Remember that I have been warning you about what I call a polydemic or 2 or more pandemics happening at the same time for years that will kill many?

This video pretty much tells you that is starting right now. The Coronavirus or now being called COVID 19 is the first protist and remember that we already have a number of other diseases at the epidemic to pandemic level already "taxing" or weakening many people's immune systems, such as STDs and typhus along with recreational drugs also weakening people's immune systems, you know, like that recently legalized pot. (Gee, you don't think the lefty upper class trash are trying to kill you stupid lefties off, do you?) These other diseases will worsen the effects of this virus increasing the mortality rate above what it would have otherwise been.

This virus is spreading so incredibly fast, it seems like it must be in the process of being spread by something other than just humans, probably rodents, birds, and/or bugs.

It is finally here, it is happening just like I have been warning you. You better pray long, pray hard, pray often, this ain't going to be purdy, folks.

You better listen to this because they are not telling you the truth, partly because they may not know the truth because China and WHO lied to us. Also, note that the CDC is scared and, if they are scared, you better be scared but DON'T panic. You have to keep your head on your shoulders to decrease any life threatening mistakes.

They are now saying that anywhere from 70% to better than 80% of the people in the US WILL be infected because they see what I see, they said the mortality and death rate was 1%, then 2%, and now 3+% and climbing so let's do the math.

Your potential for infection is based on a numbers game where the more people or organisms that get infected, the greater your potential for making contact with an infected organism and being infected. The spread of a disease is based on a combination of population density and mobility.

If just 70% get infected out of 300 million, that is 210 million people will get infected, mostly in the medium to big cities, you know, where there is the highest population density in relation to mobility. If just 2% of the infected people die, that is more than 4 million people nationally, mostly in the cities but it can wipe out entire smaller cities, towns, and villages, especially if those communities have high vector or carrier population, you know, like rodents, bugs, or birds. Big chunks of the larger cities will be wiped out, you know, like black or Latino neighborhoods.

Hey, if you think our economy was hurt by a couple of buildings falling down because they got hit by planes, you ain't seen nuttin' yet.

They are telling you to not worry because "most of those who die are the elderly", you know, you young people ain't got no worries, baby. Bull crap. Learn to read between the lines because that is where the truth is hidden.

"Most" means more than 50%, which is anything over 50% and can be 50.000001%, which means the rest, almost 50% will be you young people. Wow, that didn't sound like the message the liars wanted you to get.

If 4 million people die and 50% or 2+ million will be the elderly, that means that 1 to 2 million will be the young.

The ugly truth is that, pending how this is spreading and what the true mortality rate is, anywhere from 5 to more than 20 million people can quickly die in this epidemic, especially in those big cities (conservatively estimating, at least 80% to 90% of the people who die will be in the medium to large cities, you know, where most lefties live and most people are lefties). Don't be surprised to see the populations in major cities like LA, San Francisco, and New York drop by 50% or more, partly from terrified people fleeing the pandemic and spreading it to you. You can thank your lefties and their lies for creating this mess and I already told you that more lefties will die in this mess than conservatives, especially conservative Christians because of the lefties' abundant STDs they got from sex, dope use, and other sins weaken their immune systems.

And God said, "Be not deceived, your sins will find you out." It should be obvious that we have really ticked off God.

People, you know that China and WHO are lying to you so you can't believe anything they say, you know that the lefties ALWAYS lie to you and only know how to use fear to control you so you can't believe anything they say, and we are hoping Trump isn't lying to us but the one who won't lie to you is me because God won't let me lie to you and I am telling you that, according to biology and history, this is going to be much worse than they are telling you.

Listen, history and biology teach you that the way pandemics always work is that most, more than 50%, who die are the elderly and very young children because their immune systems are not as strong but that many of the rest also die.

Therefore, it is only rational and sane to believe that you are probably going to see family and friends die in this mess caused by the left and their lies unless you are one of the ones who dies and then your family and friends will all know someone who died in this.

You better pray that Trump is telling the truth because he knows something the left and their media are keeping from us. This video also makes it look like Trump knows something they are keeping from us. We will soon find out.

You better pray long, pray hard, pray often and lock and load because all hell is RIGHT NOW breaking loose with the polydemic, coup, and civil war all quickly building at the same time and all Heaven will break loose right on its heels. Well, at least this ain't going to be boring.

Do you believe me yet that lefties are the spawn of Satan, you know, the father of all lies?

If not, just pay attention because they teach you that every time they open their lying mouths.

BTW, remember that God told me more than a decade ago that a terrible earthquake or earthquake storm will destroy LA?

It is probably going to happen very soon. Things have been getting just a wee bit shaky in California the last few years.

Here are a couple of videos that provide you with more information about the Coronavirus: video 1 and video 2.

When I reached this point, I decided to wait for more intel and I woke up this morning with God shouting at me, "Hey, stupid, what about this, that, and something else?" And stupid listened so stupid could tell you what God showed me so you could deal with it.

