Culture Shock

I have told you that I used my training in science, especially as a biologist and having studied psychology (not psychiatry) to spend more than 50 years doing what we biologists call studying the behavior of humans. I am going to use that knowledge to make some very easy and obvious predictions for future human behavior changes.

God Said, "Thou shalt not commit adultery", He meant it, it was meant to protect us from things like this, and, you will find out that, He WILL get His way. Most of you will stop committing adultery, especially the men, and you can expect to see increasing numbers of men convert to Christianity out of shear fear. Eyes are definitely opening.

Have you noticed the shocked look on the faces of people like Franken and Laure? Why so shocked? Didn't them see this coming?

First, let's take a look at the culture which preceded today's lefty women accusing men of sexual harassment, you know, when these men were supposedly sexually harassing women.

It was a culture of free sex that was started by feminists and encouraged by all lefty women so they could screw any man they wanted to screw without repercussions. It was about women being able to FREELY have sex with any man they wanted. These women created a culture where it was good to be a slut and whore and bad to not be a slut and whore.

Don't be surprised to see at least some of these women making these accusations of sexual harassment turn up in not so old videos where they mocked and ridiculed conservative Christian women for not being sluts and whores because it was just yesterday that such condemnations by lefty women were common. You know those videos are out there and it won't take very long for them to start showing up online as memes.

Playing the whore and the slut were considered cool and mature while being a virgin was considered to be degrading and boring. Sluts were considered more modern, progressive, and superior to virgins. These lefty women dressed like sluts, acted like sluts, encouraged men to treat them like sluts, and screwed men like sluts. It was considered a compliment for men to make sexual advances, pat and pinch the sluts' butts, and other wise "molest them", especially on TV, where everyone laughed. It was the cool thing to do.

When Al Franken was doing those things he was accused of, he was a professional comedian who made huge money making people laugh by being lewd and molesting women in public with tens of millions of men and women, especially lefties, laughing at his antics. Hey, it was cool, baby. It was the feminist free sex thingy.

BTW, how is that free sex thingy working out? No so free because you are paying for it with your careers, futures, and lives, are you? Beginning to wish you had not committed adultery, are you? You think it just might have been a trap for males, especially rich and powerful males?

Women screwing their way to the top or prostituting themselves was common and accepted as normal, especially by beautiful and sexy women or Barbie Doll women.

Naturally, many men took advantage of this so they could also have free sex with those lefty sluts and whores. BTW, even the feminist women called themselves sluts and whores.

The media are making Laure look like a horrible sexual pervert (all lefties are perverts - remember they are the ones trying to legalize all forms on non marital sex or adultery like pedophilia) because he had a button on his desk to lock his office door when there was a woman in his room. They are making it look like he locked the door to lock a woman in his office so she couldn't escape and he could rape her, you know, like people outside couldn't hear her screaming for help. But there is another possibility the lying lefty media are not telling you about.

Is it possible that Laure had the locking door not to keep women in but to keep others out while he was having consensual sex with a woman? Oh, didn't think of that, did we, because the media controlled our thinking? Was Laure a good guy?

Oh, I seriously doubt it but you can bet that the media have caused you to think the worst possible about the man with their propaganda machine they call the news. The man was a high level lefty fighting to destroy the US and probably deserves everything he is getting for his treason including his trip under the bus with the rest of the lefty scoundrels but you can bet that what the lefty media are causing you to think is not the truth because it never is the truth.

Remember that I told you that no one can trust a traitor, not even another traitor?

Gee, you don't think those shocked looks on those men's faces is because what they did was acceptable and cool at the time, you know, 30 to 40 years ago, and suddenly feminists have made those things being done decades ago crimes, do you? So, what is going to happen? What changes can we expect?

First, let's look at the current situation by putting yourselves in the place of these betrayed powerful lefty male traitors. Their lives, careers, and futures have been destroyed by accusations of criminal behavior from when that behavior was considered normal and even encouraged by the women they "molested" and they have been convicted of those "crimes" by the media without due process in the courts. They are shocked and have nothing left to live for so an easy prediction is that we will see increasing numbers of these men commit suicide.

Second, there are tens of millions of lefty men, especially among the rich and powerful, who were part of the same culture and could be accused and have their futures destroyed at any moment by even false accusations and you can bet they are terrified of women. They all have a severe case of gynophobia or fear of women and this will turn the world up-side-down because we humans tend to avoid or destroy what we fear.

Remember years ago when I wrote about increasing numbers of men who were trying to find ways to live without women, especially male hating lefty feminists?

That just became a major cult that will quickly grow exponentially, bet on it. Increasing numbers of men will avoid women like the plague, especially lefty women or male hating feminists. Many of the men will turn to Christianity and celibacy out of shear fear and panic because they don't want a trip under the lefty bus and to find themselves committing suicide. Adultery will increasingly become a bad thing and God will get His way.

Fewer men will hire or promote women, especially sexy Barbie Doll women who are lefty feminists. Because of the feminists, it will become increasingly difficult for ALL women to get jobs and promotions and screwing their way to the top just became history. Men will no longer be alone in a room with ANY woman or get too close to women, especially lefties. The further to the left women are, the more terrifying they are to men because they are more ruthless.

Any lefty women who dress and act like a slut or whore will be considered the latest deadly plague. You will see radical changes in women's attire with their dresses showing less leg and no cleavage or even shoulders. The less sexy, the better. ALL women are going to pay for what lefty feminists are doing.

Eyes are already opening about the left not having any loyalty to its followers, especially with increasing numbers of upper level lefties being thrown under the bus in mass and more and more men AND women will move to the right as the left gets more radical and ruthless with the most radical increasing their control of the left. The lefty upper class trash are even scaring increasing numbers of lefties straight so that their own tactics are backfiring against them.

This means the left will get smaller and smaller as it gets more and more radical and ruthless, which is the very reason why the left insists on allowing illegal aliens, felons, and others to vote illegally while needing more and more to other wise rig the vote. Basically, their extreme radicalism is chasing their own voters away. The Satanic left is their own worst enemy and they are self destructing as we watch, which is why they are increasingly being taken over by Islam because the illegal aliens they are bringing in are also voting for others, you know, Muslims, and not the lefties. NO ONE WANTS THE LEFTIES! EVERYONE HATES THE LEFTIES!

The left took us into a world of sin and is now chasing us out of it in fear of our lives and careers. Suddenly, the lefty world of sin is looking ugly, horrifying, and hellish and Christianity is looking better and better to more and more people.

And Jesus said, "The truth will set you free" and, in this case, it is the ugly truth about sin and the horrible prices we pay. Nothing is free, not even your soul because Jesus paid for your souls.

Right now, tens of millions of men are terrified of male hating lefty feminists and are running scared away from all women. Those numbers will quickly grow as this feminist coup continues to destroy men's lives and expect a backlash or price women will pay.

You lefties wanted change?

You are getting it and it isn't going to be nice because God said, "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you" or, as humans say, what goes around comes around.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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