Creeping Tyranny

You have to understand that the US Constitution is a contract between the people and the government limiting the power and abuses of the government and, right now, almost all of the governments in the US are in breach of contract and need to be brought back in compliance with that contract.

If any laws, regulations, ordinances, or other dictates are unconstitutional, they are invalid and they cannot be enforced against the people. The government CANNOT write any laws they want and force them on the people. To force unconstitutional requirements on the people is a federal felony and any law officer or military person who forces those unconstitutional requirements on the people is complicit in those felonies.

The laws are supposed to protect the people from the government and each other, while providing the people with maximum potential freedom as long as they do not impose on the freedoms and rights of others.

What I want to do with this essay is use the unconstitutional tyranny that has developed here in Alamogordo with code enforcement to teach you to recognize a tyranny, be able to tell why it is unconstitutional, and to shame these tyrants into constitutional compliance and, if that doesn't work, maybe help me get a legal team to litigate them for damages.

It is not constitutional to dictate to other people how they can manage their property based on your likes, dislikes, and ignorant opinions. All ordinances that have to do with the appearance of your property are based on what someone else likes, dislikes, or their ignorant opinions, therefore, they are all unconstitutional.

The people I call the Yard Nazis like to say, "we have to have a minimum standard", but that is unconstitutional because it is always based on the likes and dislikes of a few people being forced on everyone else and is what started the mess we have here because power mad people will ALWAYS add to their minimal standard until it gets out of control, just like it has here. Therefore a minimal standard for the appearance of property cannot be allowed. If you let power mad people get a foot in the door, they will take over your house.

I have also learned that the people writing such ordinances and enforcing them are poorly educated politicians and bureaucrats who think they can write any laws or ordinances, regardless of their compliance with the US Constitution and they tend to strongly abuse the power of government.

"Hey, I is a gubernant official so yuze will duze whatever I say or I will punish you." That is unconstitutional, is an abuse of power, and is a tyranny. The US Constitution was specifically written to protect us from that kind of people.

Let me give you some examples based on Alamogordo codes and ordinances. I am going to hurt your brain so hang on.

Believe it or not, the people who write and enforce the local codes and ordinances do not know the science behind how to live in a desert, they prove that with the codes they write and enforce, but they think they should dictate to you how to live in a desert. Some of the most ignorant people in this desert concerning how to properly live in the desert are those who grew up upper class here and could just spend more money to make up for not living right in a desert instead of learning how to live in a desert. The rich are the worst.

Other people who make this even worse are arrogant elitist people who fled some big city like LA, Chicago, or New York, after they helped screw the place up and come here with the attitude that they "will teach us stupid hicks how to live right", you know, screw our city up too.

For obvious reasons, I call these arrogant morons "Yard Nazis" because they arrogantly believe everyone's yard should look the way THEY, the elites think they should look based on their likes and dislikes, you know, like "Better Homes and Gardens" yards, instead of learning how to live in that ecosystem like an intelligent person would do. These big city yard Nazi refugees are absolute idiots and what they do is unconstitutional.

First, you have to understand why a desert is a desert and how it works. Because of a limited amount of water, there is a limited amount of vegetation or "ground cover" so you get maximum sunlight hitting the ground, turning into heat, and that heat radiates out from the ground heating the area and it also heats and dries the air, which really dries out the area. It is that heat that causes it to be a desert.

Therefore, to cool your yards, you want vegetation to cover the ground, called "ground cover", so that the sunlight hits the plants and, instead of turning to heat, it causes a process called "photosynthesis", which generates nutrients for the plants and causes plant growth, which increases ground cover and decreases the heating effect for the area. That is biological common sense, which no one here has.

The locals running our city government don't know this and it shows in their codes. If you buy land here and cover it with asphalt or gravel, which will absorb more sunlight than our light brown clay because darker colors absorb more sunlight and generate more heat, so it will generate more heat to heat the area more and dry and heat the air more, but that is code legal here and should make your brain hurt. That alone should tell you that the people writing and enforcing these codes do not know the science for how to live in a desert.

I have a neighbor across the street from me who purchased 3 lots and paved over about 2 of those lots with black asphalt with the only vegetation being sparse grass on a small part of one end of the land. I used to estimate that her cooling bill had to be $300 to $400 a month and she recently told me it was $400 a month. Her land is heating her house, my house, and the area but it is code legal.

The people across the alley from me bought two lots and covered about three fourths of that with grey gravel that will generate less heat than the neighbor on the other side but more heat than the light brown dirt. I don't know how much their cooling bill is but it has to be at least $200 to $300 a month and it is also code legal.

People, by doing that they are heating their homes and the area more so they are increasing their cooling bills and the cooling bills of their neighbors but the idiots who write the codes say that is code legal because der ain't no weeds in duh yard, you know, to provide ground cover and cool the yard. They really are that stupid.

These morons don't even know the biological definition for the term "weed". They think that, if THEY decided, based entirely in what they like and dislike, a certain plant is a weed, then it is a weed and you can't have that plant in your yard. That is 100% unconstitutional.

The biological definition for a weed is "any plant on my property that I do not want on my property" and not what others like or want on my property. A weed can be a rose, a tulip, an orchid, or any other plant YOU do not want on YOUR property. It is NOT a plant others do not want on your property.

What these arrogant fools believe is that, if they call indigenous vegetation a weed, then it is a weed and you CANNOT have it on your property because they said so. You can only have the vegetation on your property they like and say you can have on your property, which is 100% unconstitutional.

They are dictating to you how you can and cannot live based entirely on their likes and dislikes and that is 100% unconstitutional.

It is unconstitutional to dictate to someone what plants they can have on their property or how their property can look based on what you like, dislike, or your ignorant opinion. That is by definition tyranny.

