

The upper class trash are trying to force more than 7 billion people to take the vaccination, you know, the same number of people the upper class trash have told you they plan to murder off to "depopulate their planet". Gee, what a coincidence.

People, the upper class trash keep telling you what they are doing and, when you repeat what they told you, they call you a conspiracy theorist.

You still think they are not evil spawn of Satan?

You have to know that God has a very special place in Hell for these evil monsters and human demons. The further you go in that video, the more evil you can see that those tyrants are.

What these criminals are doing to the people makes me furious. I have to admit that, if I were their judge, I could have no mercy for them.

I have to keep reminding myself that many of you don't know what I know about science and biology, which is why God has me writing this blog to teach you the truth.

I must add that I could also have no mercy for any of the lefties involved in these horrific crimes against humanity including the politicians, puppet owners, bureaucrats, media, college professors, lying MDs, and others. If they give you no mercy, they get no mercy from me.

I have seen too much of these horrible crimes in history and they never stop with their evil insanity because they don't care about anyone but themselves and their bank accounts. These evil devouring brute beasts and spawn of Satan do not care who they harm, impoverish, enslave, and murder as long as these evil, selfish tyrants get what they want.

Do you believe me yet that the ONLY thing that ever stops these evil human demons is death? Do you believe me yet that these subhuman monsters are pure evil?

I cannot wait for God to plunge these evil things into Hell where they can never cause harm to anyone ever again. I am so fed up with their wickedness. They deserve the eternal damnation they are determined to earn.

I got so furious reading about and writing this that I had to stop and get my mind off of it for a while to calm down, look at the big picture and pray about this. I started by praying and ended by begging God to deliver His people from these evil things lying when calling themselves humans.

To get my mind off of this to calm down from my furry, I started playing an old video game I have on my puter that I don't really like much but then God caused a little kitten to insist on playing with me and I realized that would calm me down even more so I turned off the video game and played with the kitten. It worked.

All the rest of that day and last night I thought and prayed about this and God reminded me of what I have learned about Judgment Day that I want to share with you.

Remember that I have taught you that God has both promised and warned that EVERYTHING will be made known and that means absolutely everything because the promise and warning were unconditional.

This will be done based on what God has taught us about the final Judgment. Remember that the angels will read from our "books" everything they have written down about ALL of our actions, words, and even thoughts so EVERYTHING will be made known to everyone. Only this way can everyone know the truth that will set us free.

You think they are not writing down your thoughts too?

Think again because those thoughts are critical to prevent these criminals from making up great sounding lies as to why they did what they did to you. They will not be able to lie their way out of their crimes this time with great sounding reasons or justifications for their crimes.

"But, how can they record our thoughts too?"

People, when you are tempted by Satan and his demons, it is almost always by the thoughts they telepathically put into your mind because they can communicate telepathically, which is exactly how they tempt you. You all experience those temptations every day.

Common sense should tell you that means that the angels can read your minds and write your exact thoughts in the books they are keeping for you and I have previously explained that, according to God's Law, there MUST be at least two angels with all of us from the time we are born until we die to record everything we say, think, and do as evidence for our individual trials on Judgment Day. Some people will have many angels with them for their entire lives writing everything they say, think, and do in their books.

Also remember that God has let me know that it will not just be Him getting justice on that day but everyone getting justice on that day. Every true victim will get justice on Judgment Day, while every person who caused harm to others will get their justice.

Also remember that the Bible makes it very clear that you will take nothing with you from what you had here on Earth, not even your underwear, so we will ALL stand butt naked before God and all creation that day. This means the evil upper class trash will be judged the exactly same as you because they will not have their fine clothes, palaces, yachts, jet planes, or anything else showing their elitist status or to bribe or pay anyone to lie for them (attorneys or witnesses) or protect them. They will stand completely on their own before God and all creation.