It is time to use my SAC training in espionage to read between the lines and connect ye ole dots and remember that SAC trained me very well because, with the intel God gives me, I have a much better success rate than anyone else making predictions, including the CIA Langley Think Tank, who only has a 10% to 12% success rate (their words), so don't try to get people to not listen to what I have to say with that moronic lefty cop out or cover, "it's just a conspiracy theory", especially after all of the recent, obvious failed conspiracies by the left. Remember, people, I am trained to read enemy conspiracy theories.

There are some very interesting "coincidences" that cannot possibly be coincidences but first we have to set the stage.

1. For almost 3 decades the lefties have been openly preaching depopulating the planet down to a maximum of 500 million people (their words) or murdering more than 7 billion people in just a few years. Read; the lefties are PLANNING to murder anyone and everyone, including almost all of you lefty activists.

2. Trump was sanctioning China, destroying their already faltering economy, causing them to cancel building their 5th and 6th aircraft carriers, and there was increasing rioting against her human abuses, first in Hong Kong and then in China proper with the Communist Chinese government increasingly in danger of collapsing.

3. Iran, the top international sponsor of terrorism, was being sanctioned by Trump, their economy was in free fall, which was causing rioting in Iran and Iran's government was in danger of falling.

4. The lefty commie traitor globalists were rapidly losing control in Europe and the EU was failing and quickly dying, right now on the verge of completely flying apart with their globalist plans completely collapsing.

5. The lefty commie traitors in the US were staging an open coup to remove a duly elected US president and failing with it being blatantly obvious, you know, they conspired to stage a coup against the US Government and it was failing miserably.

6. The lefty attempted and failed coup caused a massive split and civil war in the Commierat Party with tens of millions of voters leaving the Commierat Party and Trump's popularity rapidly increasing because of his booming economy the lefties just couldn't seem to destroy. The lefties have no hopes of winning this coming election and even knew they would lose both houses in Congress for a very long time to come with the evil Commierat Party completely collapsing.

7. Then, by the strangest of coincidences, we got this Coronavirus or COVID 19 outbreak in Wuhan, China that started killing people and spreading very quickly. Remember that I started telling you that something looked a wee bit funny about it spreading so fast and it looked like it had gotten into some other population like rodents, birds, or bugs?

8. Then China started imposing quarantines on their people, locking people up, people started dying and disappearing AND the rioting in China magically quit. Gee, what a coincidence. But the rioting in Hong Kong has refused to quit.

9. Then the COVID 19 virus showed up in terrorist capitol of the world, Iran, people started dying, including their leaders (the virus got away from them - you will understand in a minute), they also started quarantining their people, and the rioting all but went away. Gee, what a coincidence.

10. Then COVID 19 showed up in populist Italy and quickly spread to other EU nations and Britain, who had just left the EU, and suddenly they are all under quarantine and everyone is forgetting about rioting in Europe, especially France, where Macron's government was on the verge of collapsing and you know he wasn't going to win the soon upcoming French election with the virus still spreading surprisingly fast and no evidence of it getting into another animal population.

11. Then COVID 19 made it to the US with the first infected people brought in by the lefty deep state against the wishes of Trump and it is spreading surprisingly fast.

12. Then a small team of lefty college academe in the US along with one lefty doctor are suddenly arrested for smuggling COVID 19 to Wuhan, China just before the COVID 19 outbreak started. People, that ain't no coincidence and I will bet a light bulb or two just came on, didn't it?

The reason COVID 19 is spreading so surprisingly fast is because IT IS BEING SPREAD by the lefty globalists, China, and Iran, it just kind of sort of got away from the terrorists it was given to in Iran and started killing their leaders.

Get the picture yet? Remember the US lefty violent coup I have been warning you about?

Hey, so the lefty globalists started their global depopulation sooner than they anticipated and are using it to stage a global coup when all of their other plans were failing. Dey just gots to have their wittle global dictatorship and now!

Did you noticed that, just like I warned you stupid lefty activists, this pandemic is going to kill you lefty people faster than the rest of us because of your STDs and drug abuse AND your glorious lefty commie traitor activists are RIGHT NOW killing you lefty activists off? Gee, who would have figured?

Gee, what a coincidence, a whole bunch of coincidences all working to help the lefties set up their global dictatorship just when everything else they were trying was failing.

You have all been sold out for greed and power, people, especially the lefty activists but who can trust a traitor, not even another traitor, right? Nothing like the most massive crime against humanity in history, huh? Ready to have those corrupt, evil lefty leaders drawn and quartered, are we?

Yep, pretty much.

And God said, "The love of money is the root of all evil."

Hmmm, what do you think? Do you think it is time for me to crowd fund a guillotine factory yet? Yuh think it is time to give ye ole lefty upper class trash a guillotine hair cut yet, you know, just above ye ole collar?

Hey, it is now kill or be killed, baby, and the lefties are definitely trying to kill you and your families.

Well, when all of their other moves were failing, the lefty commies just made their next desperate move so I am now watching to see what God's next move will be because man plans, God laughs.

You better pray long, pray hard, pray often and lock and load, baby. Things just got real.

13. God's move and all Heaven is about to break loose.

Remember that the amount of energy and power in Hell is finite but the power and energy in Heaven is infinite. When all Heaven breaks loose, it will dwarf anything Hell can do.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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