We have a slight shortage of water here during the summer so they force us to ration water by only being allowed to water our yards 3 days a week and only during certain hours on those days but their stupid codes encourage and reward people for growing invasive species in our yards which require a lot of water just to survive and punish us for growing indigenous vegetation, which require no water because these morons said indigenous vegetation are weeds because they don't like those plants and that is 100% unconstitutional.

"Hey, you are to conserve water except for when and how we tell you to waste the water."

When I first got here, I experimented with growing invasive species and it cost me about $100 to $150 per month to grow a few such plants, not even close to covering my yard, and they still died within one or two years because of a lack of water, the extreme heat and dry air here, and our really bad soil.

Because of this experimenting, I conservatively estimate that the people who do have grass lawns and other invasive species in their yards, which are all code legal, have to be spending at least $300 to more than $400 a month pouring our very limited water on their yards, which is code legal. That is stupid and it what the Yard Nazis INSIST ON everyone having in their yard or those yards being covered with asphalt or gravel, you know, the 3 worst yard designs for living in this desert.

Since I converted entirely to indigenous vegetation, my water bill is $25 to $35 a month for water because I don't have to water these plants, which is me being a good citizen and conserving water but they hate me because they hate indigenous vegetation growing in my yard.

Did I also tell you that, with me using indigenous vegetation as ground cover, my cooling bill is only about $100 to $120 a month in spite of the fact that both of those neighbors yards are heating my house?

"Why, how dare you grow weeds in your yard and be a responsible citizen?"

You see, for ground cover, I grew indigenous vegetation that I don't have to water and they are fit to be tied. I grew an indigenous vegetation hedge made out of sage brush for my yard privacy that I don't have to water. I pruned two mesquites I don't have to water on the south side of my trailer to grow up into 15 to 20 foot trees to provide shade for my back yard and the south side of my trailer to keep my energy costs down. And that doesn't cost me a dime in water because it grows naturally here.

By using indigenous vegetation, I am conserving water, electricity, and even gas during the winter, while helping my neighbors conserve gas and electricity too but I am the bad guy because I am growing indigenous vegetation in my yard, you know, the way you should live in a high altitude desert to keep the temperature down and conserve water.

The Yard Nazis HATE ME and even burned part of my sage brush hedge last year along with a shed and several thousand dollars in tools and equipment. "Why, der poor widdle eyes are traumatized by having to see weeds in my yard!" You know, with an open desert with the same vegetation just across the road to my west about 20 to 30 yards away. Yes, the Yard Nazis are that power mad and crazy.

If they don't like the appearance of your yard, you can spend a lot of money buying a fence from one of them so no one driving by can see inside your yard and hurt der poor widdle eyes, making the local rich people more wealthy, or, if you want to store anything, you can buy a shed from one of them to store that something in, making them more wealthy. Yes, this government is corrupt.

If you are too poor to manage your property the way the elite Nazi gods unconstitutionally require you to manage your property, that is just tough and they will fine you and even take your property away from you, which is discriminating against the poor, which is also unconstitutional.

All of that is so your yard will look the way THEY want your yard to look, which is 100% unconstitutional. People, that is like me telling you that I don't like the color of your car and you have to paint it the color I want it to be painted, which is obviously unconstitutional.

You see, they hate the plants that grow naturally in New Mexico, which tells me they hate the look of New Mexico, and it has me wondering why they live here.

Why don't these power mad tyrants move where they like the indigenous vegetation?

Because it is really about power and control, which makes it obvious why it must be unconstitutional.

These home owners associates are all unconstitutional because they are all nothing more than an organization where a handful of tyrants get to dictate how everyone else can live and what their properties can look like. They are just mini dictatorships, which are unconstitutional in this Republic. You cannot have even a mini dictatorship in this Republic because it is unconstitutional to dictate to others how they can live or what their property can look like because of what you like and dislike.

I used to try to work with them but, like all tyrannies, they just keep getting worse and worse and they have gone too far. They recently wrote me up for having my only car and transportation in my own driveway for "outdoor automobile storage". They also decided on a new ruling that says that, if your land was "cleared of indigenous vegetation", you know, bulldozed to build on it, "it must REMAIN cleared of indigenous vegetation."

This means that you can either grow invasive species vegetation or must leave your land bare to absorb maximum sunlight to generate maximum heat to drive up your cooling bill. You cannot grow indigenous vegetation on your land for ground cover because they said so.

These fascist dictators simply will not work with us anymore and are just getting worse every year so it is time to take them to court, get these unconstitutional and irrational codes removed permanently and take some money away from them to discourage them from doing this again.

The only thing these power mad whackos listen to is them losing money.

Hey, if you take enough money from them, they won't have the money to pay little power mad tyrants to bully, terrorize, and harass you as "code enforcers".

We slept and let these creeping tyrannies sneak up on us and we need to stop them right now because it will just keep getting worse until we do stop it. If we wait too long, our Republic won't survive.

Where does this tyranny stop, if we don't stop it?

"Hey, I don't like the color of your car so you have to paint it the color I dictate you must paint it. Hey, I don't like the color of your house, so you have to paint it the color I dictate you must paint it. Hey, I don't like your clothes so you must buy and wear the clothes I dictate you must wear." They will never stop until you have absolutely no freedoms and rights and they have absolute control over you as your dictators. History proves that to be true.

The US Constitution was written to protect us from these tyrannies and mini tyrannies but it is not being upheld and properly enforced so our governments are in breach of contract and must be returned to being compliant with that contract. Our Constitution and Bill of Rights say that, when that happens, we, the people, have the responsibility to return our government to being compliant with our contract.

I can't afford the court expenses or a legal team to stop them but, if a legal team out there wants to make a few million easy bucks stopping these tyrants, let me know and I will help you put the case together.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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