Common sense should tell you that your angels will escort or force you forward for your judgment just before it is your turn to be judged so everyone who lived at the same time will be in the same area. Then, when it is your turn, you will stand alone, butt naked before God and everyone else as your angels read everything about you from your books so that EVERYTHING will be made known to everyone so they can know what crimes you committed and why, which is critical in a court trial.

Note that this is not just to provide everyone with the truth about everyone when God passes judgment but partly to prove to everyone that God is a just God and judge and to show He is also a merciful being to those who chose to accept His love and mercy but not to those who chose to reject His love and mercy. Get it straight, you choose your eternal destiny.

God has let me know that He will be on trial too in order to prove conclusively to everyone that He is just and righteous because, after Satan and his angels rebelled against God and stood before God in judgment, Satan challenged Him being a just and righteous being and, therefore, qualified to judge Satan and his angels.

God accepted to take a test to prove His righteousness so He could justly judge Satan and his fallen angels or demons and we are that test that will prove conclusively that God is just and righteous. There will be absolutely no doubt left in anyone's mind. On Judgment Day God will prove to all of the angels and all existence that He is a just and righteous being as well as judge us concerning our choices in life and, to make this a fair judgment, we had to be tested or tempted to rebel against God as Satan and his angels did by the beings who caused their rebellion, Satan and his demons. Gee, what a coincidence that the beings who will be judged by God for their rebellion will be tempting us to also rebel against God while the angels are recording everything as evidence.

Now, here you are one of the victims standing near a person who caused you harm when everything they did, said, and thought is read from their books explaining why they caused you harm and it was because it benefited them in some way and NOT the "common good". You will get just as furious as I got in reading about these beasts causing you harm and already knowing why. I seriously doubt humans are going to just peacefully stand there when that evil person has just been exposed for all of the harm they caused those people. Human nature tells me that you will hit that person so hard you will knock them into last week.

I cannot help but believe, knowing human behavior, that most of you will become so furious at that beast who caused you, a family member, or a friend harm that you will charge them and beat the living crap out of them, punishing them for the harm they caused you, your family member, or friend and you will be joined by others in beating the crap out of them. That would be normal human behavior.

Can the angels prevent or stop this? Yes, but will they?

I can't think of any more complete justice than the evil creatures who caused so much harm to so many people being punished by the people they harmed.

When all of you people whose lives are being destroyed by the upper class trash COVID 19 mandates find out that those mandates have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with science or medicine and are only for power, control, and to increase their wealth, and you will find that out on Judgment Day, as I already know and have been telling you, millions to billions of you will overwhelm and beat the crap out of those slithering slime to punish them and get justice for you and their victims and I believe God MAY permit you to have that justice on that day so that everyone will get justice on that day and not just God.

If that is true, I am going to really enjoy Judgment Day watching all of the evil people from Cain until the last evil person get the living crap beat out of them by the people they caused harm. Hey, it will beat the MMA all to pieces.

Can you just see these pompus, arrogant satanic slime like all of the kings and queens, Pelosi, Biden, Kruella, Zuckerberg, Dorsey, Bezos, Soros, Newsom, Grisham, Whitmer, Hitler, Stalin, Mao, and millions of others getting the living crap beat out of them by their own victims?

Now that will be justice for everyone and I could see God permitting that to happen so the victims can get justice too.

I have to believe that, when that happens following the reading of those criminals' books so EVERYONE will know everything, with me understanding human behavior, there will be massive cheering and applauding from the rest of humanity and even the angels.

After the first few of them get the living crap beat out of them, the rest of that scum will have plenty of time to think about getting the living crap beat out of them when it is their turn. Are they going to sweat bowling balls or what? You know the angels will have to force them to the front when it is their turn, probably drag them kicking and screaming.

That realization sometime early this morning gave me the peace to be able to continue with my work teaching you the truth but I know I will have to regularly remind myself of that because these people are evil, so very evil.

ABSOLUTELY EVERYONE will get justice on Judgment Day regardless of what happens and the more they deal out, the more they will get on Judgment Day. Our day will come and EVERYTHING will be made known.

Then God will get His justice because NO ONE is above God's Law.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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